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Balik dari MISPA Test

aarrr…soklan math dia agak mencabar tanpa kalkulator…uhuhuhu…untuk verbal..aku berjaya menjawab semua soalan….untuk IQ test…tertinggal 8 soklan…(IQ ada 40soklan)…

huhu…k lar…letey gila ni baru balik dari Subang…

Malaysia Airlines Psychometric Test

Hurm…kini waktu yg dijanjikan hampir tiba..aku akan menduduki test tersebut kurang 24jam (11Jam jer lagi)…takut…

I will do my bez…

K..chow…nk tido awal


Takley tido la skrg…huhu…skrg kol 1.20AM…

esok test kat UOA,Damansara oleh APFT…

Kemudian, lusa kat Subang, Malaysia Airlines….aaaarrr…sape tak cuak beb…aku rasa test ni lagi cuak dari buat SPM…ahaha

Practice….. =)



Test tinggal 1 hari…hari ni Selasa (29/7)…test MAS 31/7..(jgn kira Rabu…sbb 1 hari je nk practice..)Skrg ni dah pukul 2.43AM …baru abes buat test… test…ntah mane2 aku jumpa free test..huhu..

Keputusan??Hurm…mengecewakan…ce ce ce …haha…biasa la..tapi aku sdg berusaha untuk improve dari semasa ke semasa sebelum REAL TEST Khamis ni…

Ni snapshot untuk test tu..


Tata…nak tido dah…

MAS MISPA/Psychometric Test Postponed!!

Kak Intan dari MAS HR call dlm kol 6PM (24/7)….gtaw yg test aku ni ditangguhkan sehingga 31/7 (Khamis)….ehehehe…10AM…

means..aku ada 6 hari untuk practice before gi test…aarr…takut…


P/s: Baru bukak pose ari ni

Debaran semakin terasa

:D:>>:))muhehehe…hari ni ni 24/7…kamis….test 26/7..sabtu…debaran semakin terasa…cam biasa la…time2 periksa, aku mula la selsema la, batuk la,demam la…ahahahaha…bagus la mcm tu…means badan aku beri respon..muhahaha…(mcm SPM dulu )

hurm…test dia mcm ni =,=
The Psychometric test is the second stage of MAS selection process. This Stage will take alot more time compared to the Psychomotor test. The test is divided into 4 stages.

1. English test [Verbal Test]
2. Maths test [Numerical Test, Statistical Tables]
3. IQ test [Diagrammatic Test, Spatial Reasoning Test]
4. Personality questions
Here is an example

Verbal test
In this test, you are given two passages, each of which is followed by several
statements. Your task is to evaluate the statements in the light of the information
or opinions contained in the passage and to select your answer according to the
rules given below.

Mark circle A: If the statement is correct
Mark circle B: If the statement is untrue
Mark circle C: If you cant tell if its true or not

Quote from: Paragraph
The big economic difference between nuclear and
fossil-fuelled power stations is that nuclear reactors
are more expensive to build and decommission, but
cheaper to run. So disputes over the relative
efficiency of the two systems revolve not just
around the prices of coal and uranium today and
tomorrow, but also around the way in which future
income should be compared with current income.

1. The main difference between nuclear and fossil-fuelled power stations is an economic one.
Answer: (A) (B) (C)

2. The price of coal is not relevant to discussions about the relative efficiency of nuclear reactors.
Answer: (A) (B) (C)

3. If nuclear reactors were cheaper to build and decommission than fossil fuelled power stations, they would definitely have the economic advantage.
Answer: (A) (B) (C)

Numerical test
In this test, you have to use facts and figures presented in statistical tables to
answer the questions. In each question, you are given five options from which to
choose. One, and only one, of the options is correct in each case.

You may use a calculator for the following questions. In addition, you can use
rough paper for your working out.

Which country had the highest number of people aged 60 or over at the
start of 1985?
B. France
C. Italy
D. W. Germany
E. Spain

What percentage of the total 15mm button production was classed as
sub-standard in September?
A. 17.5%
B. 20%
C. 23.5%
D. 27.5%
E. 28%

How many live births occurred in 1985 in Spain and Italy together (to the
nearest 1000)?
A. 104,000
B. 840,000
C. 1,044,000
D. 8,400,000
E. 10,440,000

The IQ test
Each problem in this test consists of a series of diagrams, on the left of the page,
which follow a logical sequence. You are to choose the next diagram in the series
from the five options on the right. Then indicate your answer by filling in
completely the appropriate circle on the answer sheet.

The personality test
In this example you are given a block of four statements:
A, B, C and D. Your task is to choose the statement which you think is most true or
typical of you in your everyday behavior and then choose the one which is least
true or typical of you. Indicate your choices by filling in the appropriate circle in the
row marked ‘M’ (for Most) and in the next row ‘L’ (for Least).
Note: you must select one option as most and one as least for each question. All
questions must be answered.

The first block has been completed for you. The person has chosen, ‘Enjoys
organizing people’ as most true (or typical) and ‘Seeks variety’ as being least true
(or typical) of him/herself.

Question: I am the sort of person who..:

A Has a wide circle of friends
B Enjoys organizing people
C Relaxes easily
D Seeks variety

Most: (A) (B) (C) (D)
Least: (A) (B) (C) (D)

A Helps people with their problems
B Develops new approaches
C Has lots of energy
D Enjoys social activities

Most: (A) (B) (C) (D)
Least: (A) (B) (C) (D)

A Has lots of new ideas
B Feels calm
C Likes to understand things
D Is easy to get on with

Most: (A) (B) (C) (D)
Least: (A) (B) (C) (D)

A Enjoys organizing events
B Sometimes gets angry
C Is talkative
D Resolves conflicts at work

Most: (A) (B) (C) (D)
Least: (A) (B) (C) (D)

A. Speak my mind
B. Follow others
C. Wants to win when it matters
D. Enjoys organizing people

Most: (A) (B) (C) (D)
Least: (A) (B) (C) (D)

End of example. There is time limit for everything and i wouldnt suggest you double checking your answers. Just finish everything first and then recheck if you want. Because there is no time.

Susah??Mmg la susah…mane ade senang…ade org ckp..senang..cuma tak cukup masew…huhu..ntah,.aku x buat lagi..tak tahu..

K lar..nk break1st…kol 10.54AM (24/7) nie…


MAS Psychometric Test


MAS kol pagi ni:D:>> (pada 22/7/2008 11.25AM)….suruh pegi psychometric test pada 26/7 kol 2PM kat MAS,SUBANG,Simulator Building….:yes:

adeh…nervous gila la….soalan matematik…no calculator…huaa…88|

so…tu je la….pagi lagi ni..aku pun “baru bgn”:lalala:…ahaha

Personality Test? =) eerrk

Hurm…aku ada la jalani FREE Personality Test kat ternet…cuba la jawab2…then dia nye report seperti berikut : (Jgn gelak lak…sbb personality test takde jawapan betul atau salah…ni diri sendiri)

shapes participant report:

userid 334866

your results

this you can build upon:

You work in a manner which is highly target

driven, and in your procedures you keep in mind the relationship between expense and

benefits. You concentrate your energy on reaching the set goals. You evaluate the financial results of your activities, and prevent

possible risks in a timely way.

You approach the tasks at hand in a systematic manner and with clear priorities. You organise the necessary resources for a project

and are normally realistic in your estimation for the time needed for the planned activities. You take possible difficulties and hindrances

into consideration during planning.

It’s easy for you to quickly and fundamentally evaluate a topic or problem and gain a broad overview. From complex information and data,

you draw accurate conclusions, and you assess contents and solutions in a predominantly realistic, well-balanced and sophisticatedmanner.

this you need to be aware of:

Although you essentially pursue your own direction and act with initiation, you tend to fall back on the suggestions of others during your

search for solutions more than contributing a lot of creative ideas yourself. Particularly in unclear situations, you prefer to rely on

conventional, established methods rather than using innovations.

For the most part, you communicate clearly, precisely and with a structure and place value on a carefully thought out concept. You can

conclusively represent the core points of a subject or argument but do not adapt your style to the requirements of your listeners enough.

In addition, you sometimes tend to approach a subject too theoretically and show little interest in “selling” your opinion to others.

You know your fundamental strengths and limitations really well and tend to be ambitious. You would like to professionally advance, but are not prepared to sacrifice your private life or your friendships for your career (tipu lah). You are happy to use opportunities to learn.

(mcm tilik nasib daaa)ahahaha


Mane satu nk pegi ni??

ITNS – IPOH???:?:

Hurm…skrg ni aku dah apply MAS….MAS ckp dorang tak de panel kat ITNS…in case aku gi private kat ITNS.then dapat MAS scholarship…dorang takkan byr fees seterusnya….dorang suh aku gi APFT…Tapi APFT byk delay aar skrg ni…ades….:roll:

Aku kene la pegi Psychometric kat APFT,WISMA DAMANSARA 30/7 nanti….hehe…satu kelebihan….then pegi wat kat MAS…arap2 MAS lambat lagi panggil untuk 2nd test:P

MAS…..Kau la harapan ku…muhahahaB)

Tunggu panggilan untuk ke Test kedua dari Malaysia Airlines (MISPA)

Hurm….hari ni 6/7…baru 4 hari lepas test saikomotor kat MAS:>>….rasa mcm dah lama:crazy:…tgh tunggu surat untuk test psychometric atau org panggil pendek, MISPA:>

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