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Earth Hour

Yeah..I’m sure you’ve came across this word “Earth Hour” on these few days rite?On TV…Radio..and ofcourse over the Internet as well..

What is this all about?Continue reading…..


This year, Earth Hour has been transformed into the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming.

For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming. WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.

This meeting will determine official government policies to take action against global warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. It is the chance for the people of the world to make their voice heard.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour. In 2008 the message had grown into a global sustainability movement, with 50 million people switching off their lights. Global landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Rome’s Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House and the Coca Cola billboard in Times Square all stood in darkness.

In 2009, Earth Hour is being taken to the next level, with the goal of 1 billion people switching off their lights as part of a global vote. Unlike any election in history, it is not about what country you’re from, but instead, what planet you’re from. VOTE EARTH is a global call to action for every individual, every business, and every community. A call to stand up and take control over the future of our planet. Over 74 countries and territories have pledged their support to VOTE EARTH during Earth Hour 2009, and this number is growing everyday.

We all have a vote, and every single vote counts. Together we can take control of the future of our planet, for future generations.

VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour.

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm.

Yes..I did as well by switching off the light…

I just turned on a small light..Like (lampu tido)..If not how am I going to take this picture?:lalala:

However, for some reason..err..external factor that I didnt take into account..My light only been switched of for 5mins..huh..

The reason is..Right after I came back from Taekwondo…My family members are at upstairs performed Isya’ prayer..So, I switched off the light

then..suddenly, my father went downstairs and open all light coz he’s working infront of his Lappy..:.XX(


nvm..I switched off my aquarium instead..its safe…coz my fish wont go anywhere:));D even in the dark!!:oops:

Taekwando V10

As I mentioned in previous post..I’ve got a test today..As told by Master Lee…It’s for promotion..If I do well, will get double promotion..If not, just single promotion..:))

Just to keep as memory, I preserved some photos when I’m on my way..B).



I arrived at the centre around…errr 4.48PM..I saw, the windows is not yet open..So, its not open YET…

I stay in the car for a while..Its hawt outside

The highest level is the centre..

After few mins doing nothing in my car..I went and wait infront of the gate…huhu..the gate closed..


But my “misery” doesnt stays long..Aik..Black Belt (woman) came and open the door…

So I just follow…

Right after I in, open all window…do some stretching…and my friends came in..Right after that..Master Lee came in…hurm..he moved a table to front and sat there..He then asked all of us to fillup a form..

Then we all were asked to sit back..The Black Belt woman called names..I’m the 3rd one..huhu:P

So..we are the 1st group to be test..Master Lee told that he expect me do well as I’m the only person who received extra day…

We then bow…I just did what we taught before..fuh.~

yuhu….I made no mistake…:roll:

so, my turn is finished… now other candidates turn…we then watched and clapped hand after they done it~…

Right after the test finished..

All in…

Then we were arranged in pair..Team A&B..

Team A B block..but today is different..they are using some kind of “penahan“..

So, Team A (ME) kick..Front/Side and turning kick…very fast…Full power…huh…exciting huh..Really pity that dizzy2..sorry ya…Master asked me to:>

Then..Team B turn…:roll:

After that…now without the “penahan“..bare hand…guardian block..anyone can kick..anytime…

Master : Please control your power!!

I just kick kick and he then kick me bax..we block…waa…its very real “fight”..ta-kau

Then changed other partner..interesting man..i kicked people and people kicked me bax..ehehehe..

Thats it..


I think…Today for Saturday class category, is THE BEST!!!!

Before we all leave, my friend say goodbye and told me

Fren : Kalau ada masa/cuti, datang la training kat sini
Me : Sure takde masalah…

FYI, he’s an Indian around…Standard 6?:>>:|

Taekwando V9 (2nd Last Class)

he he he…Today is the 9th class…or in other words, 2nd last class…Next Tuesday will be the last one…arr..:| I’ve learned so many things here..

Back to topic,

Today, as usuall lar..(haha, same sentence for every “taek-won-do” post..), I’m the Earliest person to arrived..Knowing the door still locked..I just relaxed myself by doing nothing:))..Today, I expected other instructor..Master Billy/Master Alex…However, my thought proven wrong in few mins later..

It was Master Lee…He came and asked

Master Lee : early ar..alone?
ME : hehe..always maa..alone..

Then he opened the “gate” and I opened all windows..(except back ones)..While waiting for other seniors, I did some stretching…

Around 8.10PM…all of the seniors came…together 6 including I dont need to stay “in the middle”…|-|

Straight to the point…

Today lessons is quite different..I follow black belt patterns…punch 45degree n etc..just follow lar..coz I’m still white..

then we did “saju magi/churugi,apchacurugi”…Actually, to be honest, I’ve test this upcoming Saturday..Last time its was not a test…Master Lee just test me..I mean, its not test for promotion..This saturday is the real ones..Got panel and “points” to be given..

(Saju Magi)

Quite lucky for me, Master Lee did correct my movements..other students(on saturday), they cant come on Tuesday night coz its only for Black..Exception for me:>>..

Right after Master Lee correctted my movements..He asked all was going on my mind is..i’m outta here la rite..but hey..Master Lee asked me to come in also..

Master Lee : (shout) Partner partner partner..

All black except what to do..I’ve to be a black belt partner..

We were asked to stand in two rows..Team A and B..Team A kick and punch..B block..(just like before..but today is a bit different)…

Today, Master Lee ask kick for real…huh?? mercy..haha:oops:

SO, i just kicked like i want to kicked..they he blocked blocked n blocked…then my senior/opponent turn…he kicked me…i managed to block..but the kicking is so far..hit my chest..

Leave “mark” on my uniform..

I’m not sure how u all think the “power” he kicked me..But to me, I’m not in pain or hurt..seriously..and also, today i learned so many types of block..what should i do if people front kick/sidekick and turning kick..thx to senior leong coz teached me today..He also taught me to “turn” people hand and made “the person” hurt..just one hand..

The “carpet” is whenever u got kicked by will leave mark..and it shows that the kick is “kena” u already..haha

(The “carpet“)

After that, Master Lee asked all seniors (black) to leave me alone inside..Because Master Lee want to see my “stunt” for Saju Churugi/Saju chu magi/Up Cha chu rugi…

So..I did like usual…hehe..everybody watched me man..:oops::oops:..

Master Lee : Your stunt is good already..
Senior Black Belt : Ho..ho leng ar..
Master Lee : You have so many instructors & seniors here..If your stunt is not good ar..I tell you..u just (“waving hand”)..hahaha..(we all laughed..ceh):)):P;D

Before we all leave, as usuall, I will wait for Master Lee, Master Kok and senior (refer picture taekwondo V8)..Right before Master Lee locked the “gate”..He asked :

Master Lee : So arni..what do you feel after joined taek won do?
ME : increase my confident maa..
Master Lee : increase confident to kick people meh? (ahahaha..all of us laugh)..ceh..
ME : No la..just to “defend” myself..(defend la sangat:>)
Master Kok: OK la..u have been here almost….1 and half months..a lot u have learned..
Master Kok : After u finished study..u can come here…more lessons to be done..
ME : no problem.B)

So thats it..

P/s: Never kick people if you dont know how to defend yourself..Trust me.:idea:

Malaysia Airlines Medical Checkup

As scheduled by PN Noraini from MAS Medical Centre, Subang.. I attended Medical Checkup today at said venue @9AM..

I was accompanied by my mother (showing directions)..Departed from Cheras around 8.15AM..traffic was OK..not so jam..and not so through Kesas Highway..

We then safely reached to our destination just 10mins before 9AM..huhuhu:oops:but then, we went to the wrong place at first…I thought its located at MAS Complex A (last time psychomotor/MISPA venue)…but security guard told me that its located at MAS Complex B…So, I have to “turrrn around” at roundabout all over again…then we managed to locate Complex B…its on the left..heh.
so, I gave my driving license to have the pass..

Car pass

Visitor’s pass

The complex…

So, we went in…and told I have an appointment @ 9AM..fillup a form..and wait..they asked me to have couple of drinks (provided)..u know..:roll:

then..waiting at “waiting area” is really coooldd..not coool…its cooold..

around 12mins later…a lady asked me to follow her…

first test I did is the eye test..I was asked to stand a red line..and red the “chart”..

2nd, she measured my height and weight…( i was I getting shorter or the machine faulty?)

3rd) eye test again…with like microscope..hhehehe

4th audiogram..the sound..hurm..different frequency..sure can hear one..just relax..

5th ECG…waaa..first time…she “pluged” something around my chest and have some reading…ehehehe

then..i was asked to sit before DR Daljit call me..few mins later, I went to DR Daljit room’s..

DR : Hello, Good Morning..How r u..
Me : Hi DR..Good Morning..Im fine sir..
DR : eah (saw my urine bottle empty), u didnt do urine test yet?
Me : Nope..
DR : OK..nvm..after this you can do it..
Me : ok..

DR opened my mouth…checked my ears..eyes…then he asked me to lay down on “bed”…

He pushed my stomach..did “knee-jerk” and asked few questions…ehehehe..

“good”..”very good”…”excellent”…these are the words came out from his mouth..I’m sure all of his patient heard this before..Right?

He’s a very nice doctor…:>>

After did my urine test…thats it..I’m done..


However, I need to come back and test again next year…ehehe…

Final Offer Letter & Agreement

B) TOday, Final offer letter & Agreement from APFT arrived safely by citylink around 10.15AM…:>>:oops:

By Citylink..I thought by normal post…no wonder I called them yesterday, they said will arrive by tomorrow (today)

The contents ( sorry, i cant disclosed the agreement and other documents)

So, as for me..this is FINAL preparations mentally and physically…aahh…XX( bye bye swimmy…bye bye tae-kwan-do…bye bye fish…

New Friends…New Environment…New Feelings…

Taekwando V8

Today, As usuall la..I’m the first one to arrived..ahahha..semangat beb..I’ve got only 5 classes more to go before I left to APFT…

But today, the “waiting” time is not so long…A few mins later, my senior black belt arrived and opened the door…Then, Master Lee and Master Billy arrived..

We then do some warmup…Oh ya..almost forgotten, today is the LAST day class with Master Lee, So, I brought a digi cam for me to take photographs with Master Lee and other…So, what was going on my mind is, right after the class finish, I will ask someone to take the photos.

Today is a bit different, Master Lee taught senior black belt while Master Billy (1st time teaching me) took over me..He re-teach how to punch more powerful and gave some info like, why we need to “exhale” while punch/block and etc..1st time ever I knew the reason..

This is the 1st time I had class 2hours straight..meaning…I practising/learning with Master Billy from 8.10PM till 10.10PM..last time got few mins break …I’m white belt maa…

In the middle of learning, another Master arrive..Master Kok, his the one who taught me L-Shape/Walking stunt/punch front kick and etc..

So I just continued with Master Billy…He loved to say “beautiful” when I punch with walking stunt..lower block and etc…he said that, if I or anyone did well, he just praised a boss..u work well, boss will praise u ma..

Almost 2hours, senior black belt finished their defeating knife technique..I joined them for Sitting stunt and punch…after that, we were asked to sit down straight and close eyes..

That’s it…Done for today..

ar ar ar…dont forget!!…I brought a digi cam today to take photos…But…nervousness covered me!! I feel “hesitate” to ask Master lee bout that…But somehow, i just approach and ask him..

Me : Master Lee, can we take pictures?
Master Lee : Can, but must pay laa (hahaha)…
Me : (haha also)…

Then asked a senior black belt which “ontheway” down to take the pictures..

Here they are :

The most left is : Master Lee, Master Billy, ME, Master Kok

All of them is the INSTRUCTORS who taught me from ZERO to HERO now..:>>B)

This is the senior…Actually, he’s the one who “tied” my belt on my 1st day last time..

Just before we all leave, Master kok approach me, said :

Master Kok : Arni, you are very lucky you know..
Me : . . . .
Master Kok : because ar, last time, when I was white belt like you, its not the MASTER teach you..its the student who had the higher rank (blue/red/green and etc) teaching you
Me : IC..i didnt know bout that woo..I taught it is the master teach ones..
Master Kok : No..higher rank teach you ones..
Me : IC..It’s very good.I’ve learned so many things here..Now I know how to “defend” and “attack” people who “attack” me..
Master Kok : Ya..u almost been here 1 and half month many things u learned..
Me : thanks for teaching me L-stunt/walking stunt/punch and etc last time
Master Kok : nvm la..last time also people teach i teach you..
3secs of silence
Master kok : u just have to practice everyday…
Me : I will sir..!:)

Then, I bow to all of them before I leave..See you on next Tuesday..not sure which instructor?The military one or Master billy?:roll:

Fireflyz Wing Commanderz…

I saw the ads in Berita Harian stated that, Fireflyz is giving oppurtinity for MATTA Fair visitors to give a try for their Simulator test..huhu..I immedeatly cut the paper into perfect square..haha..:>>



Matta Fair will be held at PWTC..13-15March..I decided to go on 14/3..

I went to PWTC with with my sister coz I’m not familiar with the area..So, we went by LRT..I drove car to LRT and parked there..:)


Actually, I’m not familiar with LRT..last time also “sesat”/”lost” few times because misread the “tren destination”..:oops:



We went at to LRT around 3PM….then, after 25mins I think, we then reached PWTC station…


My “intention” to go to matta fair is ONLY to go to Fireflyz booth…So, we looked around first to search fireflyz booth…after “turun naik” escalator few times…I found a notice board..


Stating that, Fireflyz booth is in Hall 1…It was upstair..We went up again (dont know this is the 10th or more time:|)…Upon reaching the Hall 1, there was a notice board, stating that we need to buy a ticket…(actually there is notice board downstairs also, but at first i ignored)..We had to go down to buy the ticket..which is..I think hundreds of people queue for it…

Patience is virtue..

After about 10mins..I bought the 2 ticket at RM6..they gave 2 matta fair (orange) bag..haha..good..I can place my brochure and everything inside..

We went up with the “ticket” and begin to search for Fireflyz booth…As I wished, we found the booth..but..where is the Sim??What I can see is, counter ticket..cap and shirt..Without wasting any time, I show them the “perfect square” Berita Harian newspaper while asking

Me : Xcuse me, where can I find this? (Showing sheikh muzafar testing the SIM)
Lady : Errr..This one ar…wait ar…(she then shouted something to call her colleague)
Lady : You can ask that lady..She’s selling Cap/T-shirt…The black shirt one..
Me : (The moment I about to move to approach her, she’s came to me)…
Lady : YES?
Me : Looking for Simulator..where is it?
Lady :OOooo..this one you have to purchase the Cap or the t-shirt..then u r eligible for 1 entry…
Me : IC… much is the cap..
Lady : its only RM10..(:>>:>>:>>)
Me : What colour do you have?Can i see it first
Lady : Wait a moment..she then search and search…This is the LAST cap..white one..But, we have another colour, orange…
(after comparing the two caps, I choose the white one..much much better and the last one)LUCKY!
Me : Take the white one..

Lady : OK..pls fill up this form and bring to the Sim..downstair..besides the stage..
Me : OK..Thank you!:roll:


So, My sister and I began to search for the SIM, we then moved to downstairs..again…searching for Fireflyz SIM…(tak jumpa)…until reached education booth…then I ask info counter…DOnt know bout that..



I then go upstairs…then ask back…Another person said its located at Hall 2..We moved to Hall 2..huhu…looking for a “stage” first…

Huhuhu..I found it…waaaa…its so cool..and so many people..B)



(A visitor give it a try)

They used the actual flight yoke..not Logitech attack 3 joystick..huhu…its so different..

I passed my form to the conductor…then…watched other visitor try it..There was 2 pilots there..Second Officer…One is hafiz and another one I dont know..

I talked to Hafiz as he’s doing nothing at the moment

Me : Xcuse me, May I know, is there any rudder attached?(coz I didnt see any)
Pilot : Err Nope..Sebab weather control ailerons sahaja
Me : IC..Landing tu, kene 1st attempt successfull kan?(looking at the current visitor tried it), I asked, can we go around?
Pilot : (sneaky)… real ones yes..but this case you must land at 1st attempt..
(getting more cuak)
Silence for a while
Pilot : Pilot ke?
Me : Not yet..going to APFT this april…
Pilot : 0000oo…saya dulu skolah kat situ..almost 2years..

My sister (cuit-cuit) my shoudler asked

Sister: Turn kau bila?lama lagi?aku nk gi office ni..
Me : ntah..nanti aku tnya jap..

Ask hafiz to check my turn..its the most back..huh…he asked, dah lama ka tunggu?err.yup..kakak dia nk gi opis..then he took my form and switched to the 2nd fast meh?|-|

Then he advised me the “landing speed” should be around 130kts..below than that…STALL!! info..if not I wouldn’t know..

So, after a while…he said, lepasni awak..i said..ok..then shouted to my sis..aku lepas ni..:'(

The promised time is about to come..Nervousness feeling covered me…ehehehe:>>of course la dude!

Then, the other guy finished…Hafiz called my name : ARNI, ur turn..
Hafiz : Gud lux!
Me : Thank you!

I sat down…and asked to secure the sit belt..with stewardess different.:P

so i try the yoke first..turns and push/pull…woah…different man..

The “examiner” asked me : Ready?
Me : Yes..

Then..the sim started…i controlled the speed between 130kts..the runway is in sight..but its not allign …meaning..runway is at 2o’clock..i dont know what to say…i managed to landed safely…1st attempt!!..2nd..i crashed..haha|-|

(Approaching..Sorry for the damn sis said its too crowded to record properly)

(video taken by my sis..the moment she started recording..i already landed..haya!!…)

Found nothing interesting?Or… What is that? Replay the video and checkout the “timing”

Seconds of : 0:07-0:29 (Final approach)
Seconds of : 0:30 (landed) (you can see “runway lines” on the screen)

I’m not sure whether flaps “already” executed or not..but definetly no brakes during the moment..naah..they just want to test our landing skills…thats all

After finished the sim, i was asked to go the counter to collect cert…

Another lady gave me the cert with chopped..then..asked me to come tomorrow at 6.30PM (which I came but the time suppose to be at 5.30PM..nvm..i dont mind bout the prize so much..trip to LA?)

So, just before I leave the place, I called hafiz to take some photo with me..


We then chat for a while..he send his regards to Mejar Khalid..B)

I went back home stairght while my sis went to her office..88|

While inside the LRT, somehow the “lights” turn off giving us as the “passengers” total blindness..



Not sure whether it was electrical error or the “pilot” forgot to turn on or maybe tripped off..the lights back on when 2stations left for me to get off..

Ahhh…I will never forget the moment..although the SIM is using FS2004..but, first time using flight yoke…

I message lobok about this (SIM test) also..but it was too late..the grand finale was held on 15/3 @ 3PM..ceh…after that, sim closed..:oops::oops:

Dental Care V2

Today, I’ve got appointment at Mindef to “extract” another two teeth…:(:'(..Well, what to do…Doctor explained throughly to me the other day..Ofcourse, Doctor much much know what to do and what to expect from my treatment..

I woke up early today..Around 7.30AM…but..

After opened eyes, its still “early“..

So…took a nap of “several minutes”…:roll::oops:

time is ticking…


and ticking…

I “woke up” for the 2nd time..and..its already 8.55AM…I have an appointment by 10AM..the most late”st” I must depart from home is 9AM…huhu…its raining during this time…So, whats going on my mind is…arrrhh..NVM…still an hour to go…:!:

9.15AM…Ready to go…huh..:>

Drive normally..then…suddenly..just after traffic light Alam Damai…


Traffic…its so JAM!!B)

The normal period shud be around 2mins..but i’m stuck for 15mins..

Journey continues…MRR2 traffic is quite OK….

then…just before “Smart Tunnel”, traffic heavy again..YES, I always use smart tunnel to go to MINDEF…Shorten my distance…So..As usuall,use smart tunnel instead of “free” ones…DAMN…

Inside smart tunnel also JEM?haiz…this is my first time stuck in smart tunnel..jam…

I arrived safely at Mindef around 10.20AM…20mins late..:oops::oops:

Dental Care

arrrr……today…two of my teeth were removed…88|:'(

I just got back home…the “anesthesia” is still around…need to change the gauze cause blood n blood..huh…but today is much much shorter compared last time “surgery”…this one only extract out..huhu….

arrr…braces braces…because of u la i’ve lost 3 teeths..and another 2 soon…:no::no:XX(

thats it…

I need to rest…

The ONLY food I can eat..:oops::oops::roll:


Taekwando V7

ehehehe…Today I write bout what I learned straight foward…:>>

So far, today is the nicest lesson I had…Which is.. Defeating A Knife

Yes…What is that?

(copied from :

It’s very scary. Of all the possible attacks, having an assailant’s knife pressing against your throat evokes the worst fear and trepidation. And this is for good reason – it is a very dangerous situation, one in which you could die, or at least suffer a gory, bloody and life endangering wound.

If the intent is to rob you, gladly give up your money. But if someone is intent on causing you serious bodily harm, or intends to take you as a hostage, you might take action. Action is also warranted if you are a women and someone is using this tactic to force you into a van, truck or back of the car. In this type of rape or bodily assault situation statistics are dire for those who are so manhandled.

I wish there were a simple remedy, a fool proof escape that could be easily executed. There isn’t. There are lots of people who demonstrate self-defense techniques against this type of attack, but unfortunately many of them will just get you very dead. The reason is that what seems effective against a cooperative practice partner is often ineffective against a larger, stronger and determined attacker.

First, accept the fact that you might get cut. Also be aware that your technique could go wrong at any time. An attacker reaches around from behind and puts a knife to your throat


So, black belt trains first..I just see them watch…uhuhu..after turn…waa…its so cool…but remember, your movement may go wrong in the REAL SITUATION..!!

The “knife”..Training purposes

That’s it..I learned 2 hours for many movements one..|-|:>>


That’s it…:crazy::idea:


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