Fireflyz Wing Commanderz…

I saw the ads in Berita Harian stated that, Fireflyz is giving oppurtinity for MATTA Fair visitors to give a try for their Simulator test..huhu..I immedeatly cut the paper into perfect square..haha..:>>



Matta Fair will be held at PWTC..13-15March..I decided to go on 14/3..

I went to PWTC with with my sister coz I’m not familiar with the area..So, we went by LRT..I drove car to LRT and parked there..:)


Actually, I’m not familiar with LRT..last time also “sesat”/”lost” few times because misread the “tren destination”..:oops:



We went at to LRT around 3PM….then, after 25mins I think, we then reached PWTC station…


My “intention” to go to matta fair is ONLY to go to Fireflyz booth…So, we looked around first to search fireflyz booth…after “turun naik” escalator few times…I found a notice board..


Stating that, Fireflyz booth is in Hall 1…It was upstair..We went up again (dont know this is the 10th or more time:|)…Upon reaching the Hall 1, there was a notice board, stating that we need to buy a ticket…(actually there is notice board downstairs also, but at first i ignored)..We had to go down to buy the ticket..which is..I think hundreds of people queue for it…

Patience is virtue..

After about 10mins..I bought the 2 ticket at RM6..they gave 2 matta fair (orange) bag..haha..good..I can place my brochure and everything inside..

We went up with the “ticket” and begin to search for Fireflyz booth…As I wished, we found the booth..but..where is the Sim??What I can see is, counter ticket..cap and shirt..Without wasting any time, I show them the “perfect square” Berita Harian newspaper while asking

Me : Xcuse me, where can I find this? (Showing sheikh muzafar testing the SIM)
Lady : Errr..This one ar…wait ar…(she then shouted something to call her colleague)
Lady : You can ask that lady..She’s selling Cap/T-shirt…The black shirt one..
Me : (The moment I about to move to approach her, she’s came to me)…
Lady : YES?
Me : Looking for Simulator..where is it?
Lady :OOooo..this one you have to purchase the Cap or the t-shirt..then u r eligible for 1 entry…
Me : IC… much is the cap..
Lady : its only RM10..(:>>:>>:>>)
Me : What colour do you have?Can i see it first
Lady : Wait a moment..she then search and search…This is the LAST cap..white one..But, we have another colour, orange…
(after comparing the two caps, I choose the white one..much much better and the last one)LUCKY!
Me : Take the white one..

Lady : OK..pls fill up this form and bring to the Sim..downstair..besides the stage..
Me : OK..Thank you!:roll:


So, My sister and I began to search for the SIM, we then moved to downstairs..again…searching for Fireflyz SIM…(tak jumpa)…until reached education booth…then I ask info counter…DOnt know bout that..



I then go upstairs…then ask back…Another person said its located at Hall 2..We moved to Hall 2..huhu…looking for a “stage” first…

Huhuhu..I found it…waaaa…its so cool..and so many people..B)



(A visitor give it a try)

They used the actual flight yoke..not Logitech attack 3 joystick..huhu…its so different..

I passed my form to the conductor…then…watched other visitor try it..There was 2 pilots there..Second Officer…One is hafiz and another one I dont know..

I talked to Hafiz as he’s doing nothing at the moment

Me : Xcuse me, May I know, is there any rudder attached?(coz I didnt see any)
Pilot : Err Nope..Sebab weather control ailerons sahaja
Me : IC..Landing tu, kene 1st attempt successfull kan?(looking at the current visitor tried it), I asked, can we go around?
Pilot : (sneaky)… real ones yes..but this case you must land at 1st attempt..
(getting more cuak)
Silence for a while
Pilot : Pilot ke?
Me : Not yet..going to APFT this april…
Pilot : 0000oo…saya dulu skolah kat situ..almost 2years..

My sister (cuit-cuit) my shoudler asked

Sister: Turn kau bila?lama lagi?aku nk gi office ni..
Me : ntah..nanti aku tnya jap..

Ask hafiz to check my turn..its the most back..huh…he asked, dah lama ka tunggu?err.yup..kakak dia nk gi opis..then he took my form and switched to the 2nd fast meh?|-|

Then he advised me the “landing speed” should be around 130kts..below than that…STALL!! info..if not I wouldn’t know..

So, after a while…he said, lepasni awak..i said..ok..then shouted to my sis..aku lepas ni..:'(

The promised time is about to come..Nervousness feeling covered me…ehehehe:>>of course la dude!

Then, the other guy finished…Hafiz called my name : ARNI, ur turn..
Hafiz : Gud lux!
Me : Thank you!

I sat down…and asked to secure the sit belt..with stewardess different.:P

so i try the yoke first..turns and push/pull…woah…different man..

The “examiner” asked me : Ready?
Me : Yes..

Then..the sim started…i controlled the speed between 130kts..the runway is in sight..but its not allign …meaning..runway is at 2o’clock..i dont know what to say…i managed to landed safely…1st attempt!!..2nd..i crashed..haha|-|

(Approaching..Sorry for the damn sis said its too crowded to record properly)

(video taken by my sis..the moment she started recording..i already landed..haya!!…)

Found nothing interesting?Or… What is that? Replay the video and checkout the “timing”

Seconds of : 0:07-0:29 (Final approach)
Seconds of : 0:30 (landed) (you can see “runway lines” on the screen)

I’m not sure whether flaps “already” executed or not..but definetly no brakes during the moment..naah..they just want to test our landing skills…thats all

After finished the sim, i was asked to go the counter to collect cert…

Another lady gave me the cert with chopped..then..asked me to come tomorrow at 6.30PM (which I came but the time suppose to be at 5.30PM..nvm..i dont mind bout the prize so much..trip to LA?)

So, just before I leave the place, I called hafiz to take some photo with me..


We then chat for a while..he send his regards to Mejar Khalid..B)

I went back home stairght while my sis went to her office..88|

While inside the LRT, somehow the “lights” turn off giving us as the “passengers” total blindness..



Not sure whether it was electrical error or the “pilot” forgot to turn on or maybe tripped off..the lights back on when 2stations left for me to get off..

Ahhh…I will never forget the moment..although the SIM is using FS2004..but, first time using flight yoke…

I message lobok about this (SIM test) also..but it was too late..the grand finale was held on 15/3 @ 3PM..ceh…after that, sim closed..:oops::oops:

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