Malaysia Airlines Medical Checkup

As scheduled by PN Noraini from MAS Medical Centre, Subang.. I attended Medical Checkup today at said venue @9AM..

I was accompanied by my mother (showing directions)..Departed from Cheras around 8.15AM..traffic was OK..not so jam..and not so through Kesas Highway..

We then safely reached to our destination just 10mins before 9AM..huhuhu:oops:but then, we went to the wrong place at first…I thought its located at MAS Complex A (last time psychomotor/MISPA venue)…but security guard told me that its located at MAS Complex B…So, I have to “turrrn around” at roundabout all over again…then we managed to locate Complex B…its on the left..heh.
so, I gave my driving license to have the pass..

Car pass

Visitor’s pass

The complex…

So, we went in…and told I have an appointment @ 9AM..fillup a form..and wait..they asked me to have couple of drinks (provided)..u know..:roll:

then..waiting at “waiting area” is really coooldd..not coool…its cooold..

around 12mins later…a lady asked me to follow her…

first test I did is the eye test..I was asked to stand a red line..and red the “chart”..

2nd, she measured my height and weight…( i was I getting shorter or the machine faulty?)

3rd) eye test again…with like microscope..hhehehe

4th audiogram..the sound..hurm..different frequency..sure can hear one..just relax..

5th ECG…waaa..first time…she “pluged” something around my chest and have some reading…ehehehe

then..i was asked to sit before DR Daljit call me..few mins later, I went to DR Daljit room’s..

DR : Hello, Good Morning..How r u..
Me : Hi DR..Good Morning..Im fine sir..
DR : eah (saw my urine bottle empty), u didnt do urine test yet?
Me : Nope..
DR : OK..nvm..after this you can do it..
Me : ok..

DR opened my mouth…checked my ears..eyes…then he asked me to lay down on “bed”…

He pushed my stomach..did “knee-jerk” and asked few questions…ehehehe..

“good”..”very good”…”excellent”…these are the words came out from his mouth..I’m sure all of his patient heard this before..Right?

He’s a very nice doctor…:>>

After did my urine test…thats it..I’m done..


However, I need to come back and test again next year…ehehe…


  1. Danielle Said:

    Hey.. Is tat the red line for the eye test far away from the chart?

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