Taekwando V9 (2nd Last Class)

he he he…Today is the 9th class…or in other words, 2nd last class…Next Tuesday will be the last one…arr..:| I’ve learned so many things here..

Back to topic,

Today, as usuall lar..(haha, same sentence for every “taek-won-do” post..), I’m the Earliest person to arrived..Knowing the door still locked..I just relaxed myself by doing nothing:))..Today, I expected other instructor..Master Billy/Master Alex…However, my thought proven wrong in few mins later..

It was Master Lee…He came and asked

Master Lee : warr..so early ar..alone?
ME : hehe..always maa..alone..

Then he opened the “gate” and I opened all windows..(except back ones)..While waiting for other seniors, I did some stretching…

Around 8.10PM…all of the seniors came…together 6 including me..ehehehe..so I dont need to stay “in the middle”…|-|

Straight to the point…

Today lessons is quite different..I follow black belt patterns…punch 45degree n etc..just follow lar..coz I’m still white..

then we did “saju magi/churugi,apchacurugi”…Actually, to be honest, I’ve test this upcoming Saturday..Last time its was not a test…Master Lee just test me..I mean, its not test for promotion..This saturday is the real ones..Got panel and “points” to be given..

(Saju Magi)

Quite lucky for me, Master Lee did correct my movements..other students(on saturday), they cant come on Tuesday night coz its only for Black..Exception for me:>>..

Right after Master Lee correctted my movements..He asked all in..so..what was going on my mind is..i’m outta here la rite..but hey..Master Lee asked me to come in also..

Master Lee : (shout) Partner partner partner..

All black except me..haha..so what to do..I’ve to be a black belt partner..

We were asked to stand in two rows..Team A and B..Team A kick and punch..B block..(just like before..but today is a bit different)…

Today, Master Lee ask kick for real…huh??Yes..no mercy..haha:oops:

SO, i just kicked like i want to kicked..they he blocked blocked n blocked…then my senior/opponent turn…he kicked me…i managed to block..but the kicking is so far..hit my chest..

Leave “mark” on my uniform..

I’m not sure how u all think the “power” he kicked me..But to me, I’m not in pain or hurt..seriously..and also, today i learned so many types of block..what should i do if people front kick/sidekick and turning kick..thx to senior leong coz teached me today..He also taught me to “turn” people hand and made “the person” hurt..just one hand..

The “carpet” is dusty..so whenever u got kicked by opponent..it will leave mark..and it shows that the kick is “kena” u already..haha

(The “carpet“)

After that, Master Lee asked all seniors (black) to leave me alone inside..Because Master Lee want to see my “stunt” for Saju Churugi/Saju chu magi/Up Cha chu rugi…

So..I did like usual…hehe..everybody watched me man..:oops::oops:..

Master Lee : Your stunt is good already..
Senior Black Belt : Ho..ho leng ar..
Master Lee : You have so many instructors & seniors here..If your stunt is not good ar..I tell you..u just (“waving hand”)..hahaha..(we all laughed..ceh):)):P;D

Before we all leave, as usuall, I will wait for Master Lee, Master Kok and senior (refer picture taekwondo V8)..Right before Master Lee locked the “gate”..He asked :

Master Lee : So arni..what do you feel after joined taek won do?
ME : increase my confident maa..
Master Lee : increase confident to kick people meh? (ahahaha..all of us laugh)..ceh..
ME : No la..just to “defend” myself..(defend la sangat:>)
Master Kok: OK la..u have been here almost….1 and half months..a lot u have learned..
Master Kok : After u finished study..u can come here…more lessons to be done..
ME : no problem.B)

So thats it..

P/s: Never kick people if you dont know how to defend yourself..Trust me.:idea:

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