Taekwando V10

As I mentioned in previous post..I’ve got a test today..As told by Master Lee…It’s for promotion..If I do well, will get double promotion..If not, just single promotion..:))

Just to keep as memory, I preserved some photos when I’m on my way..B).



I arrived at the centre around…errr 4.48PM..I saw, the windows is not yet open..So, its not open YET…

I stay in the car for a while..Its hawt outside

The highest level is the centre..

After few mins doing nothing in my car..I went and wait infront of the gate…huhu..the gate closed..


But my “misery” doesnt stays long..Aik..Black Belt (woman) came and open the door…

So I just follow…

Right after I in, open all window…do some stretching…and my friends came in..Right after that..Master Lee came in…hurm..he moved a table to front and sat there..He then asked all of us to fillup a form..

Then we all were asked to sit back..The Black Belt woman called names..I’m the 3rd one..huhu:P

So..we are the 1st group to be test..Master Lee told that he expect me do well as I’m the only person who received extra day…

We then bow…I just did what we taught before..fuh.~

yuhu….I made no mistake…:roll:

so, my turn is finished… now other candidates turn…we then watched and clapped hand after they done it~…

Right after the test finished..

All in…

Then we were arranged in pair..Team A&B..

Team A kick..team B block..but today is different..they are using some kind of “penahan“..

So, Team A (ME) kick..Front/Side and turning kick…very fast…Full power…huh…exciting huh..Really pity that boy..like dizzy2..sorry ya…Master asked me to:>

Then..Team B turn…:roll:

After that…now without the “penahan“..bare hand…guardian block..anyone can kick..anytime…

Master : Please control your power!!

I just kick kick and he then kick me bax..we block…waa…its very real “fight”..ta-kau

Then changed other partner..interesting man..i kicked people and people kicked me bax..ehehehe..

Thats it..


I think…Today for Saturday class category, is THE BEST!!!!

Before we all leave, my friend say goodbye and told me

Fren : Kalau ada masa/cuti, datang la training kat sini
Me : Sure takde masalah…

FYI, he’s an Indian around…Standard 6?:>>:|

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