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Salah bas

hahahahaha…padan muka aku…:>>

Ntah knapa tiba-tiba, nk tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu…aahh..takpe..janji korang paham…:oops::roll:

Citer dia mcm ni…Hari ni ada 3 batch gi airport…P23/P24 ngan P25…Jadi, ada dua bas la nk bawak 3 batch…Untuk batch 24/25 yg gi kelas kat airport…sepatutnya naik bas lama yg mcm bas “intrakota” dulu tu…

batch 23 naik bas besar..jadi ntah mcm mana aku boleh tersesat naik bas besar…mula2 aku tgk batch aku takde kat dlm bas tu..ingat nk turun…tgk bas yg mcm intrakota tu dah penuh..aku tak jadi la turun..stay je la dlm bas…

gerak punya gerak..bas tu benti kat hangar…then pakcik bas ckp dia tak gi skola…dari hangar jalan kaki woo…tapi nasib baik arr..kol 7AM dah ada…ada 15minit lagi nk masuk..dah la mula 1st class Capt Baran…masak aku kalau lambat..|-|:idea:



ada 3orang yg salah masuk bas…batch 22 sorang..aku tak thu nama..tapi aku kenal ar brader tu..pakai spec..gemuk2 skit..yg naik bas mesti pakai jaket..aku jln ngan dia ar..haha..takde la :oops:”malu”:oops: sangat…


tapi…agak jauh gak la jalan…mmg ‘exercise’ la aku pagi tue!!:))

APFT Uniform…


We just received our uniform 1 day before Batch 25 registration day…huhu..If not, I dont know whats going to happen to P24..

Here are few pictures of “us’..

Ashraf and Arni

Aidid,Shahrel,Ashraf,Rizqin and Ezzat

thats all guys..


Department of Civil Aviation Technical (Test) or in short, D-CAT

DCAT exam scheduled for batch 24 is just around the corner..approximately 2weeks left…
Principles of Flight is the only subject we have finished..We have started with revision with questions paper and “other” external paper..

Thx to Fawaz, Batch 23 =}

So, as for me…Nothing is important for now except S.T.U.D.Y … What I have to remember is, MARA paying for my course fees…Suppose I fail any two subjects in an exam, they may freeze my fees..

To encounter that, I start to study from now on..self and groupie…


so…wish me luck guys…

congrats to batch 23 in your DCAT…U guys will start flying soon!!

Batch 25 Orientation/Ice-Breaking session

Yesterday, Batch 25 had their Orientation or… in other words, “Ice-Breaking” session.

Like my batch did last month…

“We” started the session around 8.35PM and our Instructors, En Sakri and Capt Rizal was there conducting the orientation..


So, as for Batch 24..Now became a senior batch..haha…we just sat ‘quietly:>’ and watch them…

1 by 1 introducing themselves….At the end, they have 3 choices to be made,

a) Sing a song
b) Tell a Joke
c) Dance


I can say, 80% of them choose the option “a”…haha…for some reason, the most senior batch ask them to sing and walk from infront of the hall and to other side..hahaha..klakar sial!!..


(Cadet Hair-Cut is in progress):pB);)

However, they are very damn lucky man…after Capt Rizal left, seniors didnt ask to do “something” like us did before like pumping with “knuckle”…they were asked to cleanup the place…thats it..


So, what we had before they will go thru…Juniors!!Dinner @ cafe with full uniform like we did before…hahaha…They are required to have 150 signatures from seniors (of course including me)…3days from yesterday…

NAH!! Like we did…I found out that getting signatures from seniors can be fun…Its not a big deal..

SO, I hope they enjoy themselves here…

PRESSURE?? Its the exact word since the day one…I’ve gone through before X)….

Private Pilot License (PPL) Exam

Yeah…We have been informed that 3weeks after we entered APFT, we will be facing an exam..Private Pilot License exam or in short, PPL.
Our daily class started from 7.15AM until 3.45PM in the afternoon…




To make it short, 1 day before PPL exam, all of us (including me ofcourse), study like hell:>…We gather all together and study..and most of us focused on NAV subject.To be precise, learn how to answer by using CRP 5.

Can u call this as a “room”?:>>:))88|





and yes….we did the exam successfully on 26.4…ehehehe….

Sample question:
haha…arief B23..nakal!!

so now, come to the next stage…DCAT..much much deeper… ={

DILARANG MEMBUANG SAMPAH “signboard” is there…but…why?|-|

MINDEF Appointment

As scheduled, I have to attend a “Medical Checkup” for my (:>>)…:))

I’ve booked my flight ticket with MAS few weeks before flight…Fares quite cheap…RM193/return..;)

Before cadet can take leave, they need to obtain approval..So do I..I’ve met with CGI & Mej Khalid 3weeks before flight date..haha…so damn early..B)…

My uncle picked me up by 5.45 in the afternoon bcoz I need to checkin an hour b4 flight…which means..should be there by 6.50..

The weather around here quite bad at the moment…Clouds are forming…its not raining YET.

Its only takes me around 11mins to arrived at the airport from Crew Residence..Traffic quite heavy during tht moment..

I straight away went to checkin counter..well…The last time I travel with MAS was around…..2003?..6years ago…and I dont remember what to do..haha..pity meee:yes:;D

While waiting for AC to come, i went and have a light meal…a sandwich and a juice which cost me RM6…yeah..what to do…makan je la…

the flight was delayed from 7.50PM to 8.15PM due to AC from KUL still, without wasting any time, I read PoF for my DCAT exam…POF is the thickest books among other subjects.

As scheduled, I boarded the AC by 8.15PM…huhuhu…to be honest..I am so NERVOUS…why?Not sure…haha…

I arrived safely at KLIA 55mins later

Baggage claim..

sooooo longgg distance…penat dooo…

my parents waited for me “outside” the airport..huh…