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Coca-Cola Camni-lah Contest

It was my lucky bottle I think that day…I bought a bottle of Coke at APFT cafe’ and SMS the code located at the bottom of the “cover” as instructed..

Almost 4-5days, I received a sms from Coke saying that I’ve won the FREE Talktime worth RM50 Simpack.Huhu…what a lucky day…





A Smile for the day…:>>

Fasting month at APFT

:p:DThis will be my first time ever fasting at APFT…So, I have no idea how it going to be..

Last time, my sahur is around 5AM…But now, at APFT, the sahur time is around 4.30AM..huhu88|

Below are the Menu





(gambar hiasan)

Ping Pong Fever…

:p:D uhuhu…Tak sangka plak aku boley ‘layan‘ maen pingpong…Dulu, nak pegang ‘bet’ dia pun tak reti…skrg ni lepas dah dilatih…Boley ar maen skit2…

Tempat kitorang maen pingpong dekat je dengan crew…Satu bumbung dengan tempat main futsal…FREE!!:roll::>>Main la sampai lebam

Malm ni special skit…Batch 23 maen futsal ngan Abang-abang Kafe APFT..huhu…aku, yo, ijam maen pingpong je…huhuB)

Sebelum keluar dari crew residence, Kadet-kadet wajib tulis nama kat guard house, tapi….

Page sebelum sorang buat silap…(Betul)

Salah…!! Check..


Sorang buat salah, sume ikot…adeh..

Yo, Ijam

Hari ni main lama jugak la…dalam 3jam gak..bape game..walaupun aku kalah dengan coach aku sendiri…tapi..menang tak jauh pun dia..Set 19…Set 17 ngan Set 18…|-|


Flying – Medium Turns

Today, I had a sortie for Medium Turns as I explained in the earlier post..|-|:>> again, I flown with the same Capt..This is the 5th time..I love to fly with him..Although, people says that Capt Naing is quite strict,but for me..Its the best way to learn..:>>

My sortie was scheduled on 8AM early in the morning…But somehow, due to IMC (Instrument Meteorological Condition), I only got airbone @ 10AM..

As I expected, the captain revised about Climb and Descent as well..And today is the first time I controlled everything.RT & flying..Previously, Capt Naing assist me with RT but now, he just sit back and quiet..

ME : Sir, Now RT for established bachok right?
Capt: (Showing symbol you do it)🙂

huhu…I then completed my exercise within 1:05HR..

Briefing room before and after flight

Classroom @ Groundskul

Mass Brief – Medium Turns

Tomorrow, Batch 24 will be having Mass brief for “Medium Turns” exercise.Basically, this exercise will cover more on “entry”, “maintaining”, “exit” turn, “turn to selected heading”, “climbing turns” and lastly “descending turns”.

I cant provide so much information here as I havent attend the briefing.Just a rough ideas for this exercise I’ve got from Student Study Guide.

I think thats enough for today…I will update after the mass brief..

Thx for reading..


Today, our batch had BBQ which I dont know for what reason…NVM..Doesnt matter..:>>|-|I was the camera man..and took almost all the picture..:roll:










Climb and Descent 2

Today was my 7th sortie.Total hours I’ve flown for now is : 4.45

I took the earliest bus which is 6.45AM bus, because my sortie is on 10AM..So I need to attend the morning briefing..

So, we (3 of my batchmates and I) arrived at APFT Hangar…Before we start our morning briefing, we will have a “morning parade”..Sing our national song and also “doa” for the day..

I went inside Flight Ops before Morning Parade, just want to check the sortie board, I will be flying aircraft registration : 9M-NRH, which the 3rd sortie for the day..When I went inside, En Nasir (Our Flight Ops Officer) is there and suddenly asked me

En Nasir : Batch 15 sapa dah ke?
ME : Errr?? Tak tahu, sir…
En Nasir : Batch brapa?
ME : Batch 24 sir..
En Nasir : ok..engkau amek Morning Briefing..
ME : :|:|
En Nasir : Tahu ke nak buat?
ME : tahu sir..pernah jadi..

hehe…Duty student for the 3rd time man..:p Yup…This will be the third (3rd) one..

En Nasir : kau tak payah attend morning parade..get ready cepat..
ME : OK sir…

Pegi kat PC cari METAR ngan TAFO…huh??Internet not working…

ME : Sir, Internet takley bukak
En Nasir : Pakai internet sendiri
ME : |-||-|
En Nasir : Mane boleh buat morning briefing takde METAR…
ME : Saya cuba restart PC tu jap..

Restarting PC

ME : ok..dah boleh ternet..(tapi slow)..huh



After that, I calculated Aircraft Hours..Time check with ATC..

Thats it…

Everyone waiting for me..Then I let capt know that morning briefing is ready…Guess what, CAPT RIZAL!!aku dah goyang beb dia tgk kat blakang,..

Then, I started my briefing with introduction (Name/Batch)

AC Hours
DA 40 Emergency Checklist
Time check

Looking at my watch
Time now is…errr…7.31AM 30secs to 7.32AM


Capt Rizal : Oiii…tak payah la countdown mcm tu..10saat baru countdown…Bersemangat tol..
ME : ok sir…|-|(satu kelas tgk doo)

Class : Time check..

That’s it…My duty is done!!:roll:
Its not difficult actually

Back to our topic,

Todays exercise is Climb and Descent 2.I’ve learned that effect of flaps/power…and Base/Final technique..

I flown with Capt Naing for the 3rd times..He’s nice capt..Just, be ready la..coz He love to ask you questions without you think he will..

For example..Like today, while we are holding (late downwind)…I dont remember how many times we circling the holding pattern, he suddenly asked :
Capt Naing : Arni, how many AC on runway?
ME : 3 sir..(siap tunjuk jari 3)..
Capt Naing : (smile)..

Man..Luckily I listen to the Radio well..If not..sure kene sekeh…Coz he asked me to practice listen to RT very very well..!!( well, its a must for Pilot)

(Gambar hiasan,Its not the actual aircraft but 90%similar)
Then, He gave me the control and I did the landing by myself…arrr…seriously…when the main gear touches down…I…I cant describe by words in here…:>>Everything was done by me..He just assist me by saying, reference point airspeed reference point airspeed reference point airspeed

For DA 40, landing/final speed is 70kts..You can vary the power (%load) setting but attitude and airspeed is fixed..

Thats it..after few hours waiting, around 4PM..We did our de-brief and he told me to practice on RT coz in future I will do it alone..


Hehehe…Takde keje daa…:>>:yes:


Original picture:



Just a little update about my flying progress..

Until this date, I’ve flown for 3:45HRS for 6 exercises.The latest one is Climb and Descent..

What is that all about?Well, for a pilot, of course the aircraft will Climb and Descent to a certain height..So, in this lesson, I was told how to ‘enter’, ‘maintain’ and ‘exit’ the climb as well as descent.

For Diamond 40 aircarft,

Entry for climb, first step is LOOKOUT…(Left clear,front clear,right clear & UP clear)..
Power 100% Load
Attitude (Horizon straight with upper most MFD/PFD)
thats it..

and of course, for level off and exit also have their own procedures..But I’m not going into details in that..Just a rough ideas for you guys what is the exercise all about..


This is the “sortie” table, everyday we have to refer to this table and look for our own “name callsign” for me, my callsign is MNB);)..Provided there, the AC reg and sortie time..

One of our reference point at Bachok Training Area

That’s it for now..B)