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Pelatih juruterbang, nenek maut dalam nahas

GOMBAK: Seorang juruterbang pelatih penerbangan Malaysia (MAS) maut dalam keadaan mengerikan termasuk hampir putus tangan sejurus kereta dipandu dirempuh sebuah lori yang terbabas dan memasuki laluan bertentangan di Kilometer 14, Jalan Lingkaran tengah Dua (MRR2) di sini, malam kelmarin.

Lebih menyedihkan apabila mangsa, Mohd Hazin Mohd Hafiz, 22, turut menghembuskan nafas terakhir bersama neneknya Halimah Sulaiman, 70, yang ketika itu turut dalam kenderaan berkenaan manakala adiknya, Nursyahhira Mohd Hafiz, 17, cedera parah.
Jurucakap polis trafik berkata, dalam kejadian jam 12.30 malam itu, semua mangsa dalam perjalanan pulang ke rumah di Taman Melati, Gombak selepas menziarahi saudara mereka di Kota Damansara di sini.
“Bagaimanapun, kira-kira dua kilometer sebelum tiba di rumah mereka, kereta dinaiki mangsa dirempuh sebuah lori tidak jauh dari susur ke Plaza Tol Gombak “Siasatan awal mendapati, kemalangan itu berpunca apabila sebuah lori yang membawa muatan kotak kosong tiba-tiba hilang kawalan sebelum terbabas ke laluan kanan lalu memasuki laluan bertentangan,” katanya.
Menurutnya, lori terbabit yang dalam perjalanan dari Banting, Selangor, menuju Bentong, Pahang didapati merempuh pembahagi tengah jalan sebelum merempuh kereta mangsa yang datang dari arah bertentangan.



AirAsia Announces RM639.317 Million Pre-Tax Profit

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 (Bernama) — AirAsia Bhd announced a pre-tax profit of RM639.317 million for the year ended Dec 31, 2009, a turnaround from a pre-tax loss of RM869.198 million in 2008.

In contrast to the aviation industry gloom, AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes said the budget airlines’ revenue for the year was higher by 11.5 per cent to RM3.179 billion against RM2.851 billion previously.

In a statement, AirAsia said its passenger growth registered a healthy 21 per cent increase to 14.2 million in the Malaysian operations.

The combined Malaysian, Thailand and Indonesian operations carried 24 per cent more passengers, totaling 22.7 million, it said.

Fernandes said: “We have successfully grown our market share in every market we served, opened up four new bases (Penang, Bandung, Phuket and Surabaya), launched new routes and amassed RM748 million cash in the balance sheet as a bulwark against any contingencies that may arise.”


I’ve lost my Jacket!?

Huh…I’ve lost my jacket..It was an accident…I accidentally left my jacket in class No 2 (groundschool)..Batch 24 went back early (Around 11.30AM) because on that day, we have 2hours of class (Performance A) only…

So, everyone in hurry, because bus is waiting for us outside..I forgot to take my jacket with me…I only realized it when the bus already moving… ={

What I thought was, tomorrow I will find my jacket but….it never happens..

Someone took my jacket…I’ve asked Kak Dah, (cleaning lady) whether she found and keep the jacket in safe, but she told she never found anything inside the classroom during cleaning.

After a few investigation, I found out that Batch 28 used Batch 24 class during afternoon.They used it from 12.30PM..and what I did is, I asked few my friends from Batch 23,27,and 25 to ask batch 28 whether anyone found the jacket..

I’ve also posted in Facebook…

But…again…Till now…Nobody knows bout it…


The lost jacket

Lost and Found form pasted at Crew cafeteria

Starting CA-2 Phase

Batch 24 started CA-2 phase on 30-01-10, right after finished the CA-6 exam. =}

Nothing much to say about CA-2.

CA-2 consists of 2 subjects:

a) Performance A

b) Load and Balance

In Performance A, we are studying about the aircraft perfomance especially during Take-Off,Climb and Landing.How much power do we need, what is the distance required, and what are the effects on the aircraft if runway is contaminated and etc.

Some terms used in this subject:

TORA – Take off runway available

TODA – Take off distance available

EMDA – Emergency distance available

ASDA – Acceleration stop distance available

Each of this abbreviations carry different roles.Which will not be explain over here.

One of the Performance graph

Thinking bout exam?

Our CA-2 exam is on 16/03/2010.Gudlux to me…Only 2 weeks left!

CA-6 Result is out!!

Congratulations batch 24..All of us passed the exam…I believed that is the reward for those who work hard for almost 7 months for this exam..

The result was announced on 22/02/10 by our Principal, Maj (R) Khalid watched by Chief Ground Instructor Capt RVK in principal’s office.

(Sitting) Anas

Standing from Left: Arni, Feizel, Zack, Mighul, Ahmed Naem, Ahmad Afifi Rosdi

Left : Zack, Ihsan, Mighul

Left : Arni, Feizel? Huh

The exam slip

So, our next mission is to clear CA-2 exam which is scheduled on 16/3/2010.

I went to play ping pong that afternoon with Yo (P23), and….

Jatuhnya seorang juara…haha (kidding)…

p/s:  he won

Teh o beng

beng = with ice

Welcome to my new blog.

As you all know,  my old blog ( will be terminated soon due to hosting issue, so, I have imported all post into this blog.This blog will be maintained regularly (I hope so) =p..

So, do enjoy and submit questions if you have any.


Picnic at Lata Tembakah

Yesterday, batch 24 went to Lata Tembakah as planned before CA-6 exam..;D Hurm…Actually, I didnt know bout the plan until a night before..huh..XX(

A little bit information bout Lata Tembakah :

The Lata Tembakah Recreational Forest, some 118 km from Kuala Terengganu and 30km from Besut, is a tourist destination which holds promise to peaceful serenity. Its faraway location from the hustle bustle of the Town centre proves to be the ideal place in your search for peaceful thoughts.

Its natural beauty is bound to mesmerize you the moment you step into the forest. Its clean flowing river which meanders amongst its lush vegetation exudes an aura of refreshing calmness.

Don’t let the chance of having a good time with your family and friends slip away. With the sound of waterfall in the background, the orchestra of crickets, cicadas and other insects will urge on your continued presence in this forest.

When you are here, gaze around you.. relax your mind and take in a whiff of its crisp fresh air.. This could be your perfect holiday destination.

The source of this river comes from a seven tier waterfall complete with rapids and small pools. For those who love frolicking in water, this is it!

We departed around 10AM and arrived safely at Lata Tembakah, Besut, Terengganu around 12.30 because we stopped somewhere.:|


What we had in our mind is, climb to the 6th -tier waterfall (which is never happen):))

Vhhaiii?(why)?Because..It took us 20mins just to climb up to the 5th more thing that we didn’t expect is…Journey to waterfall is quite “steep” and we are all exhausted and stopped every 10mins I think..Plus..Some of us brought together BBQ equipment,drinks,bags and others.

Arrived safely

So, we stopped at the 5th-tier waterfall…which also quite nice actually..We prepared for BBQ and have someone to watch it while some of us swimming…













It’s not my idea to do this:||-|I’m just a photographer

I’m taking above picture from different camera.:>>








After we had our fun, BBQ ready…apa lagi..makan lee|-|

Before leaving..

We went back around 6PM…Safely arrived at Crew around 8PM