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Note: I’ve lost my phone (Nokia 5800 XM) on 15/6/2010. Someone breached my house and took away my phone when I was sleeping. SO I dont have any HP right now to take pictures.

Diamond 40 – Grounded

I’m not so sure why the aircraft was grounded, it could be the result from the latest crash from HMA maybe. But what I know is, when I went to fillup the authorization sheet and tech log, its written there GND/DCA UFN.

So, We (2 of my batchmates and I) went to the aircraft for taking photos session and watching aircraft taking off and land..hahaha…thats what we do when the aircraft is grounded!.

Air Asia landed,

So here we are, in Niner Mike November Romeo Echo (9M-NRE), thats how we pronounce it, its called phonetic.

Have you ever wonder how the aircraft keys looks like?

It’s not an Airbus cockpit, nor Boeing.. Just an ordinary single piston engine cockpit =P

Happy flying to other aicrafts :~

Piper Warrior PA28

Eagle 150B

Remove before flight => What a popular “tag”, haha.. This is what we call, Gust Lock. What is this for?

This is to be used whenever the aircraft is parked for a long time. This will lock the control column as well as rudder from rapid movement due to wind. It will damage the flight controls if this is not being done.

Aircraft refuelling in progress:

Tata for today~

UPDATE on 16/06/2010 : Aircrafts have been released by DCA.TQ

Circuit (Revision)

Total Hours : 14:10

Aircraft : DA40 Registration 9M-NRH

Instructor : Capt Nay (APAC 21)

After passing my SOLO on last Sunday, the next sortie will be “Circuit (Revision)”. In this exercise, cadets will practice all type of circuit patterns such as Low Level, Glide, Flapless as well as Normal.

I’m not flying alone..haha =p

My sortie was scheduled at 12PM, however, my sortie was delayed due to SOLO check by one of my batchmate. He landed safely around 12.30PM. Capt Nay decided to take off after the runway inspection which usually around 1PM to 1.30PM.

Runway inspection in progress

I safely took off around 1.20PM after the runway inspection is done.

Taken just before Afifi airbone for his first SOLO

It was raining during my sortie, Capt Nay said OK.No problem, can takeoff and do circuit and landing.However, he advised me about aqua planning as well.”Try to make touch down harder than normal“, because we want tyre straight away touches the ground, not over water which can cause the aircraft to skid.

So,What is so special for today, He gave me all control for low level,  flapless as well as glide approach..Now I have the chance to try myself instead of last time, only DEMO.

Capt : Tower, APAC 21, downwind glide to LAND

TWR: APAC 21, continue approach report final

Capt : Roger, continue approach report final APAC 21.


Capt : Now I want you to do the glide, just practice in case in your solo, your engine failed.

ME : OK sir..

Capt : maintain ASI around 70kts and turn to runway, dont waste time.

ME: Roger…

I maintained 70kts…and..

ME : Sir, do I have to rollout out for base?

Capt : NO! You dont have time to do that…(He pushed the stick to right towards the runway)

ME : ok sir…(aahh…cuak…angle is quite steep)

Capt : Ok now close enough, you round out

ME : OK…

Capt : Now roundout and hold…Do same technique as normal ones..Flare….

ME : =|

Safely touched down..

Capt : good, next time touch down a bit harder coz the runway is wet..We dont want to skid the aircraft

Me : OK sir..

It was raining during takeoff and landing ..It was my first time flying when raining…I just fly below cloud base..just a small type of cumulus clouds..not dangerous…however cadets are advised to avoid to maintain visual right? but dont worry, i was with capt nay during that time =p. he said go ahead.

So we did almost 6 touch n go..Everything was perfect and I satisfied with my landing as well.

Thats all for this time~

A sneak peak at Kota Bharu Air Traffic Control Tower

After passed my first SOLO which was on 6/6/2010, today, I managed to visit ATC and give them something as a token of appreciation for their work..

It may be sounds funny, but from what I heard, this was the tradition created by seniors at APFT after passed their first Solo.

Few moments later, I heard fighter jet aircraft passing by…Later then I confirmed with the ATC officer, he said sukhoi passing by just now..huhu

Kota Bharu Air Traffic Control

What Are Air Traffic Controllers?

Air traffic controllers are the individuals who work in the airport towers next to the runway. These individuals complete a wide array of duties to ensure that planes take off, travel and land safely. They are the men and women behind those airline and airport workers which travelers see every time they fly. Although not in sight, their presence is extremely important as air travel would not be possible without them.

What Are The General Responsibilities of Air Traffic Controllers?

In general, air traffic controllers are individuals who control air traffic not only in the airport vicinity but between destinations as well. They are required to abide by strict federal regulations as well as specific policies and procedures. These individuals regulate and control commercial airline traffic in accordance with regulations posed by the federal government and airlines/airports.

More details here

The End~

My First SOLO (APAC 2458)

Total Hours : 12:55

Aircraft : DA40 Registration 9M-NRE

Instructor : Capt Myo (APAC 17)

“Congrats weh ARNI”…. Thats the exact word came out from most of my friend from Batch 23. I considered my self lucky flying for SOLO in the afternoon and landed safely.Capt Myo also said, for the first SOLO, it is advisable to fly in the early morning or late afternoon. But never mind. I Airboned safely after Airbus (A320) took off about 12.50PM using callsign 17Sierra.

My solo aircraft.

Let me begin with my Solo check.

I did solo check with Capy Myo first before cleared for first Solo. We safely airboned around 12PM in the afternoon. After did around 5touch n go and 1 glide circuit, he cleared me for Solo.

Capt Myo : Ground APAC 17, request taxi for dispersal.

GND : 17 Cleared taxi for dispersal.

Capt Myo: Cleared taxi for dispersal, err mdm, I’m going to release my student for his 1st SOLO after this without shutdown the engine

GND : Roger 17.

So I did taxi back to dispersal, and did 180’turn. He wished me goodluck and stay calm before he went off from the plane with engine running.

I’m alone now.

ME : Ground APAC 17Sierra, ready for taxi

GND : 17Sierra, taxi holding point charlie contact tower.

ME : Taxi holding point charlier contact tower APAC 17Sierra.

Just before taxi, check the brake and follow the yellow line as per usual,. At holding point charlie, I changed to TOWER frequency.

ME : TWR Afternoon, APAC 17Sierra at holding point charlie

TWR: 17Sierra, hold at charlie, expect departure after Airbus

ME : Roger, hold at charlie and expect departure after Airbus 17Sierra

This is it..

After about 10mins hold and Airbus safely took off ,

TWR : 17 sierra cleared line up backtrack RWY one zero

ME : cleared lineup backtrack RWY one zero 17sierra.

ME : APAC 17sierra, READY

TWR: 17Sierra, 1000ft right turn cleared for takeoff.

ME : cleared for takeoff right turn 1000ft, APAC 17sierra.

TWR : APAC 11, taxi holding point charlie behind departing traffic (APAC11 was holding at Bravo)

Airbone safely and followed what I’ve been taught, shorten the story, on Final,

ME : 17Sierra, final to Land.

TWR: Surface wind *** at 11kts cleared to land.

ME : Cleared to land 17sierra.

huh..11kts. So I aim to the centre line. After roundout, my aircraft suddenly pushed to the right of centreline..So I applied a bit left aileron and opposite rudder to compensate.Thank you Capt Nay for taught me this.

Round out…

Reduce Power…


(Aircraft Balloning)

Maintain…Sink pull hold!

BumP…….main wheel….aircraft going up again…


I pitched up a bit… sink…pitched up hold…then BUMP…this time land..

HAHAHA…weyh…malu siott…2x bump!

TWR : 17sierra, vacate via taxiway charlie, contact ground

ME ; vacate via charlie contact ground tahnk you sir, 17sierra.


Approaching Taxiway charlie,

ME : Ground, 17sierra at holding point charlie, request taxi for dispersal.

GND : 17sierra, cleared taxi dispersal

ME : cleared taxi for dispersal, apac 17sierra, thank you mdm

GND : welcome…

Safely shutdown the engine..and capt Myo approached me…CONGRATULATIONS…bring your FTR and see me ok…

ME:OK sir..Sir, you saw my landing?

Capt Myo: HAHAHA…yes yes…

ME : AC ballooning sir..two times bounce

Capt Myo : Yes yes..haha..i saw that..good u are safe..

ME : fuh.. thank you sir..I’ll be there in few mins..

CaptMyo : yes yes..ok..

After Capt Myo left, one of the senior approached me and record video below :

This date, will be one of the most historical date in my life. I will remember this date in my flying career . 06/06/2010.