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General Handling 5 (SOLO)

Total Hours : 23:45

Aircraft : DA40

Registration 9M-NRK

Instructor : SOLO

Today’s weather was quite good compared to yesterday. Visibility reported more than 10KM and visually confirmed. My sortie planned takeoff was around 8.00am. As usual, after attended the morning briefing, I quickly get any DA40 Capt who can authorize for my SOLO. This morning, Capt Rao is the only one who available. He checked my FTR as well as my license before he authorize for my flight.

I did pre-flight check as normal and after satisfied with the aircraft condition, I started up the engine around 7.40AM. Requested start up for Bachok training area. I’m the third person request for Bachok. Lucky for me, if not, I have to go to Uban which quite far away.

Once Capt Rao safely airbone, he cleared SOLO flight to training area because weather and visibility is good, I took off and went to Bachok. Initially, I thought to operate in Gunong or Coastal because previous sortie, I operated in Melor. However, due to traffic this time, Gunong and Coastal are occupied. So I have no choice except to operate in Melor. =.=

Turning right for Melor

Maintaining 1000feet for Melor

After I established Melor, I climbed to 2000feet and did medium turns, steep turns and stall. Just want to have a rough idea for PPL test. Last flight, I didnt have enough time to do PFL. But for today, I spent almost 30mins for PFL. I cant remember how many times I did =p.

Basically, PFL stands for Practice Forced Landing. This is to practice in case of engine failure. For APFT cadets, we are required to recover the aircraft not below 500Feet.

Power IDLE, Glide IAS 70Kts

Recovered from PFL. Starting to climb back to 2000feet

After several times of practice, I decided to request rejoin for 2touch and go. However, I changed my intention due to traffic and the aircraft must be available around 9AM because of Flight Navigation Test (FNT) after my sortie.

Circling around Melor, Number 2 for rejoin

While waiting for my turn (number 2) for rejoin, I did steep turn as well as medium turn to achieve high proficiency.

Cleared for standard rejoin via KBtown, 2000feet.

KB Town

After received clearance for standard rejoin, I maintained 2000feet and aim to KB town, reported overhead and joined early downwind and landed safely around 9.00AM. Right after touched down, tower asked me to hold initially at holding point Bravo.

Taxiway Bravo

Air Asia is holding at Alpha ready for lineup.

It was my first time actually holding at Bravo. Piper initially hold at charlie safely airborne after Airbus A320 took off and I cleared for taxi and vacate via Charlie.

That’s all for today.

Note : Please be advised, I still practicing safe flying while taking pictures. Fly the aircraft is my main priority over taking pictures. Pictures attached here is for educational purpose only. If you have any issue, please contact via contact form.

General Handling 5 (SOLO) (Canceled)

My sortie for GH5 was cancelled due to IMC. My sortie has been brought forward on the next day but in different aircraft registration. In the mean time while waiting for the bus, I captured a few photos just for fun =.=


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General Handling 3 (1st SOLO to training area)

Total Hours : 22:45

Aircraft : DA40

Registration 9M-NRK

Instructor : SOLO

The above picture stated the standard Radio Failure procedure for APFT aircrafts. In case the cadet did not get any reply from ATC several times after transmitting, it can be considered as a Radio Fail. But before that, a typical check is required such as, re-insert the COM port and check whether transmit to correct frequency. For NAVEX, it is called Blind Transmission where in this situation you didnt get any reply due to “line of sight” problem.

Radio COM ports

Today, after waiting for my sortie which planned take-off around 3PM, previous cadets did NAVEX for 3hours straight reported that Radio COM 1 produces static noise and cannot transmit and receive. So, he advised me to turn Off COM1 and make COM2 as my primary radio.

Today was my first SOLO to training area. I request startup for Bachok training area. Actually a bit difficult without having COM 1. I need to change the frequency from ATIS back to Ground and fixed for Tower. Without having COM 1, I can listen only 1 active frequency and 1 standby. Initially, we have COM 1 and COM 2,  I can listen to two active frequency at the same time such as Company Freq and Tower/Ground.

So I just follow the procedure and safely airbone around 3.20PM. Wind reported quite strong and visually checked with windsock. Climb to 1000feet and maintain until establish Bachok.

Normally, for Bachok training area, we aim direct to Buddha statue and report established when we are overhead the statue.

Maintaining 1000feet for Bachok

After I established Bachok, there were two traffics already operating at Bachok. Bachok training area are divided into three part. Coastal, Gunong and Melor. I operated in Melor as the other two area are occupied. Basically for GH is similar as the last one. I did Medium turns, Steep turns and stall only for today. PFL maybe later. I’m trying to famil myself as I flown SOLO today.

I requested rejoin and everything were smooth. No holding and landed safely around 4.20PM.

Diamond 40 Cockpit Photoshoot v1 (Nokia 5800XM 3.2MP)

After learning photography from someone which I can say master in this field, I’ve tried to apply all my knowledge that has been taught by Amir Hamzah. Theory, Understanding and Application was the magic words by Capt Thalji who taught us, Batch 24 during CA6 which also can be used in Photography session.

Even I did not own any DSLR, but IF I have the skills and subjects, Nokia 5800XM is more than enough.  Amir himself learned photography last time using his friend camera until he managed to buy one.

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Fireflyz 2060 (Jumpseat)

Several months ago, I still can remember fresh in my mind, I asked one of the senior who stayed in the same house with me that I wanted to jumpseat in his flight one day if possible.

Today,  another historical day in my life. I met him after a few months of lost contact in Subang airport this morning. I nearly cant recognized him because long time we never seen each other. We then had a little chit chat. Since he’s working with Fireflyz, I asked tons of question I wanted to know long time ago about ATR. Everything answered now. =)

We safely airbone around 7AM as per scheduled.  Since he’s a co-pilot for Fireflyz, I asked him to do a favour. I wanted to see ATR cockpit right after we land. But, for some reasons, he asked the stewardess to take me in in-flight. Haha =) Nice one~ The co-pilot actually was an APFT student from Batch 12.

For the first time ever I entered ATR 72-500 cockpit and observe the operations from jump seat really motivates me a lot. The cockpit is exactly same like in Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The safety harness is quite different from Diamond 40 aircraft. Unlike DA40, the safety harness is almost similar like the car.

We landed safely at Kota Bharu using Runway 28. It was raining. Captain did the landing. We vacated the runway via taxiway Alpha. After shutdown checklist. Captain asked whether I want to know anything or not about ATR, and I replied, everything answered already by Co-Pilot Adam. But for some reason, I wanted to know how and what speed the aircraft climb. Captain replied, Target ASI after Takeoff is 170kts. Exactly same as per checklist in my simulator. Huhu..That’s it. Nice flight with you guys.

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Thanks a lot to Fazri and Adam for the opportunity.

Approaching to Land RWY 28

Circuit 3 (SOLO)

Total Hours : 19:35

Aircraft : DA40

Registration 9M-NRE

Instructor : SOLO

Flying SOLO in the circuit can be fun. For me, after you take off, then ATC ask you to hold somewhere, that is the best time  for you to watch other aircraft making its approach to land like Air Asia A320, MAS 737, Firelfyz ATR72 and others. Today was my second time flown in the circuit. 9M-NRE was the aircraft. She’s a good aircraft. No snags.

Poor my friend, Ariventhan, he’s sortie has been cancelled due to Stall Horn problem. By the time engineer replaced a new stall horn, 1 hour passed.

Disappointed face =.= Never mind Ari, remember, safety always comes first…!!

So, after I have approval from Capt Dhany to fly SOLO, I went for pre-flight check and ready for startup.

ME : Ground, APAC 2458 , Assalammualaikum.

GND : W’salam, 2458, Go ahead

ME : APAC 2458, Request startup for circuit and landing, POB One, Endurance Six HRS in Niner Mike November Romeo Echo with Information Zulu.

GND : Startup approved.

ME: Startup approved, APAC 2458.

After I request for startup, I proceed with Before Take Off Check until Ready for Taxi…

at holding point charlie, waiting for Firelyz 2060 to land

I safely airbone around 8.10AM and did 2 touch and go. The first one I tried was Normal and the second one was Flapless..Haha..I did flapless circuit, during final, feels like landing a very big aircraft because of the pitch attitude is shallower compared to Normal approach.

Fireflyz: Tower, Fireflyz 2061 have visual with landing Diamond 40 (ME!!)

Tower : Fireflyz 2061 lineup and backtrack runway 10.

Fireflyz : Lineup backtrack RWY 10.

Tower : APAC 2458, vacate charlie contact ground.

ME : Vacate charlie contact ground, thank you Mdm.

Tower: Welcome.

That’s it for CCT3. =.=

4Hours of darkness

None of us realized the importance of electricity until they are temporarily unavailable; including me. Everything seems to be stop for a while. Witness reported that there was sparks around the cable before the cable plunged down to earth. Fire bridged came to put off the fire before TNB came in to fix the cable.

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The blackout fully recovered around 2.30AM after 4hours of darkness. Many thanks to dedicated TNB workers for their effort. Even working in a raining condition.

Instruments Flying (2) / Circuit 2 (SOLO)

Total Hours : 21:45

Aircraft : DA40

Registration 9M-NRD (IF2) / 9M-NRA (CCT2 SOLO)

Instructor : Capt Nay (APAC 21)

I considered myself lucky to have a SOLO flight early in the morning after a few negotiation with Flight Ops Officer, En Wahi. I went to hangar quite early today by taking 6.30AM bus; the earliest bus.

My SOLO flight was planned to takeoff around 7.30AM for 30minutes of flying. Initially, I want to fly for complete one hour, combining CCT2 and CCT3 but the aircraft must be available for Capt Younus around 8.30AM, so I just fly for 30minutes.

Weather reported good with wind calm. It was my first time using my own callsign. APAC 2458.

I did pre-flight check right after the aircraft came out from the hangar but unable to take off because I haven’t got the authorization from flying instructor until Capt Amroul came and asked him to authorized me. Everything was good on ground as well as inside the aircraft.

I called R/T for Startup and Taxi, safely airbone around 8AM. Landed safely around 8.30AM with 2touch and go. I just practiced for Normal Circuit. I was holding at early down-wind and mid down-wind due to scheduled arrival;Air Asia.

My next sortie was scheduled around 11.30AM with Capt Nay for Instruments Flying 2 exercise.

We went to Bachok, to be exact, operating in Melur. New addition of exercise for IF2 is to maintain straight and level flight when the AHRS and DI is fail by looking at standby instruments.

AHRS failed and DI

Standby instruments.

Basically, to turn the aircraft using compass is different compared to DI. If the heading we want to steer is on the right of the lubber line, we have to turn the aircraft to the left. This is because the compass is floating on a liquid that create this effect.

That’s all for today~

Instruments Flying (1)

Total Hours : 18:35

Aircraft : DA40 Registration 9M-NRD

Instructor : Capt Nay (APAC 21)

I’m replacing my batchmate sortie for today because he went back for leave in KL. As usual, I went and check the sortie board a night before flying to know what time and which instructor.  Today’s flying was the second time in Ramadhan 2010.

My sortie was scheduled in the afternoon, 12.30PM for one hour. What I did today was Instruments Flying.  Basically, in this exercise, cadets will put on the IF hood and flying as per normal such as straight and level, medium turns, steep turns, climb and descents. Without looking outside, only looking at the instruments. Actually, its easier. (for me) =p

While waiting for my sortie, I went out and observe my seniors flying SOLO.

Refueling in progress

External checks need to be done before every flight

ME ; Ground, APAC 21, Good Afternoon

GND : APAC 21, Go ahead

ME: APAC 21, request startup for bachok, POB 2, Endurance 6HRS, in Niner Mike November Romeo Delta with Information Foxtrot

GND : APAC 21, Advised 3 traffic in Bachok now.

(Capt Nay pointed to Uban)

ME : Copied, Request startup for Uban, APAC 21.

GND : Startup approved time check 52.

ME :  Startup approved time check five two APAC 21.

So, I amend the Flight Plan inside the G1000 Direct to Pasir Mas.

After did all the checklist, I called RT for Taxi. We were standby by ATC due to traffic. So, Capt Nay once again show me the CDI. Tune, Identify and Monitor. These are the points. Tune to correct frequency, Identify by hearing the Morse Code and Monitor the deviation.

Everything was normal, after Take off, 500ft, set heading for HUSM, he asked me to put the IF hood on. After placed the IF hood on, my vision is limited to see the instruments panel only.

He asked me to maintain straight and level while he did all the lookout and R/T for me.. =) After several times of changing heading, we established Pasir Mas 10mins after T/O. He asked me to took off the IF hood because I request to see where to report and boundary for Uban training area..After satisfied of panorama view, I put on the IF hood back and fly as directed by Capt Nay. More or less the same as VFR. The only thing is, Rate One Turn.

Rate one turn is to be done by making a 180’degress heading change in 1minutes. Rate two turn, 360’degress in 2minutes.

Bank angle for Rate one turn is around 18’degress to accomplish Rate one turn.But this can be vary according to the TAS and wind condition.

At first, Capt Nay asked me to follow through his control for Rate One Turn and I have control after he showed me once.

After he satisfied, Capt Nay R/T for rejoin two circuits and landing because I request him to check my landing after a quite some time. So he agreed to watch and correct my landing technique.

IF hood taken off from hereon

Rejoin back overhead KB town and ATC request us to hold at mid down wind. Here come the funny part.

Capt Nay : Listen RT carefully for other traffic and maintain the traffic visually.

Me : Roger, Sir


Me : Sir, Airbus A320 on Final.

Capt Nay : Yes I can see. You like Airbus?

Me: Very much sir.

Capt Nay : Good. How many hydraulics in A320?

Me : 3 Sir.

Capt Nay : What is it.?

Me : Green Blue Yellow

Capt Nay: Good.. This type of question will be asked during the interview.

Me : IC sir.

TOWER : APAC 21, continue approach report Final

Me : Continue Approach and report Final , APAC 21.

I did Normal circuit and he check my landing.

After 30mins of de-brief after flight. Rizqin and I went out from APFT hangar and saw no other cadets and no bus..Haha..We were left behind..

Capt Nay’s car

Clear road

At last, someone came in for rescue. Abang Romi. If not, for sure we will spend a night at hangar or maybe, backseat nightflying here =p.

Arrived safely at Crew around 6PM =)

General Handling 7

Total Hours : 17:20

Aircraft : DA40 Registration 9M-NRA

Instructor : Capt Nay (APAC 21)

After not flying around 1 month and 2 weeks,  finally, I get myself airborne with Capt Nay. I did General Handling (7). Basically,  GH exercises (1,4,7,9) are the same thing. I just keep practicing the same thing over and over again to achieve high accuracy.

Weather before Takeoff

We safely airborne around 1.30PM after the runway inspection. Everything was normal. We went to Bachok training area as weather in Uban reported not safe with CB’s activity.

I did every checks and takeoff as per SOP. Established at Bachok training area, and did medium turn as well as steep turn. Clouds is everywhere during that time. Just a small type of cumulus clouds and developing. Sometimes, we went through the clouds, what I can say, when we entered the clouds, everything was white and to maintain direction, I have to trust and rely on instruments..Hehe, more like Intruments Flying eah?

APFT chocks

After several times of doing steep turns, and PFL training area, I requested for rejoin and overhead PFL with 2 touch and go. Luckily traffic at that time is not so busy, so ATC allowed us to continue. Basically, in overhead PFL, is similar as PFL in training area, the different is, you can touch down your aircraft just to simulate that you are force landing. This time, I have control. =)

After touch and go, I continued flying with Normal Cicuit and land. Safely landed around 1hours.

That’s all for GH7. Next exercise will be Instruments Flying.

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