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Leaving the “Crew Residence”

“Crew Residence”. The place where I stayed approximately 1 year and 7 months. Everything was started here. I stayed at a villa called “Tioman” ; Room No 2.  My house was occupied by my batchmate, Afiq and the rest are Seniors from P23; Ramzi, Arief, Din and Junior P25 Kavinash.

We lived under one roof as a family. We shared things together. We study together as a team. Even, we play games like Counter Strike and Red Alert 3 together, and of course, not as a team =p. It has been fun to know each and every guys in P23. They are very friendly. And not to forget my best friend from P25, Law and Kavinash.

Ready to pack

Batch 24 moved out from Crew Residence to Bungalow which is situated at Jalan Sri Cemerlang, Pengkalan Chepa. Personally, I feel much more comfortable here. We have 6 rooms here and 4 of them are air-conditioned. My room are of one those. So here we are; still continue our journey to become an airliners.

Brilliant Black & White Photoshoot

Photographer : Myself

Camera : Nikon D3000

Lens: 55mm

with Photographer : Iwan Harianto & Naim Mastor

Camera : Sony A200

Venue : Ampang

Back to basic;  Its only Black and White. At first, I don’t know where to shoot. However, MR Iwan came up with an idea to shoot at an abandoned building. Its not that bad to have a picture with only 2 colours; Black and White. Sometimes, it even better!

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Photography session at APFT v2

It was 4 days ago since my last talk about photography in class. Today, Capt Baran’s came into the class and . . . .

Capt Baran : Good Morning, settled down gentlemen…What are we going to do today…?

Students : About War Sir…

Capt Baran : War? Done the story..anything else..

Students: Arni Sir..Photography DSLR!!…

Capt Baran : OK Arni, popular demand, come foward…

ME :  . . . . .

So, basically, today, I didn’t expect to make any presentation but luckily I have made the photoshoot copies into my handphone. What I did was, I put the photos in slide and explain to the audience about each and every pictures that I took, how, where and what compositions that I see.

I showed them “behind the scene” for Panorama pictures as well as pictures with and without zoom lens. I explained them in details what is the settings that we have in DSLR such as M, A, S, P and “Sports” mode. Quite a lot of questions asked whenever I explained something. I’m happy with the response from the audience. They did show some interest to know more about camera. Such as what is that button for, where is the “zoom” and “focus” settings.

While browsing through the images, Capt Baran asked me a question;

Capt Baran : Where is the car? There is no car inside the picture.Only lights?

(showed light trails)

Me : Basically sir, my intention for this picture is to capture light trails incoming from cars as well as other vehicle. By using a slow shutter speed such as 3secs and above, the camera picking up lights from vehicles that passing by. If there is bright light enough, the vehicles will be visible, but will become blur as we use slow shutter speed. So for this picture, I just want to capture the light trails as the vehicle is not my subject.

Capt Baran : Allright.

I’m happy to share what I know and I hope they felt the same thing. Great moment in photography is when you took someone picture, they like the picture and believe you are the best!.

That’s all for this session.

P/s: Many thanks to all photographer who taught me from the beginning until I can teach others.;

Photography session at APFT?

I am quite surprised today when Capt Baran’s asked me to stand in front of the class and share anything to the class. First thought that came to my mind is of course about aircraft…But, you know, everyday we discussed about aircrafts and I believe they want something new. Then only I knew, Photography topic should do it.

At first, I introduced and let them know what is DSLR by definitions. The functions modes and a few different kinds of lens available, such as Zoom lens, Telephoto lens, and Macro lens. I even told them I started to learn from 3 different photographers by using 2 different camera. Nikon and Sony. I was quite enjoy sharing my experience with Amir Hamzah, Iwan Harianto and Naim Mastor during photoshoot session. I told them I went to quite a few places just to do this photoshoot.

Shorten the story, at the end of the session, tones of questions were ask to me such as Why dont you just use AUTO? Easy right? No need to adjust anything. As for my experience, I’ve been learning this since day 1 to use everything in Manual mode, even the focus (M.F). Reason is because, we have the ability to set the settings on our own such as Aperture, ISO, as well as shutter speed.

And of course, the funniest part was, one of them brought a Digi Cam to school and passed to the front and even asked me to take their pictures..hahaha..(Saje je nk kenakan)

Even Capt Baran’s asked me what is ISO and other few definitions. They seems to enjoy and I’m happy to share what I know.

Almost 1 hour time used up..

That’s all.

AirAsia perkenal dua laluan baru

AIRASIA (AirAsia), syarikat penerbangan tambang murah terbaik dunia memperkenalkan dua laluan antarabangsa terbaru membabitkan perjalanan antara Surabaya dan Bangkok mulai 7 November ini serta Surabaya dan Pulau Pinang (13 November).

Presiden Pengarah AirAsia Indonesia, Dharmadi berkata, pihaknya menyediakan perkhidmatan penerbangan empat kali seminggu bagi kedua-dua laluan terbabit.

Katanya, sempena pengenalan laluan baru itu, AirAsia menawarkan promosi tambang serendah 150,000 rupiah (RM55) untuk laluan Surabaya-Bangkok dan 100,000 rupiah (RM37) untuk Surabaya-Pulau Pinang.

“Tempahan bermula hari ini hingga 3 Oktober bagi perjalanan dari 7 November hingga 11 Ogos,” katanya.

The Aviation Class

It has been a while since my last update about Batch 24. Currently, we have been introduced 40hours of  “Aviation class” which is part of the DCA requirements (source Capt Thalji). There are 4 subjects introduced and no exam for this syllabus.

The subjects are :

1) Leadership Follower and Authority

2) Cockpit Management

3) Air Accident Investigation

4) Glass Cockpit