Photography session at APFT?

I am quite surprised today when Capt Baran’s asked me to stand in front of the class and share anything to the class. First thought that came to my mind is of course about aircraft…But, you know, everyday we discussed about aircrafts and I believe they want something new. Then only I knew, Photography topic should do it.

At first, I introduced and let them know what is DSLR by definitions. The functions modes and a few different kinds of lens available, such as Zoom lens, Telephoto lens, and Macro lens. I even told them I started to learn from 3 different photographers by using 2 different camera. Nikon and Sony. I was quite enjoy sharing my experience with Amir Hamzah, Iwan Harianto and Naim Mastor during photoshoot session. I told them I went to quite a few places just to do this photoshoot.

Shorten the story, at the end of the session, tones of questions were ask to me such as Why dont you just use AUTO? Easy right? No need to adjust anything. As for my experience, I’ve been learning this since day 1 to use everything in Manual mode, even the focus (M.F). Reason is because, we have the ability to set the settings on our own such as Aperture, ISO, as well as shutter speed.

And of course, the funniest part was, one of them brought a Digi Cam to school and passed to the front and even asked me to take their pictures..hahaha..(Saje je nk kenakan)

Even Capt Baran’s asked me what is ISO and other few definitions. They seems to enjoy and I’m happy to share what I know.

Almost 1 hour time used up..

That’s all.


  1. rabiah Said:

    i’m proud of u..

  2. Tikah Said:

    tudeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, mcm cikguuu. woa. pandai buat kesimpulan

  3. Tikah Said:

    haha, menghilangkan diri sebentar. final exam. x leh men2 da. kena stdy. satg trun kelas ==”

    • rezolles Said:

      hak hak…kalau turun kelas, keistimewaan D3000 akan ditarik balik..hehe…mmg skrg musim exam..sampai bamet pun tutup FB.

  4. Faiz Said:

    Hi. I think you got the aperture wrong there.
    If you want to bokeh, use big aperture like f2.8,
    for taking photos without any bokeh, use small aperture like f22.
    The picture you draw at the whiteboard is incorrect.
    Sorry if i offended you.

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