Leaving the “Crew Residence”

“Crew Residence”. The place where I stayed approximately 1 year and 7 months. Everything was started here. I stayed at a villa called “Tioman” ; Room No 2.  My house was occupied by my batchmate, Afiq and the rest are Seniors from P23; Ramzi, Arief, Din and Junior P25 Kavinash.

We lived under one roof as a family. We shared things together. We study together as a team. Even, we play games like Counter Strike and Red Alert 3 together, and of course, not as a team =p. It has been fun to know each and every guys in P23. They are very friendly. And not to forget my best friend from P25, Law and Kavinash.

Ready to pack

Batch 24 moved out from Crew Residence to Bungalow which is situated at Jalan Sri Cemerlang, Pengkalan Chepa. Personally, I feel much more comfortable here. We have 6 rooms here and 4 of them are air-conditioned. My room are of one those. So here we are; still continue our journey to become an airliners.

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