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Modelling Photoshoot

Photographer : Myself

Camera : Nikon D3000

Lens: 18-55mm

Navigation 4 (First Navex SOLO)

Total Hours : 33:40

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRJ

Instructor : SOLO

It was my first Navigation SOLO after cleared by Capt Amrul (APAC 11). I filed a flight plan to Manek Urai as I flown for Nav 3 (SOLO check). My sortie was scheduled around 10am. It has become a routine to come early in the morning and I’m very happy to see the weather. Just nice for navigation.

Basically the route is exactly the same as Nav 3 (PERINGAT / PASIR MAS / TANAH MERAH / MANEK URAI / KUBOR DATU / TANAH MERAH / KB TOWN / WMKC//) . Before a cadet can fly SOLO, he must have the “authorization” from any captain that have that aircraft rating. It is normal that the cadet will be question on something about aircraft or anything related before he have the authorization.

While waiting for the aircraft from sortie before me, clouds are building up.

I was quite worried this kind of weather. Is it safe for NAVEX? I check the “METAR” and “TAF”, visibility was 8KM and expected to rain in the afternoon. I asked En Azmi, one of the APFT Ops officer, he radio APAC 14, Capt Rao and Capt Rao said weather is fine for NAVEX SOLO. =)

The aircraft from previous sortie landed safely and I refuel the aircraft and did pre-flight check as per checklist.

Me : Ground APAC 2458, Assalamualaikum

GND: W’salam, APAC 2458, Go ahead

Me : APAC 2458, request startup for NAVEX as per flight plan to Manek Urai, 5000ft, POB 1, Endurance 6HRS, in 9M-NRJ copied info Golf.

GND: APAC 2458, startup approved, Time Check xx:xx (I cant remember the number)

Me : Startup approved Time Check xx:xx (I cant remember the number)

However, when ATC gave the Time Check, I noticed that the time set in G1000 is not the same as given by ATC. Now I have to synchronized with my watch.

Me : Ground, APAC 2458 Request ATC

GND : APAC 2458, cleared to leave Kota Bharu CTZ,5000feet,Squawk 5400 QNH10xx(I cant remember the number)

Me : Cleared to leave Kota Bharu CTZ,5000feet,Squawk 5400 QNH10xx(I cant remember the number), APAC2458

After I finished the checklist and ready for taxi, again I contact ground for Taxi

Me : Ground, APAC 2458, Ready for Taxi

GND : APAC 2458 Standby Taxi

Me : Roger APAC 2458

Standby means we need to wait for clearance to taxi to holding point Charlie. After a while, Ground gave clearance for Taxi and contact Tower. I taxied to Holding Point Charlie and contact Tower.

Me : APAC 2458, holding point Charlie, Good afternoon.

Tower : APAC 2458, good afternoon, hold at charlie.

Me : Hold at charlie APAC 2458.

I heard my friend from Batch 25, Kavinash APAC 2570 turning final to land =) He rolled pass in front of me than I taxi and lined up Runway 10

I safely airbone about 10.50am, passing 200feet

Tower : APAC 2458, initially maintain runway heading

Me : Initially Maintain RWY heading APAC 2458

After a while

Tower : APAC 2458, cleared right turn

Me : Cleared Right Turn APAC 2458

After cleared to turn right, I tracked to Peringat which was approximately 5mins from airport. I crosschecked with Garmin G1000 as well to make sure my track and also referred to MAP as normal. After Peringat, I then tracked to Pasir Mas and Tanah Merah. From Tanah Merah to Manek Urai, I checked the wind indicator, it shows that I have 13knots crosswind

With Outside Air Temp of +19’c. Quite cold for me ^^

Tracking to Manek Urai at 5000feet

Looking for Force Landing area?

Crosscheck : Now tracking to Kubor Datu

Map Time Ground technique.

Basically, there are 2mins marking along the route. This allow us to crosscheck where we are based on our time from last reference point.

(disregard the UTC time. It is not correct)

Time from my last reference point (Manek Urai) is 4mins and 16seconds.

Roughly about 4mins. and of course, I crosschecked with G1000 also..Haha

From Kubor Datu, I tracked to Tanah Merah back and noticed I have tailwind.

By having this tailwind, making my Estimated time of Arrival (ETA) and Actual Time of Arrival (ATA) difference by 1 minute. Save the fuel =p. Some of the instructors prefer to maintain 110kts GS, to achieve that, I need to reduce the Power a bit.

On route back to Kota Bharu from Tanah Merah, I can see clouds is everywhere..Playing time has begun.

It is my responsibility to maintain visual with ground. Intentionally enter into clouds is prohibited- SOP, and of course I avoid clouds for my first SOLO. I dont want any trouble here..Hehe..But somehow, flying between two big clouds, you can feel slightly turbulence. Turbulence getting worse when I approached KB town. I was asked to hold at KB town for a while and cleared to join early downwind.

Safely landed around 12.05PM in the afternoon for my first NAVEX SOLO. Alhamdullilah =)

Just to share what I was thinking while cruising at 5000feet, how lucky I am to have the opportunity to fly an aircraft and see the beauty of the nature created by our great Creator. I always remind myself before every flight, ” Doa Naik Kenderaan” will be the first thing I do before I go through “Before Start” checklist. No matter how high I fly, No matter how fast I fly, I still have to remember Him.

Juruterbang helikopter terhempas dikenal pasti

IPOH: Mangsa nahas helikopter yang terhempas di Malim Nawar, petang tadi dikenal pasti sebagai Inspektor Mohd Shukri Othman, 31, dari Unit Latihan Polis Udara Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM).

Allahyarham yang sedang mengikuti kursus latihan penerbangan di Integrated Training And Services berpusat di Terminal Lapangan Terbang Sultan Azlan Shah, maut apabila helikopter yang dipandunya terhempas sebelum terbakar di sebuah kawasan lombong di Malim Nawar jam 3 petang.

Beliau berasal dari Permatang Tok Gelam, Seberang Perai, Penang meninggalkan seorang balu berusia 28 tahun anak lelaki berumur setahun lebih.

Ketika kejadian, Allahyarham sedang mengendalikan penerbangan solo dengan pesawat pelatih milik syarikat penerbangan swasta itu.

Helikopter jenis Robinson 44 (R-44), dengan empat tempat duduk itu dipercayai hilang kawalan ketika berada di ruang udara lalu terhempas dan terbakar.

Instruments Flying (3)

Total Hours : 32:25

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRK

Instructor : Capt Zeenu (APAC08)

It was my first time flying with Capt Zeenu since I entered APFT last year =). Capt Zeenu is one of the (AE) authorised examiner by DCA in APFT. I feel like doing “PPL” test when he sat besides me in the cockpit and watched as I went through the checklist. =)

Basically, for IF3, everything is the same except additional of  “Unusual Attitude” recovery.

For unusual attitude recovery, the instructor will place the aircraft either nose up or nose down, wings level or wings banked; students need to follow the correct procedure to recover from the situation.

Simulated by G1000 Trainer Software


We safely airbone around 2PM. Approximately 200ft, Capt Zeenu asked me to put the IF Hood on. From here, I maintained heading and altitude by relying 100% on instruments. When he wanted me to turn the aircraft, Capt Zeenu will turn the Heading bug and did lookout before I turn to the desired heading.

I practiced normal straight and level flight, medium turns , steep turns and rate one turn. Talking about rate-one-turn. Capt Zeenu taught me one of the easiest way to do so. By using the “HSI” indicator which previously I didn’t notice. In the HSI, there are two bars, just below the triangle. The first bar is for 2min’s turn. The second bar in for 1’min turn (rate-one-turn). Its quite effective method as I need to adjust the angle of bank to make the “magenta” bar to the second bar as practicable. After done with the normal ones, Capt Zeenu demo the unusual attitude and asked me to recover. Seriously, you can feel the G’s changes. He did asked me whether I’m OK or not.Hehe..

After a while, Capt Zeenu asked me to take off the IF hood, and he suddenly set the PWR to IDLE.

Capt Zeenu : Now your engine Failed.

As practiced before with Capt Amrul, I did apply the technique and select the force landing area along the coastal line. Capt Zeenu also showed me the ‘checks’ that I need to perform in case of total engine fails.

We requested for rejoin to land but hold at Bachok due traffic, while holding, Capt Zeenu noticed three aircraft’s at high level going into the same direction.

Capt  Zeenu : Can you see the aircraft 12’oclock high?

Me : yes sir, 3 of them

Capt Zeenu : Its very rare to have 3 aircrafts going into the same direction, and of course, they are separated by different Flight Level. VKB is one of their waypoint.

Me : I see, Sir, Can I take a picture?

Capt Zeenu: yes go ahead, its very rare to see this one..

Me : =)

3 aircraft trails

After a while, Tower cleared us to Rejoin via KB town as the standard procedure. While maintaining 1500feet track to KB town, the AHRS and DI fail. Huhu.

Me : Sir, is this simulated or real?

Capt Zeenu : This is real fails. Never mind. Use your Standby. We have visually. Dont worry.

Me : Ok sir.

Huhu, Real fails means real practice. We did safely touched down at WMKC an hour and 10mins after airbone =).

Thank you Capt Zeenu for assisting me by giving instructions for 7kts crosswind landing. =)



Navigation 3 (SOLO Check)

Total Hours : 31:15

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRA

Instructor : Capt Amrul (APAC 11)

Today’s weather was good. High cloud and visibility more than 10KM. Basically for this exercise; Nav 3; is just to check whether the student is ready for the very first SOLO navigation. There are two routes at the moment, first one is Dabong and the second one is Manek Urai. I choose Manek Urai for my Nav 3.

I took off safely with Capt Amrul around 9am and we tracked to Peringat / Pasir Mas / Tanah Merah / Manek Urai / Kubor Datu and back to Tanah Merah / WMKC (Kota Bharu). Carpet clouds around 1000feet making its difficult to see ground feature but not high terrain such as Bukit Temangan. Everything was normal. On the way back, I asked for Overhead PFL so that Capt Amrul can show me the correct technique for Overhead PFL.

Abeam Pasir Mas, Capt Amrul did the R/T and we are cleared for the Overhead PFL. Basically the procedure is ,after KB town, initially aim for RWY 28 threshold, when approaching the runway, select heading 010′ degrees and make sure wing is parallel with runway. Call R/T when ready for Overhead PFL. Once leading edge touch the 1000’marker, Power Idle and convert ASI into height and bank 10’degrees and now depends on your judgement.

So I applied what Capt Amrul’s said and I did everything by myself this time.Thanks to Capt Amrul for his effective technique.

Now, I’m waiting for my first Navigation SOLO (NAV 4). =)

That’s all.

Note: Different instructors may have different technique.

General Handling 8 (SOLO)

Total Hours : 30:00

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRA

Instructor : SOLO

My planned take-off time was around 0730HRS. I woke up early in the morning and first thing I did was, see the “sky”.. No signs of rain and expecting good visibility. Making my hope to fly higher today. My aircraft for today’s exercise was 9M-NRA.

More info about ATIS

As usual, before every flight, I did the pre-flight check. But one thing I hate the most. To test the “Stall” horn. I need to suck the “stall hole” situated at the left wing. The problem is, normally the hole will be fully filled with “water” especially for every first sortie in the morning, which I will suck during the test. But what to do, I still need to check the stall warning.

Fine weather

After I completed the pre-flight check including fuel drain, went to the aircraft and everything was normal. Taxied to holding point Charlie,

Tower : APAC 2458, are you ready for immediate departure?

Me : Affirm,Sir APAC 2458

Tower: APAC 2458, Line and backtrack runway 10 for immediate departure.

Me : Line and backtrack runway 10  immediate departure, APAC 2458.

What I heard was, Fireflyz 2060 is ready to land. I safely airbone and track to Bachok to perform my GH exercise. This time, I practiced more on Steep Turns which I’m quite weak at the moment. I cant maintain 2000feet while doing the steep turns. Always descending/climbing +/-20feet to 60feet. After practiced for a quite some time, I did other exercises as well just to use up the hour given.

Initially, I hold at Bachok after requested rejoin to land due to traffic at 1500feet and 2000feet. After around 5mins of holding, Tower cleared me to join via KB town as standard procedure. Overhead KB Town, I hold again at 2000feet.

Tower : APAC 2458, advised one traffic DA-40 holding at 1500feet.

Me : APAC 2458, copied traffic.

I was looking at the traffic and I saw the aircraft. I maintained visual and follow the aircraft. It was APAC 11. My batch mate flew Navigation with Capt Amrul this morning.

After APAC 11 cleared to join early downwind, I was cleared number 2 for approach. Safely touched down 1 hour after my takeoff time =).

After touched down,:

Tower : APAC 2458, vacate via charlie contact ground.

Me : Vacate charlie contact ground, Thank you sir.

I pressed the radio “change” frequency button one time and transmit

Me : Ground , APAC 2458 holding charlie, request taxi to dispersal

and I got replied from Tower;

Tower : APAC 2458, contact ground 121.6

hahahaha….malu nya! Lucky ATC tak marah.Sorry

Me : Contact ground 121.6, APAC 2458.

It was my fault actually, the frequency didn’t change from Tower to Ground =p.

That’s it.

Nice flight no snag.

(I still practiced safe flying while taking the picture. My first priority is to control the Aircraft. Aviate Navigate & Communicate. If you have any issue pertaining to any picture, please do inform me.)

General Handling 6 (SOLO)

Total Hours : 29:00

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRJ

Instructor : SOLO

I am quite surprised for the weather today. It was not raining from 12midnight until this morning. It has been raining for the past week and expected to stop by next week. But, mother nature play the trick ! I took the earliest bus at 6.30am and direct to hangar.

High clouds, good visibility and no rain. These are the characteristics that I saw for today’s weather. After arrived at hangar, I went to check and confirm the weather by using the “Satellite” and “Radar” images by Measat.

Naaven checked the weather

Basically, by having the animation of the satellite, we can expect the weather for the next few hours. My Solo aircraft for today was NRJ. After I’ve got the authorization from Capt Zeenu, I went to the aircraft and did pre-flight check as usual. I drained the fuel also as it is required for every first sortie in the morning. After satisfied with the external condition with the aircraft, I settled down inside and started the engine.It is common that sometimes oil pressure and other status is in yellow/red before engine started.

Me : Kota Bharu Ground, APAC 2458 Assalamualaikum…

after 10secs, I transmitted again…Still no reply. I’ve double checked the frequency for COM 1 and COM 2

Radio Frequencies

Me : Ground, APAC 2458, How do you read me?

Still no reply. There was no sound at all. No static. There was no other aircraft transmission also. Initially, I suspect problem with my headset but I checked and re-insert the headset wires back and retransmit.

Again no sound and reply.

Final solution, I’ve changed the ground frequency to COM 2 and managed to established contact with ground. After I requested for startup, suddenly, COOL LVL caution light came out.

Initially, I thought it is normal right after startup the warning comes out. I continued with Before Take Off check and the caution light remains the same. Better safe than sorry, I contact ground and inform them.

Me : Ground APAC 2458 shutting down due technical.

Ground : APAC 2458. Shutting down approved.

After followed “After landing checklist” for shutdown, I called one of the engineer officer and told him about the snags. He asked me to get into the aircraft and started the engine again.

Engineer : Check your left is clear?

Me : Clear on the Left.

What he did was, he push the throttle to the MAX and watched T’s and P’s. The COOL LVL light is still on. He then took out CB for something and PFD/MFD restarted again. However, the warning still on. He asked me to shutdown the engine so that he can open the engine hood in front.

After he checked the engine for a quite some time, he said everything was normal. The only thing that the level of the coolant is slightly below.That’s why the caution warning came on. He did explained that in case this happen during flight, the engine may get overheat but it wont cause any fire because of the air coming forward (Relative Wind) will cool down the engine anyway.At least

After everything was certified, I safely took off and track to Bachok. 2 reported traffic at Bachok at that time. I did as per normal exercise, Medium Turns,Steep Turns,Stalls and PFL. After 45mins at Training area, Request for rejoin to land and landed safely 1 hour after my take off time.


However, after I started the engine, I went through the checklist and suddenly “Caution” warning light comes out. “COOL LVL”.