Instruments Flying (3)

Total Hours : 32:25

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRK

Instructor : Capt Zeenu (APAC08)

It was my first time flying with Capt Zeenu since I entered APFT last year =). Capt Zeenu is one of the (AE) authorised examiner by DCA in APFT. I feel like doing “PPL” test when he sat besides me in the cockpit and watched as I went through the checklist. =)

Basically, for IF3, everything is the same except additional of  “Unusual Attitude” recovery.

For unusual attitude recovery, the instructor will place the aircraft either nose up or nose down, wings level or wings banked; students need to follow the correct procedure to recover from the situation.

Simulated by G1000 Trainer Software


We safely airbone around 2PM. Approximately 200ft, Capt Zeenu asked me to put the IF Hood on. From here, I maintained heading and altitude by relying 100% on instruments. When he wanted me to turn the aircraft, Capt Zeenu will turn the Heading bug and did lookout before I turn to the desired heading.

I practiced normal straight and level flight, medium turns , steep turns and rate one turn. Talking about rate-one-turn. Capt Zeenu taught me one of the easiest way to do so. By using the “HSI” indicator which previously I didn’t notice. In the HSI, there are two bars, just below the triangle. The first bar is for 2min’s turn. The second bar in for 1’min turn (rate-one-turn). Its quite effective method as I need to adjust the angle of bank to make the “magenta” bar to the second bar as practicable. After done with the normal ones, Capt Zeenu demo the unusual attitude and asked me to recover. Seriously, you can feel the G’s changes. He did asked me whether I’m OK or not.Hehe..

After a while, Capt Zeenu asked me to take off the IF hood, and he suddenly set the PWR to IDLE.

Capt Zeenu : Now your engine Failed.

As practiced before with Capt Amrul, I did apply the technique and select the force landing area along the coastal line. Capt Zeenu also showed me the ‘checks’ that I need to perform in case of total engine fails.

We requested for rejoin to land but hold at Bachok due traffic, while holding, Capt Zeenu noticed three aircraft’s at high level going into the same direction.

Capt  Zeenu : Can you see the aircraft 12’oclock high?

Me : yes sir, 3 of them

Capt Zeenu : Its very rare to have 3 aircrafts going into the same direction, and of course, they are separated by different Flight Level. VKB is one of their waypoint.

Me : I see, Sir, Can I take a picture?

Capt Zeenu: yes go ahead, its very rare to see this one..

Me : =)

3 aircraft trails

After a while, Tower cleared us to Rejoin via KB town as the standard procedure. While maintaining 1500feet track to KB town, the AHRS and DI fail. Huhu.

Me : Sir, is this simulated or real?

Capt Zeenu : This is real fails. Never mind. Use your Standby. We have visually. Dont worry.

Me : Ok sir.

Huhu, Real fails means real practice. We did safely touched down at WMKC an hour and 10mins after airbone =).

Thank you Capt Zeenu for assisting me by giving instructions for 7kts crosswind landing. =)



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