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First SOLO NAVEX to Terengganu (Nav 8)

Total Hours : 42:05

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRB

Instructor : SOLO

Alhamdullilah. I was quite surprised today. My Flight Plan Estimate Time of Departure was at 0100Zulu (0900HRS Local Time). Initially, weather declared as IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) which means VFR flyers cannot take off. I’m so excited this morning and prepared the aircraft until declare as “F2” (code for weather disruption) around 10.30am which means cancel my sortie.

Survival bag

What’s inside? A compass, torch light, multi purpose knife,fire starter,matches,energy bar,first aid kit and bandage.

2 of my batchmate flying Navex to Terengganu including me making 3 aircrafts on the same route. However, weather getting better around 11am and Tower said Dual can take off. Instructors who did takeoff reported that weather is fine for Navex SOLO via Coastal to Terengganu. I was dissapointed because my call sign (APAC 2458) was erased from the Ops whiteboard because my time has expired.

Miracle do happens once in a while. My batchmate said senior called tower to check their flight plan and he said my flight plan is valid until 12PM. =) I was so happy to know that I can do NAVEX today. Same goes to my batchmate Afifi (2460) as well as Ariventhan (with APAC 14).

Once again I checked the aircraft to make sure everything is good before I start the engine. NOTAM for Navex, pilots are required to bring along survival bag, life jackets and tech log depending on the flying route.

Me : Kota Bharu Ground, APAC 2458, Assalamualaikum

Ground : APAC 2458, W’salam, Go ahead.

Me : APAC 2458, request startup for navex as per flight plan to Terengganu, POB 1, End 6hrs in 9M-NRB with info Kilo.

Ground : Startup approved time check xx:xx (forgot the number)

I proceed with Before Take-off check and heard Afifi (2460) request startup followed by Ari (with APAC 14). After I received ATC and clearance for Taxi, I taxied out from dispersal to holding point charlie number 1 followed by afifi  (no 2) and Ari (no 3).

I was cleared for number 3 for departure and 2460 number 2 for departure followed by Ari (APAC 14) number 1 for departure.

APAC 2460 in front of me at Bravo. I was at Alpha

Once APAC 14 safely airbone and followed by APAC 2460, I was cleared for takeoff right turn to Bachok 3000ft (keep traffic in sight).

Take off procedure:

Toe Brakes apply.

50% Power set

T’s P’s green

Release brake and apply full power and check air speed alive.

Everything was OK then I continued Take off roll and climb 3000feet. APAC 2460 was cleared at 3500feet while APAC 14 at 4000feet.

After Bachok, we were transferred to Gong Kedak approach.

Once I tuned Gong Kedak approach, I heard Ari and Afifi transmitting their position and ETA for the next waypoint which was Pulau Rhu.

Me : Gong Kedak Approach, APAC 2458, Good Afternoon

GK: APAC 2458, good afternoon go ahead.

Me : APAC 2458, Bachok xx maintaining 3000feet Pulau Rhu xx with POB 1 End 5HRS in 9M-NRB.

GK: APAC 2458, copied

After a while, APAC 2460 was instructed to descent 3000feet and I descent to 2000feet.

Everything was normal and I continued tracking to Penarek and Gong Kedak released to Terengganu tower for further instructions.

Tracking to Penarek ^^

Next reporting point was Batu Rakit after Penarek (Prominent features at Batu Rakit – 3 mast close to the coastal). Approximately 8mins before I overhead Penarek, Ari reported overhead and airfield in sight, followed by 2460 around 3mins later. Both of them touch and go safely.

Overhead Batu Rakit:

Me : Tower, APAC 2458, overhead batu rakit 2000feet, airfield in sight

Tower : APAC 2458, descend circuit height, join left hand runway 04, report final

Me : Descend circuit height, join left hand runway 04, report final APAC 2458.

Once I touched down and airbone again,

Tower : APAC 2458, what is your level back to Kota Bharu?

Me : Err, if possible 5000feet sir.

Tower : Cleared, 5000feet, report again Permaisuri.

Me : Cleared 5000, WILCO APAC 2458.

Terengganu airfield on my left

I climbed and maintain 5000feet before reaching Permaisuri

Terengganu Tower : APAC 2458, contact Kota Bharu Tower 122.5

Me : Contact Kota Bharu Tower 122.5, APAC 2458, Assalamualaikum , Good day

Terengganu Tower : W’salam, good day.

Switched to KB Tower Freq

Me : Kota Bharu Tower, APAC 2458, Assalamualaikum.

Tower : W’salam APAC 2458 go ahead.

Me : APAC 2458, passing 3000feet for 5000feeet, Permaisuri xx (time), POB 1, End 4HRS, in Reg 9M-NRB

Tower : APAC 2458, cleared to enter Kota Bharu Control Zone, 5000feet, Runway 10, QNH 1011, Report again Permaisuri.

Me: ( I readback the above instruction)

(Maintaining 5000feet)

Reason why I request higher level is because, in case of anything, my gliding distance would be longer.

After passing overhead Permaisuri, next heading was to Pulau Rhu. As usual, TTRT, then CLEAR OFF checks.

Thanks to Garmin, I can crosscheck my track =)

While tracking to Pulau Rhu, I saw high level aircraft trail ;p . Just like I saw it with Capt Zeenu when I did IF3 with him last time.

Even though DA40 equipped with G1000, but cross check with the conventional method is part of the exercise :p

Just as a standby :p

After safely tracked to Pulau Rhu, next waypoint which was the last one; Bachok. I was asked to descent to 3500feet. APAC 2460 was the first one to reached Bachok while APAC 14 (Ariventhan) second one because they practiced diversion and I’m still the 3rd.Haha~

Approximately half way, Tower asked me to descend to 2500feet and I tracked to KB Town. Once I overhead KB Town, I was cleared to descend to 1500feet and hold initially due traffic. APAC 2460 was the first one to continue approach followed by APAC 14. However APAC 14 were asked to hold late downwind while I join and reported early downwind was asked to hold at mid-downwind. While holding, I can imagine, traffic is everywhere, Air Asia coming in to land, helicopter also. Traffic so busy today.

After everything was cleared, APAC14 continue approach number 1 while I’m number two. APAC 14 was asked to hold initially at Bravo while I was asked to roll pass charlie.

Tower : APAC 2458, cleared 180’degrees turn after cleared of traffic vacate Charlie and Contact ground.

Me : (readback instruction)

After I cleared the runway, contact ground and safely shut down the aircraft. Alhamdullilah.

Many thanks to Kota Bharu ATC, Gong Kedak ATC and Terengganu ATC especially MR Shawal Matzieni. They made aviation industry safer. They control and ensure aircrafts safe between each other. No one will appreciate their hard effort until you sit in the Control Tower.

General Handling 10 (S)

Total Hours : 37:05

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRD

Instructor : SOLO

It was 2 days ago for my last dual GH. I flew with Capt Myo for GH9. We went to Uban last time. So I planned to go to Uban as well to famil myself for PPL test. My sortie was scheduled after runway inspection which was around 1.30PM.

As usual, after checked and satisfied with the aircraft condition, I start the aircraft and follow as per checklist. Everything went normal from startup to Taxi.

I was asked to hold at charlie due two aircrafts on lineup Runway 10.

Initially, I request for circuit and landing and thereafter to Uban. Due to traffic, I managed to get only 1 circuit and after touch and go, I tracked to Uban.

While on route to Uban, to be exact, overhead Pasir Mas, cadets need to contact Tower and report established bachok and contact ground for further instructions. No reported traffic at Uban during that time. However, as I tracked to Uban Lake to operate North of Bukit Panau, visibility greatly reduce and clouds everywhere. Up and downdrafts making me uncomfortable in the cockpit.

After cleared to operate 2000feet and below, I climb to 2000feet and slight rain for a few seconds :p It was fascinating view but I fly with caution. Definitely I wont take the risk to exercise “STALL” in this kind of weather.

I practiced Medium Turn, Steep Turns and PFL. Unable to do Stall because the airspeed is fluctuating. After approximately 45mins at Uban, I called Ground request for Rejoin, but due traffic, initially hold 10mins. So I used the time to practice PFL again.

Once I cleared to rejoin, I contact Tower and rejoined as per standard. Landed safely with 12kts headwind.

Pesawat AirAsia terbabas: Lapangan Terbang Kuching masih ditutup

KUALA LUMPUR: Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuching yang ditutup sejak malam tadi selepas pesawat AirAsia terbabas ketika mendarat, dijangka terus ditutup untuk semua penerbangan sehingga diberitahu kelak.

Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAB) memberitahu Bernama sebanyak 24 penerbangan
terjejas setakat 11 pagi ini.
Hanya satu penerbangan dibenarkan berlepas dari lapangan terbang itu pada jam 7.30 pagi ini iaitu MH2505 ke Kuala Lumpur, kata MAB.


Penerbangan lain yang terjejas termasuk 11 membabitkan AirAsia, lapan Penerbangan Malaysia dan lima penerbangan MASWings.

Penumpang yang berkenaan dinasihatkan agar menghubungi syarikat penerbangan
masing-masing bagi mengetahui perkembangan lanjut mengenai perkara itu.

MAB berkata dalam kejadian jam 10.02 malam itu, penerbangan AK5218 yang berlepas dari Terminal Penerbangan Tambang Murah (LCCT) Kuala Lumpur terbabas dari landasan ketika mendarat dalam keadaan hujan lebat.

Usaha mengalihkan pesawat itu sedang dilakukan namun berdepan kesukaran
berikutan keadaan hujan lebat yang melanda sejak semalam, kata MAB.

Sementara itu Menteri Pengangkutan Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha memberitahu
pemberita hari ini, pesawat itu membawa 124 penumpang dan enam anak kapal.

Empat penumpang mengalami cedera ringan dan dirawat di hospital di Kuching,
katanya ketika ditemui selepas merasmikan Persidangan Maritim Kebangsaan di
sini. – Bernama

Nahas pesawat Iran Air: 77 terbunuh

TEHERAN: Iran memulakan siasatan terhadap kemalangan pesawat penumpang negara itu yang terhempas dan membunuh 77 orang serta mencederakan ramai yang lain, semalam.

Pesawat Boeing 727 Iran Air itu terhempas kira-kira jam 7.45 malam (12.15 pagi semalam waktu Malaysia) berhampiran bandar Orumiyeh ketika salji tebal dan berkabus.
Media Iran melaporkan, pesawat itu berlepas dari Lapangan Terbang Mehrabad.

Menurut televisyen Iran, daripada 105 penumpang dan anak kapal dalam pesawat itu, 77 terbunuh dan berpuluh lagi cedera.
Pesawat itu dikatakan usang dan mula digunakan di Iran sejak 1974.
Rakaman televisyen menunjukkan, pesawat malang itu putus tiga dan terbenam dalam salji, manakala sesetengah mayat ditutup dengan selimut tidak jauh dari situ.


Pegawai Bulan Sabit Merah Iran berkata, kemalangan itu mungkin menjadi lebih buruk jika berlaku kebakaran.
“Ketika kemalangan, ada 94 penumpang di dalamnya bersama 11 anak kapal,” lapor agensi berita ISNA.

Sementara itu, Ketua Panel Krisis Kementerian Pengangkutan Iran, Ahmad Majidi, berkata seorang daripada penumpang yang hilang dan dipercayai terbunuh, ditemui selamat beberapa jam kemudian.
“Mangsa tercampak ke luar dan lambat ditemui, tetapi dia kemudian dikejarkan ke hospital di Orumiyeh,” katanya.
Bagaimanapun, setakat malam tadi, seorang lagi penumpang belum ditemui.
Kata Ahmad, kemalangan itu berpunca daripada cuaca buruk.
“Berdasarkan saksi, juruterbang gagal mendarat di lapangan terbang Orumiyeh kerana faktor cuaca dan berpatah balik ke Teheran.
“Namun, atas sebab yang tidak diketahui pesawat itu terhempas lapan kilometer dari lapangan terbang,” katanya.
ISNA melaporkan, pesawat terpakai itu diterima Iran Air pada 1974. – AFP



General Handling 9

Total Hours : 36:05

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRG

Instructor : Capt Myo (APAC 17)

GH9. Last dual sortie before PPL test. This was the last chance to do revision for PPL with instructor. Next sortie will be GH 10 which is SOLO flying. Basically, nothing much to say about this exercise. Just practice and practice for PPL format.

While waiting for my sortie in the afternoon, I turn the aircraft on with GPU. Ground Power Unit. Basically its provide electrical to the aircraft with starting the engine.

P/s: Will stop blogging for a moment to concentrate for upcoming PPL test.

Navigation 5

Total Hours : 34:55

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRB

Instructor : Capt Myo (APAC 17)

Basically, for this exercise, I choosed route to Dabong ( PERINGAT / TANAH MERAH / DABONG / TANAH MERAH / WMKC ) as I never been to Dabong. Suppose during last Navigation, the route is to Dabong, but unable to proceed due weather, I’ve diverted to Bandar Permaisuri. Nothing much to say here, everything was normal. Fine weather with high clouds and favourable for Navex.

I took off around 10.30am using callsign APAC 17. Thanks to good visibility. I have visual with Dabong town and roads. Approximately 14mins from Tanah Merah to Dabong with groundspeed of 110kts. Overhead Dabong, 180′ turn direct to Tanah Merah back.

We were requested to descend and maintain 3000′ just after Tanah Merah and we are advised that Uban area is active. Overhead KB town is a bit cloudy and bumpy ride. Forced me to throw my map and Nav log to back seat..Asked to join via early downwind and continue approach for Final number 3, and today was my landing. Quite low roundout. =p

For tomorrow, 05/01/2011, GH9 with Capt Amrul (APAC11) and SOLO Nav to Dabong.

I can feel PPL test is just around the corner.

Bani & Zai (Couple Photoshoot)

Photographer : Myself

Camera : Nikon D3000

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