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Navigation 12 (S)

Total Hours : 53:50

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRJ

Instructor : SOLO

It was my first time flying on “Saturday”. My route for today was the same as yesterday (Nav 11) with Capt Zeenu.


Total EET was around 104mins.

After done with my preflight check, went inside the aircraft and everything was normal. Until, I contact ground for startup.

Me : Ground APAC 2458, Assalammualaikum…

Silent…More than 5 secs..I check my frequency, correct..I’m on 121.6..I reinsert my headset cable..then re-transmit. Then I got a replied

Tower : Contact tower 122.5

ATC transmitted on Ground frequency..Then only I knew that only Tower Freq is available on Saturday..Haha..malu do!

After established contact with Tower, everything was normal until airbone. Initially weather was good around the airfield, but getting worse as I getting closer with Terengganu. It all started when I tracked to Penarek, after Pulau Rhu. Clouds was everywhere, I’ve tried my best to avoid clouds.

Quite bumpy of course.

I was told by Capt Zeenu and warned about cloud entry when I did Nav 11(dual) with him yesterday. He explained the dangerous and how disorientate a pilot can be. So I didn’t risk my self as I flown SOLO.

Safely touch and go at Terengganu and proceed as per flight plan to Marang, Kuala Berang and thereafter to Permaisuri

I was told to maintain initally 2000feet because Pulau Kapas Training area was active and one aircraft came back for rejoin at 1500feet. So, I have 500feet of separation. After passed Marang and tracked to Permaisuri, I was cleared to 5000feet. Clouds are building up. Everywhere.

I managed to avoid clouds but entered a few small cumulus type of clouds. I cant request for lower because of the high terrain in the area. I’m in trouble if I request for lower and cannot maintain visual with ground!. So, I just maintained 5000feet. Tracked to Pulau Redang from Permaisuri. I thought weather is getting better but, seems become worse and I can see big clouds (like Cb’s) around Pulau Redang, I tried to avoid but seems it was too many.

I forced to divert from current position direct to Perhentian.

Me : Tower, APAC 2458.

Tower : APAC 2458, go ahead.

Me : APAC 2458, request divert from current position to Perhentian due weather, 5000feet.Estimate Perhentian xx.

Tower : Approved, report again Perhentian.

Me: Report again Perhentian.

Weather around Perhentian was much better than Pulau Redang.

Approaching Pulau Perhentian.Thanks to GPS =p

Perhentian from 5000feet.I’ve never been there before but I think maybe one day.

Tracked safely to Bachok and landed safely =).

Bachok town

APFT sewakan pesawat ringan mulai Julai

APFT Berhad (APFT), pemilik dan pengendali Akademi Latihan Penerbangan Asia Pasifik bercadang melebarkan sayap perniagaannya dalam bidang berkaitan penerbangan selewat-lewatnya pertengahan tahun ini.

Pengerusi Eksekutifnya, Datuk Faruk Othman berkata, pihaknya dijangka memulakan operasi dalam bidang perkhidmatan sewaan pesawat ringan, penyelenggaraan, pembaikan dan pemeriksaan serta latihan untuk kru lapangan. “Kami memulakan operasi dengan mengendalikan akademi latihan penerbangan dan sudah tiba masanya menceburi bidang lain.

“Justeru, kami memilih bidang yang ada kaitan dengan industri penerbangan bagi memberi sokongan kepada sektor ini yang dijangka terus berkembang setiap tahun,” katanya selepas melancarkan prospektus syarikat itu di Kuala Lumpur, kelmarin. Hadir sama Pengarah Urusan Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, Datuk Seri Zukri Samat. Menurutnya, sebagai permulaan, syarikat itu akan memulakan perkhidmatan sewaan pesawat ringan dalam usaha membantu sektor pelancongan tempatan. “Perkhidmatan ini dijangka dimulakan Julai depan dan kami berhasrat menyediakan pesawat ringan untuk disewa khususnya bagi pelancong yang mahu melawat kawasan yang sukar dilawati melalui jalan darat,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, selain mengembangkan operasi dalam bidang lain, APFT tetap meneruskan fokus utamanya dalam melahirkan juruterbang berkualiti dengan menjalin kerjasama di beberapa negara.
“Kami akan menjalin kerjasama dengan syarikat di India dan Myanmar untuk menjalankan operasi di negara berkenaan yang dijangka dimulakan pada suku kedua tahun ini,” katanya.

Katanya, buat masa ini, APFT memiliki 35 pesawat, 45 pengajar dan lebih 750 pelajar.
Dalam pada itu, APFT meletakkan sasaran mengumpul RM11 juta daripada tawaran awam permulaannya (IPO) yang dijadualkan 18 Mac ini. Menurutnya, IPO itu sempena penyenaraian syarikat di Pasaran Utama Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.


Navigation 11 (D)

Total Hours : 51:35

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRJ

Instructor : Capt Zeenu (APAC 08)

It was a beautiful Friday morning. When I looked up in the sky, I knew its perfect day for Navigation. Total Estimate Elapse Time (EET) was 1Hr 44Mins. The only difference between last navigation (NAV 8) which also to Terengganu are the waypoints. There are few additional waypoints in this route. There are; Pulau Redang, Marang and Kuala Berang. The rest are remain the same as previous exercise.

I checked the aircraft and drained fuel for 3times as instructed by Capt Zeenu to make sure no water contamination in the fuel tank. Satisfied with the condition of the aircraft, I then carried on with the checklist. Safely airborne and tracked to Bachok.

Capt Zeenu asked to maintain 90% Load  (engine power) with 90kts (fast cruise settings) as we climb higher. Normal power setting is 100%(power) with 80kts. But personally, I prefer maintain 90% with 90kts as this will not stress the engine during prolonged climb.

Tracked to Pulau Rhu after Bachok thereafter to Penarek and Batu Rakit before touch and go at Terengganu airfield (WMKN). After safely touch and go, we are cleared for right turn to Marang. It was my first time flying to Marang and Capt Zeenu change the MFD to Backup Mode. Which means, both of the screen display Instruments, not GPS. So, I really did “Navigate” this time to make sure I’m on track and overhead then only started turning to Kuala Berang.

We were asked to hold South of Kuala Berang 1500feet due to scheduled departure. Malaysia Airlines. After Boeing 737-400 climbed higher, we then continued navigation to Permaisuri. Clouds are everywhere. Sometimes Capt Zeenu took over control to avoid clouds. We then climb to 3000feet initially due to high terrain. Overhead Permaisuri, we then tracked to Pulau Redang.

Approaching Pulau Redang, I can see an airfield. I cant take picture at the moment because flying Dual. =p We then tracked to Perhentian which took us around 9mins with 110kts ground speed. Before start descending, Capt Zeenu asked me to listen to the ATIS and brief about the weather as well as Arrival brief.

Before we descend, Capt Zeenu shown me how to setup Top of Descent (TOD) using G1000. With 500ft/min and the current height minus height to maintain will get height to lose. Once we have the “time”, we then enter and the computer will show where to start descend. Nice!

After descended to Bachok and tracked to KB town as per normal joining approach. Landed safely 2Hours 20mins after airbone.

Instruments Flying 4

Total Hours : 49:15

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRD

Instructor : Capt Kamis (APAC 19)

Today I didn’t expect to fly because my sortie was scheduled early in the morning (0730) and it was raining (-SHRA). However, Ops managed to rescheduled for take off in the afternoon. It was my first time flying with APAC 19 . For this exercise, I practiced Basic IF (with IF hood on) for Medium Turns,Steep Turns,Climb and Descend as well as unusual attitude recovery. But, there is something interesting ahead. I was introduced to the VOR approaches.

Normally, we have to check Comm. and Nav Frequencies. Now only I fully utilized the “needle” pointing to VKB as well as DME. Before this, we didnt use it during GH.

An example of the CDI

Normally, we have NAV 1 and NAV 2. So we can set to VOR at one time. Just like COMM 1 and COMM 2. Basically, new things that I’ve learned today was to check the needle tracking during tracking to ensure that the NAV is working properly prior to Take-off.

We safely airborne and tracked to Uban. I put on the IF Hood after 300feet and guided by Capt Kamis as he will be my safety pilot to make sure we are clear of any other traffic. Practiced normal straight and level even though its quite bumpy. But I tried my best to maintain the desired heading and Altitude. After established Uban, practiced exercises as in IF 3. After completed those exercises, Capt Kamis explained to me about Radial and Bearing and how to intercept.

At first, I’m quite confused the differences between two but after demo, I finally have the idea how to intercept radial and fly inbound VKB.Capt Kamis then requested for VOR RWY 10 and we are cleared to climb and maintain 2500feet track to VKB. As we flying to the beacon, Capt Kamis told me that I need to brief the frequency,missed approach procedure and etc as written in the chart.

Once overhead, we turn (rate-one-turn) and follow as per charts. Finally after passed the beacon (Beacon Outbound), we then descend to 1600feet and start to turn at 3min(as per chart), and finally align with RUNWAY 10.

Quite a lot of process but slowly I think I can mange to understand.

Note to myself : DO not confuse radial and bearing. Radial is independent of your heading. Its like a “lines” coming out from Beacon and you are flying on the lines(radial) whether it is TO or FROM the station. Ex: On Radial 225′ . To intercept Radial 270′ you have to fly to the left! . While if you are at bearing(Heading) 225degrees, you want to go to 270′ you have to fly to the right! Do not confuse.

PPL Test

Total Hours : 48:05

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRE

Examiner : Capt Zeenu (APAC08T)

I still can remember back then, when I flown with Capt Zeenu for the first time for Instruments Flying 3. Today, it was my second time with APAC 08. Last time, I felt like doing PPL test and now, I really did the test with him. As usual, preparation is everything. My sortie was scheduled early in the morning around 9.30AM. I’m the first student to be tested and the second sortie was my senior,Philbert, CPL (GH).

Getting early in the morning is crucial as I need to prepare the Loading and Performance charts. To prepare the performance charts, there are several steps to be done. First of all is to have the weather report as I need the current temperature and latest QNH for Pressure Altitude calculation.

After having the weather report in hand, I then proceed with Load and Balance sheet to have the Take-off weight (TOW) before proceed to Performance charts. For DA40, the Maximum Take Off Weight is 1150KG (MTOW).

After having the Take Off Weight and moment, I then continued to calculate CG range. By having those number in hand, I know that the CG is within limit.

The effect position of CG is important especially in Light aircraft. If the CG is too aft, aircraft can stall after lift off. If the CG too forward, nose is too heavy to lift off and increase the take off ground roll. I then continued with few performance charts for Take off and Landing with different configurations.

Last but not least, I calculated the crosswind component based on the METAR and slight crosswind expected during take off.

Finished with Loading and Performance chart is only halfway of the process, I then prepared the briefing board by filling up the aircraft remaining hours and etc.

Finished with paperwork and board, I then checked the aircraft carefully. Previously, the aircraft several time reported with ECU problem, made me check every single inch. Even though ECU situated inside the engine compartment, but external pre-flight checks is also important ! After satisfied with the condition of the aircraft, I went inside and started looking for Capt Zeenu.

After introduced myself to him, I went inside the briefing room and prepare myself for the test. He went inside the briefing room and checked my license, FTR as well as loading and performance chart.

Capt Zeenu : Have you checked the aircraft?

Me : Yes Sir, I’ve done the pre-flight check.

Capt Zeenu : Let’s go.

Me : Ok Sir.

This is the time…..

He checked the propeller and did walk around to make sure everything fine. I went through the checklist as per normal.

Capt Zeenu : Request startup for circuits first, if not available, go to training area.

Me : Ok sir.

I made the radio call and lucky for me, circuits and landing is available. I carry on until Before Take-off check. Everything was normal. ECU test was normal, no indications of something going wrong.

Initially, the coolant was in the yellow sector and I had to increased the RPM to 1400 to warm up the engine. It was my first time doing that actually. I’ve never done that before until my batch mate told me that Capt Zeenu want 1400RPM to warm-up the engine as per checklist.

We were cleared for taxi and did instruments check while taxying. Taxied to Holding point Charlie and cleared to enter active runway 10 but number two for departure.

Shorten the story,

Took off and join the circuit, Capt Zeenu asked me to show him Normal circuit. I did downwind checks as per normal. He remain silent and watched me as I said “Spacing Heading Spacing Height and Spacing Speed”. We were cleared No 2 for approach. No 1 is PA28 which is slower that DA40. So I need to maintain spacing and let him pass my 3’oclock before start turning for Base. Everything was normal and safely touch and go. After airborne from touch and go, Capt Zeenu asked me to show Glide circuit, however, right after I reported “Downwind Glide for Touch and Go”, ATC asked us to hold mid down wind while the PA28 infront of us was asked to hold at late downwind due to scheduled departure.

After the aircraft safely airbone, PA28 was cleared  No 1 for approach and I was no 2. Normally, for glide circuit spacing is 1 wing chord from initial aiming point.I follow as per glide circuit pattern. PA28 was still on the runway and I had no choice but to go around. Immediately after going around, Capt Zeenu made RT call asked ATC whether can hold for left base and ATC cleared.

Capt Zeenu : I have control.

Me : You have control sir.

AAArrrrr… What came through my mind was, confirm failed. Maybe my spacing too close with the aircraft until he need to take over the control? I just remain silent and try to calm down. After the aircraft touch and go, he Radio ATC after touch and go proceed to Bachok. I was surprised. Hehe..I then did Glide circuit for the second time and touch and go direct to Bachok.

Passing 300feet, Capt Zeenu asked me to put IF hood for Basic IF. Exactly the same as I did in IF3 last time. He asked me to do Medium turn and rate one turn. Enough with IF, he asked me to take off the hood. Aircraft was cruising at 1000feet tracking to Gunong.

Capt Zeenu : Engine Failed!

Me : Select Attitude for 70Kts. Emergency landing prepare…errr..sir I will select 11’oclock as my force landing area.Emergency fuel valve OFF, Engine Master OFF,Finals Flaps LDG and ELEC MSTR OFF.

Capt Zeenu : Why dont you select there? (pointed to 1’oclock), much closer.

Me : Ok sir =p

Me : Reaching 500feet sir going around.

Capt Zeenu : OK, turn left to this heading (moving the Heading bug)

Me : Roger Left HDG 150, left clear front clear right clear all clear.

After then he asked me to climb to 2000feet. Approach config stall exercise straight away. I did HASELL check and follow as per circuit/downwind pattern. He remain silent and keep watching me. After recovered from approach config stall, Capt Zeenu asked me to do a steep turn to the left.

Me : Left clear Front Clear Right Clear, all around clear. Steep turn to the left.Passing 30degrees, power 80%. Bank Balance Back Pressure.

Attitude Bank angle Attitude

Attitude Back Pressure Attitude

Attitude Balance Attitude

Attitude LOOKOUT Performance

After Rollout from steep turn, we request for rejoin as the timer indicating approx 1hrs 15mins.

I safely touched down 1hr 30mins later. After the engine stopped, Capt Zeenu said, after philbert we will brief.

Now, the same aircraft was used during Philbert.9M-NRE. They took off safely and did few circuits, however according to Philbert, while tracking to Bachok, ECU A and B caution lights ON forced Capt Zeenu to took over control and request to land Runway 28. Normally cruising altitude while tracking to Bachok training area is 1000feet. It was a tense moment to come across this situation. I was relieved that they made a safe landing on Runway 28.

After a while, Capt Zeenu debrief me and asked Emergency question such as Spins Recovery technique and RPM Overspeed. He then gave the PPL paper and said I passed the test.


Thanks to my friend for wishing me good luck/all the best prior the test. A few words means a lot to me. Also congratulations to Ariventhan. He passed PPL test last week also with APAC 08Tango.

General Handling 11 (Pre-PPL)

Total Hours : 46:35

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRC

Instructor : Capt Nay (APAC 21)

Pre-PPL or also known as GH11 was the last dual sortie before PPL test. Basically, for this exercise, instructor will check on you whether you are ready to sit for PPL test. Time allocated for this exercise is 1hour 15mins. I requested startup for circuit and landing initially and thereafter proceed to Bachok. However, circuits was full, so I proceed to Bachok training area first then rejoin for circuits.

It was the last sortie for me to practice before being scheduled for test by APAC 08T (Capt Zeenudin) on 21/02/2011. (“T” stands for Tango means student on Test.)

As usual, Capt Nay watched me as I went through the checklist and everything was normal. We safely airborne after AirAsia (A320) took off. Tracked to Bachok and follow as per PPL profile.

Once finished, requested to rejoin Overhead PFL as well as circuits, but we were asked to hold initially at Bachok. In the mean time, I practiced PFL over and over again. After some time, we then cleared to rejoin for Overhead PFL and circuits at 2000feet initially. I managed to practiced Normal and Flapless circuit due traffic. We safely touched down around 6PM, only Tower frequency is available at that time.

P/s: Preparing for the test tomorrow. Hope everything will be fine.

General Handling 12

Total Hours : 43:05

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRB

Instructor : Capt Myo (APAC 17)

It was more than 10days since my last flying, so I need to do proficiency check as required for SPL holder. At this moment, the only exercise I haven’t cover is Navigation 6 (SOLO) prior for PPL test. Weather disruption is the main factor.

Ashraf (2459) backseat my flight because he’s sortie was canceled due weather. As usual, it was an additional exercise for my PPL. Normally GH12 is done after PPL. However, I flown GH12 just to ‘current’ my sortie. Nothing new here, just the same thing to practice.

The only good news was, I have the chance to practice Circuits with Capt Myo after more than 8months since my last circuits exercise during my first time SOLO circuit.

Touch and go after Glide circuit

After took-off from glide circuit, I then proceed with Low-level circuit but had to extend downwind due to traffic and landed safely 1hour 5mins after airbone =). Thx to ashraf for the pictures.

Photography outing at Ipoh

After few days of planning to join a shooting at Ipoh, today I managed to follow as planned. Initially, I planned to drive to Ipoh but after considering few factors including traffic jam especially during this festive season, Chinese New Year, I choose to travel by KTM Train (ETS).

I touched down safely at LCCT, Kuala Lumpur from Kota Bharu by AirAsia around 11.15PM and arrived safely at my home approx 12.30AM in the morning. With balance of 3HRS and 30Mins of sleep time, I managed to wake up around 4AM and arrived at Cheras around 4.50AM. Travel from Cheras to KL Sentral early in the morning while others are still sleeping made me bored. Arrived early at KL Sentral around 5.40AM to catch the ETS earliest train at 0620HRS.

I was the third person bought the ticket for ETS at RM30 one way to Ipoh. I was told that the ticket price is under promotion until 28Feb 2011. The duration from KL Sentral to IPOH was around 2HRS.Only 3 stations the train will stop and 15seconds stop time given. I managed to get some rest while in the train. I feels like in an aircraft when they did safety briefing just before the train moves and KTM attendant (conductor) selling foods and beverages in front. =p

Arrived safely at Ipoh around 8.35AM. 5mins behind the scheduled time of arrival. I was pickup by my friend, Aidil and his friend Adam. We then shoot “Pre-wedding” concept somewhere nearby as well as at KTM station itself.

It was the greatest moment I ever had when I watched them as they set-up the lighting for the shooting. At least something new for me when they taught me to setup multiple speedlight to balance the lighting condition.

Shooting end in the afternoon. We went to a stall close to a Stadium to have “ABC”. After a while, he took us home to rest. Around 4PM, they shown me where was the location for some of his pictures and explained how do they have it. We then proceed to “Gunung Lang” as our final journey for today.

We spent around 30mins at Gunung Lang and they sent me to KTM station around 5.40PM. It was very nice to know them and see they work professionally and as a one team.

Travelling at average of 145KM/h

I hope to join you guys in the future. No matter how far it is, I’m willing to travel. I love to travel anyway.
Special thanks to:

MR Aidil









and MR Adam Shah

Congratulations, APAC 2462

Congratulations Ariventhan for his first SOLO to Terengganu on 2/2/2011