Navigation 15 (S)

(UPD:GH13/14/15 TOTAL 3HRS INC.)

Total Hours : 59:20

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRD

Instructor : SOLO

Date of flying : 2011/03/03

It was a lovely Thursday morning…I stayed up till late night yesterday because I didn’t have any sortie tomorrow (Thursday).  Got a wake up call from my batch mate (Shahrin Shaffie). At first, I thought he just wanted to ask where am I because I’ve been at hangar everyday for the past 2 weeks. When I answered the call, he told that Operations asked me to fly in the afternoon for Navigation because there was no student available. Luckily they informed me early so that I can catchup on 10.30am bus and submit flight plan by 11.10am.

Lucky for me, I still have last Navigation Log and Map from last sortie due to minor emergency that forced me to RTB right after took off. Having Nav Log and Map in hand solved one of my problems. Had a cup of tea and “Nasi Berlauk” at nearby kopitiam early in the morning made me feel better. The only thing left was to hand over Flight Plan to Tower and Operations before I can fly.

Everything was settled 1hour before my Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) which was 0430Zulu (12.30PM local). Went to Flight Ops and look for an instructor for authorization. Everything went fine. I checked the aircraft as usual and found satisfactory. Shorten the story, I took of safely and tracked to Bachok. I was cleared climb and maintain 5000feet.  Weather was so good and visibility more than 10KM. Tracked to Pulau Rhu from Bachok took DA40 around 10mins when maintaining 110kts ground speed, and the distance was around 18NM from Bachok.

Pulau Rhu

Note: Some instructor prefer to fly right on track while the other overhead track. I usually maintain right on track so that I can see my reporting point features on the left.

After overhead Pulau Rhu, TTRT; the check need to be done. Turn Time Reference point and Transmit. Maintaining 5000feet cruise height, well above Gong Kedak (WMGK) control zone. If I maintain cruise level below 4500feet, I need to change frequency to Gong Kedak Approach and report to them my position and ETA for the next reporting point. In this case, I still maintained 122.5 which was Kota Bharu Tower freq.

Maintaining 5000feet, almost the same height with small amount of cumulus clouds.

Next reporting was Penarek. 9mins from Pulau Rhu (with 110kts GS).

Overhead Penarek

Next reporting point was Batu Rakit. But, in order to fly to Batu Rakit, I have to fly over Kampung Merang which in this route is not my reporting point.

Thanks to mother nature for the good weather. I was able to take few photos of the reporting my for my future reference as well as for my fellow juniors. I was cleared to descend to 1500feet and airfield insight when I overhead Batu Rakit. Cleared to join left hand circuit Runway 04 and I was instructed to join via mid downwind.

Successfully touch and go at WMKN (Terengganu) airfield.

Tower : APAC 2458, wind xxx/xx cleared touch and go,right turn to MARANG.

Me : (readback the instructions)

After touch and go, I carried out after Take off check. Right turn tracked to Marang.

I was advised that Pulau Kapas training area was actived and Tower asked me to climb and maintain 5000feet before reaching Marang. So I did “fast cruise” climb speed which is 90kts with 90% power.

From Marang, I then tracked to Kuala Berang. Crosschecked with my GPS of course =p.

I had 9kts tailwind, thus making me early by 1mins from ETA. Normally, pilots need to revised their ATA (Actual Time of Arrival) in case the ETA and ATA differ by 3mins or more. As you can see in the GPS, area with yellow colour depicted on the screen shows high terrain.

I experienced a slight weather (clouds) over head Kuala Berang. Managed to avoids some clouds. Dog-leg procedure applied here =p.

Tracked to Bandar Permaisuri once overhead Kuala Berang.

Tower : APAC 2458, Tower.

Me : Tower go ahead.

Tower: APAC 2458, expect direct to Pulau Perhentian from Bandar Permaisuri.

Me : Copied APAC 2458, standby for ETA perhentian.

Tower : Report again Permaisuri.

Me : Wilco APAC 2458.

So I calculated the ETA,Dist and Track from Permaisuri to Pulau Perhentian and note in Nav Log. Previously, I heard Radio call from Berjaya Air. After I have the ETA in hand, I reported overhead Permaisuri and gave ETA for Perhentian.

Tower : APAC 2458, confirm resume NAV to Pulau Redang?

Me : APAC 2458, if possible proceed to Redang thereafter to Perhentian..

Tower : APAC 2458, copied report again Redang and request REDANG ETA.

Me : Standby APAC 2458.

hahaha..I’ve erased my previous ETA and need to calculate again ETA for Redang. Maybe Berjaya Air have landed safely which allow me to resume my route to Redang. I then calculated the ETA and inform tower.

Still maintained 5000feet at all time and have visual with Pulau Redang.

Runway surrounded with high terrain =p

Overhead Pulau Redang, I set my heading to Pulau Perhentian which was the second last reporting point.

I was ask to descend 3000feet from 5000feet halfway from Perhentian to Bachok. Rejoin as per standard and landed safely 2hours later. Alhamdullilah no snags.

Note : Pictures taken is for my reference as well to other for their Navigation exercise. My advice to my fellow juniors, do watch out your fuel quantity and Min fuel. I’m sure you dont want to end up with fuel exhaustion up there =p. I still practiced safe flying while taking photos. Flying the aircraft was my first priority over taking pictures.

Aviate – Navigate – Communicate.


  1. Sarah M. Said:

    ohh how i really wish i’m good in writing ): i can talk but i cant write. tsk tsk ):

    p/s : seriously nice . i always lovelovelove your cockpit diaries ^^

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