General Handling18 (Power loss)

Total Hours : 67:35

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRF

Instructor : SOLO

Date of flying : 2011/04/03

My sortie was scheduled in the morning session, around 10.30AM. Weather early in the morning (8AM) declared as IMC (Instruments Meteorological Conditions) because the visibility less than 4000Metres which means VFR flights (It’s me) cant get airborne.

Around 10am, first dual aircraft got airborne and reported weather is only suitable for CPL SOLO flyer and of course dual flight. And of course, I’m one of the cadet excited to get airborne. Its CPL stage. We need hours to finish!.

I’ve decided to go to Uban training area because haven’t been there for a while. Quite lucky because only 2 reported traffic there which both of them are my batchmate.

I did pre-flight check as per normal and of course ECU test A and B as I went through the checklist. I safely airbone and tracked to Uban. Maintained 1000feet tracked to Pasir Mas town took few mins time. After established at Uban, I changed over to Ground frequency and copied traffic information. I operated at Gual Periok.. Thanks to G1000, Again..I can crosscheck everything =p.

After confirm that I’m in Gual Periok area, I then advanced throttle to full power (100%) and then climbing to 2000feet before starting any exercise. However, as I passing through 1200feet, I entered clouds, around 7/8 octas. Passing 1600feet, I’ve got the full view of the clouds from above.

Nice…Thanks (I said twice) to Garmin. I know my position in Real time so that I wont cross Thailand border and have F-16 escort me..huhu..

I then continue climb to 2000feet and did Medium Turn, Steep Turn, Rate-one-turn and approach config stall. Fully development stall I didn’t do this time due to condition of the cloud. Its quite dangerous if I entered into spin (Plus) I don’t have visual with ground.

Everything seems to be normal. I request rejoin as per normal. Then I wanted to climb back to 1500feet for standard rejoin height. I advanced the throttle to full power gently and I noticed something was terribly not right. The Load (%) indication is not indicating at 100%. I then crosschecked with my T’s and P’s. Everything seems to be in green. Check my fuel. Its sufficient on the left tank and balance. I turned the G1000 to backup mode which means both screen display the same thing. It was confirmed that reading was around 68% load. Cruise power setting.

Throttle fully advanced…But..Unable to get 100% load indication.

Even RPM showing 2290RPM, when I wanted to climb to maintain 1500feet (passing 11oofeet), my airspeed reduces even my pitch attitude around 3′-4′ degrees. I knew something was not right now. I then Radio Ground

Me : Ground APAC 2458, request immediate rejoin due to technical problem.

5secs goes by…

Ground : APAC 2458, cleared standard rejoin 1500feet contact tower.

Me : Cleared standard rejoin 1500feet contact tower, APAC 2458.

Switched to Tower….

Me : Tower, APAC 2458, now passing 1300feet, Uban Training area, request rejoin via Kelantan River to land.

Tower : APAC 2458, cleared rejoin via Kelantan River 1500feet.

Me : (readback)

I then transmitted at Company frequency (133.0Mhz) to advised all traffic in Uban because I’m tracking to Pasir Mas then to Kelantan River.

Me : Tower, APAC 2458, unable to climb 1500feet due to Power loss..Advise I’m maintaining 1200feet now.

Tower : APAC 2458, copied. Descend 500feet and do you need any assistance on arrival?

Me : Descend 500feet, negative I dont need assistance. (I hope)

I noticed that once I descended, If I wanted to climb back my airspeed will be reduced greatly. Initially, cruise airspeed around 110kts. But now I only had 78Kts in flight. 8 kts to spare before entering glide airspeed. So from 1200feet, I reduce my Rate of descent from 500feet per min to 100-200fpm.

Tower : APAC 2458, advised traffic hold Late downwind 1000feet.

Me : Copied traffic and I have visual with traffic.

Tower : 2458.

Finally, I reached Right base around 800feet.

Me : Tower , APAC 2458, turning final to land.

Tower : APAC 2458,Continue approach

Me : Continue approach APAC 2458.

I saw Malaysia Airlines 737 still on the runway, Vacating.

Tower : Malaysian xxxx, please expedite vacate Bravo

Malaysian xxxx: Wilco Malaysia xxxx.

Once MAS vacated the runway, Tower then cleared me to land.

Now, I decided to do flapless approach and landed safely an hour after my airborne time.

Alhamdullilah…Thanks to ATC for assisting me and managed to slot me for landing.

I then reported to engineer and Mr Fauzi did some checks and he said it was confirmed, Power Loss in flight.

Next thing I saw that, they opened up the front cowling for further inspection =)


  1. Hann2357 Said:

    oooo……ko ke yg cross aku late downwind…
    overhead kelantan river..haha

    • rezolles Said:

      Tak pasti bro…masa tu, 03Tango hold late downwind.. ^^,

      • hann2357 Said:

        ye aa…
        aku test lah time tuh..

      • rezolles Said:

        ahahaha..kantoi.~..hehe..sorry sbb aku kene hold…nk wat camner..emergency..nasib baik enjin tak kiok~

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