Instruments Flying 5 (D)

Total Hours : 69:45

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRH

Instructor : Capt Kamis (APAC09)

Date of flying : 2011/04/05

It was the second time flying IF in CPL stage. Nothing much new. Last time, I did IF 4 with Capt Kamis also.This time, I did everything by myself. Last IF 4, Capt Kamis showed me VOR RWY 10 approach (demo). We joined from Uban training area which means we made offset entry from sector 2.

Basically, there are 3 types of entries.

– Parallel

– Offset

– Direct

Every single type of approaches requires different technique which normally will be covered during IF mass briefing.

For DME approach, the only different from the 0ther approach is this approach have distance and height requirement. For example, at DME 7, the height requirement is 1700feet and so on.. Other than that, everything remain the same.


I was lucky this time, when I requested for startup, ATC cleared direct for Victor Kilo Bravo (VKB), the -name- for VOR  Kota Bharu at 2500feet. So, I dont have to go to training area and standby.

Climb on Runway heading (100degrees) until reaching 2500feet and left turn direct to VKB. Overhead VKB, RT call shall be made here :

Me : Tower,APAC 09, overhead Victor Kilo Bravo 2500feet, Outbound Plus 4.

ATC: APAC 09, report again outbound.

Me : Report again outbound APAC 09.

Turn Time Transmit. (almost like TTRT =p)

So, after clock the time, I did rate-one-turn (thanks to G1000 made my life much easier).

After 4mins, came back Overhead VKB and RT call : APAC 09 Beacon Outbound.

Tower : Report again inbound.

Me : Report again inbound APAC 09.

This is the toughest part. I need to maintain constant rate of descent around 250feet per-min (FPM), otherwise, I might end up being too low or too high at specified distance. The height and distance plotted on chart. So we don’t have to memories anything.

After descended to MDA (Min Descent Altitude) which is 450feet. I asked instructor whether runway in sight, he replied runway inside and I removed my IF hood and land the aircraft visually.In case runway is not in visual, I need to commence my miss approach at DME 3.0 and follow as per chart.

Thats it for IF5. =)

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