Navigation 17 (M)

Total Hours : 66:35

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRF

Co-pilot : Ihsan (APAC 2451)

Date of flying : 01/04/2011

It was lovely Friday morning. Route for this time was to Kerteh airfield then back to Kota Bharu. Actually, I’ve never been there with any instructor. So, it was my first time. I decided to have a co-pilot a.k.a adviser during my flight. APAC 2451, Ihsan agreed to mutual my flight.

We did preparation on ground together and I explained our route and he double checked everything. I did pre-flight check as per usual and found the aircraft condition satisfactorily.  We agree that I did RT and fly as PIC, however, in case of anything, he agreed to take over the control in case found me disorientated.

We safely airborne somewhere around 0930HRS local time. Tracked to Bachok as per flight plan. Cleared to climb to 5000feet. Overhead Bachok, we then tracked to Pulau Rhu and there after to Permaisuri.

Crossing Penarek tracking to Permaisuri

It was our first time flying to Kerteh airport (WMKE). Weather on route to Kerteh is a bit cloudy. He did advised me to climb to 6000feet due to cloud and I agreed and call Terengganu Approach to advise.


Me : Approach, APAC 2458.

Tganu : APAC 2458, go ahead.

Me : APAC 2458, request to climb 6000feet due to cloud sir.

Tganu: Approved 6000feet initially.

Me : 6000feet approved APAC 2458.

I then started to climb to 6000feet and avoid few patched of clouds. But purposely let the left wing entered small cumulus cloud..hehe..

Terengganu approach then handed over me to Kuantan Approach. I then contact as per normal. We flown overhead Kerteh airfield at 6000feet. I can see clearly the runway 16/34 overhead and one helicopter on final. We then tracked back to Terengganu airfield via Dungun and Marang. We were asked to contact Terengganu again abeam Penerak.

Established contact with Terengganu Approach, we then decided to overfly Terengganu as the weather at Terengganu is pretty bad. I’m not going to spend a night there without carrying anything. Because one of my batchmate did land there but forced to spend a night at Terengganu due weather.

Tracking to Marang.

I then turned on the Autopilot…Eah sorry, I asked Ihsan to take over the control for a while..hehe..

Left-hand control ^^

Overhead Marang, Set heading to Terengganu airfield.

There are few prominent features at Marang such as river connecting to the sea and also a bridge. Approximately 6mins from Marang to Terengganu with 110kts groundspeed. After flown overhead Terengganu airfield, we then tracked to Pulau Redang (WMPR).

Navigation log – Used to record our Route or also know as Legs which contain information such as Heading, Speed, Time,Distance, Estimated time of arrival (ETA) and most importantly Minimum fuel and actual fuel on board.

Overhead KB town 1500feet.

Everything was normal and I took over the control again and resume Navigation to Pulau Perhentian and final check point was Bachok. We then were asked to report overhead KB town and landed safely.

Thanks to Ihsan (coloured). He was my first mutual partner.

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