Night Flying (1)

Total Hours : 88:25

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRA

Instructor : Capt Myo (APAC 17)

Date of flying : 20/04/2011

Flying at night. Sounds interesting right? I was very excited at first to know that I’ve been scheduled for my first night flying by flight operation. What came on my mind was the beautiful runway lighting, aircraft lighting as well as cockpit lighting making me can’t wait for it.

I came with 10.30AM bus because I have sortie in the afternoon with Capt Amrul (APAC11). Normally, night flyer will come to hangar around 1PM. However, my sortie with Capt Amrul around 1.30PM. So I need to get there early so that I can prepare the aircraft.

Make it short, I’ve flown with one of the best instructor, Capt Amrul for one hour. We did GH28 (P1/US). I practiced PFL,Steep turns,Medium Turns,Rate-One-Turn,and circuits.

I’ve been told that Night Flying briefing will be held around 6PM, and the most interesting part. New comers; like me have to get this done.Huhu...

Basically, nothing much different with morning briefing. The only thing, only few instructor and 3-4 aircrafts allocated for night flying. During briefing, the duty student must cover :


2)Aircrafts Hours

3)Night Flying Emergency Procedures

4)Sunset Time

5)Scheduled Departures/Arrival

It is important to know sunset time. Reason why is because, flying after sunset time will be declare as Night Flying. Before the time, it will noted as Day time flying. Plus, I also know “Maghrib” praying time. =)

After covered the briefing part, we then checked the aircrafts conditions especially lighting system to make sure everything in good condition.After satisfied, we went out to have a quick meal around 6.30PM before maghrib.

As usual, sometimes my batchmate asked me to take photos…Yeah, that’s what I do in KL.

Diatas permintaan….

After finished with our so called “Dinner”, we went back inside just before Maghrib time. Nearest stall situated around 5-mins walking distance.

Getting darker

It is clearly written in APFT SOP for night flyer about dark adaptation. Well, its new to me. Before any night flight, the cadet are required to stand outside the terminal building or any other place which have bright light in order to “familiarize” with dark condition; and of course, there are reasons behind it.


After signed tech-log and prepared everything, I sat outside and famil myself with the darkness..Not to forget, take a few photos..hehe


DA42 and DA40

Procedures for Night flying quite different from daytime. Especially lighting system. The moment you sit inside the aircraft, Electric Master switch must be turn ON and immediately Navigation/Position light ON. Aircraft is occupied whenever this lights ON.

Before start the engine, pilots must shine the engine using torchlight to warn the marshaller and of course, verbally say “Clear Prop”. After engine started, carryout as per checklist. Again, the engine will be shine but this time, in circular motion for ECU test.

Once received clearance for taxi, Taxi light must be turn ON OFF then ON to acknowledge marshaller that aircraft is going to taxi. To dismiss marshaller, LDG light ON then OFF.

Strobe light and Landing light must be turned ON before entering an active runway. Or in other word, when received clearance to lineup at runway.

It was quite dark at runway making it hard to see the centreline. As for me, I will turn the aircraft until DA40 LDG/Taxi light point to the centerline and I will select ref point. DA40 manufacturer design the lights on the left wing. Not on the nose wheel unlike any other aircraft, making it dim in front.

Once safely airbone, “airborne call” has to be made to inform ATC.

Landing part was the most challenging for me. Its like flying in total darkness plus moonless night. As for Night Flying 1, I really dont have the judgment to start flare  but after few circuits on that night, I feel more confident.

I landed safely after 4circuits. 3normal and 1 flapless. Once I taxi clear of the dispersal, I made Radio call “Runway Vacated” to inform the ATC.

That’s all for my first night flying. =)


  1. reenkisa Said:

    Awesome pictures 🙂

  2. mangchik Said:

    Alhamdulillah .. I thot it was u when i read this message:

    “To all APAC & fellow aviators we lost another comrades Cadet Hasiff Batch 26 car accident today alfatihah..”

    • rezolles Said:

      I heard that news today when I went to OPS. Al-fatihah to him. Saw him few times here in Kota Bharu. He’s from Batch 26, terengganu detachment.

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