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Navigation 4 (First Navex SOLO)

Total Hours : 33:40

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRJ

Instructor : SOLO

It was my first Navigation SOLO after cleared by Capt Amrul (APAC 11). I filed a flight plan to Manek Urai as I flown for Nav 3 (SOLO check). My sortie was scheduled around 10am. It has become a routine to come early in the morning and I’m very happy to see the weather. Just nice for navigation.

Basically the route is exactly the same as Nav 3 (PERINGAT / PASIR MAS / TANAH MERAH / MANEK URAI / KUBOR DATU / TANAH MERAH / KB TOWN / WMKC//) . Before a cadet can fly SOLO, he must have the “authorization” from any captain that have that aircraft rating. It is normal that the cadet will be question on something about aircraft or anything related before he have the authorization.

While waiting for the aircraft from sortie before me, clouds are building up.

I was quite worried this kind of weather. Is it safe for NAVEX? I check the “METAR” and “TAF”, visibility was 8KM and expected to rain in the afternoon. I asked En Azmi, one of the APFT Ops officer, he radio APAC 14, Capt Rao and Capt Rao said weather is fine for NAVEX SOLO. =)

The aircraft from previous sortie landed safely and I refuel the aircraft and did pre-flight check as per checklist.

Me : Ground APAC 2458, Assalamualaikum

GND: W’salam, APAC 2458, Go ahead

Me : APAC 2458, request startup for NAVEX as per flight plan to Manek Urai, 5000ft, POB 1, Endurance 6HRS, in 9M-NRJ copied info Golf.

GND: APAC 2458, startup approved, Time Check xx:xx (I cant remember the number)

Me : Startup approved Time Check xx:xx (I cant remember the number)

However, when ATC gave the Time Check, I noticed that the time set in G1000 is not the same as given by ATC. Now I have to synchronized with my watch.

Me : Ground, APAC 2458 Request ATC

GND : APAC 2458, cleared to leave Kota Bharu CTZ,5000feet,Squawk 5400 QNH10xx(I cant remember the number)

Me : Cleared to leave Kota Bharu CTZ,5000feet,Squawk 5400 QNH10xx(I cant remember the number), APAC2458

After I finished the checklist and ready for taxi, again I contact ground for Taxi

Me : Ground, APAC 2458, Ready for Taxi

GND : APAC 2458 Standby Taxi

Me : Roger APAC 2458

Standby means we need to wait for clearance to taxi to holding point Charlie. After a while, Ground gave clearance for Taxi and contact Tower. I taxied to Holding Point Charlie and contact Tower.

Me : APAC 2458, holding point Charlie, Good afternoon.

Tower : APAC 2458, good afternoon, hold at charlie.

Me : Hold at charlie APAC 2458.

I heard my friend from Batch 25, Kavinash APAC 2570 turning final to land =) He rolled pass in front of me than I taxi and lined up Runway 10

I safely airbone about 10.50am, passing 200feet

Tower : APAC 2458, initially maintain runway heading

Me : Initially Maintain RWY heading APAC 2458

After a while

Tower : APAC 2458, cleared right turn

Me : Cleared Right Turn APAC 2458

After cleared to turn right, I tracked to Peringat which was approximately 5mins from airport. I crosschecked with Garmin G1000 as well to make sure my track and also referred to MAP as normal. After Peringat, I then tracked to Pasir Mas and Tanah Merah. From Tanah Merah to Manek Urai, I checked the wind indicator, it shows that I have 13knots crosswind

With Outside Air Temp of +19’c. Quite cold for me ^^

Tracking to Manek Urai at 5000feet

Looking for Force Landing area?

Crosscheck : Now tracking to Kubor Datu

Map Time Ground technique.

Basically, there are 2mins marking along the route. This allow us to crosscheck where we are based on our time from last reference point.

(disregard the UTC time. It is not correct)

Time from my last reference point (Manek Urai) is 4mins and 16seconds.

Roughly about 4mins. and of course, I crosschecked with G1000 also..Haha

From Kubor Datu, I tracked to Tanah Merah back and noticed I have tailwind.

By having this tailwind, making my Estimated time of Arrival (ETA) and Actual Time of Arrival (ATA) difference by 1 minute. Save the fuel =p. Some of the instructors prefer to maintain 110kts GS, to achieve that, I need to reduce the Power a bit.

On route back to Kota Bharu from Tanah Merah, I can see clouds is everywhere..Playing time has begun.

It is my responsibility to maintain visual with ground. Intentionally enter into clouds is prohibited- SOP, and of course I avoid clouds for my first SOLO. I dont want any trouble here..Hehe..But somehow, flying between two big clouds, you can feel slightly turbulence. Turbulence getting worse when I approached KB town. I was asked to hold at KB town for a while and cleared to join early downwind.

Safely landed around 12.05PM in the afternoon for my first NAVEX SOLO. Alhamdullilah =)

Just to share what I was thinking while cruising at 5000feet, how lucky I am to have the opportunity to fly an aircraft and see the beauty of the nature created by our great Creator. I always remind myself before every flight, ” Doa Naik Kenderaan” will be the first thing I do before I go through “Before Start” checklist. No matter how high I fly, No matter how fast I fly, I still have to remember Him.

General Handling (Proficiency Check)

Total Hours : 28:00

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRA

Instructor : Capt Amrul (APAC 11)

It has been a quite some time since my last SOLO to training area. According to regulation, after exceeds a certain period, if a cadet did not fly Dual, he need to be check for proficiency. Basically, this is to check whether the cadet following the correct standard operating procedure.

Initially, Capt Amrul have a sortie with senior for Navex (3Hrs) but canceled due weather. So I took the opportunity to have the “proficiency check” with him. We safely took off around 9AM, went to Bachok. No reported traffic at that moment.

As usual, I started the exercise with Medium turn to the right and left. Capt Amrul advised me to check for clouds before entering the turn. After done with Medium turns, I carried out Steep turns to the left due clouds on my right. I’m still looking for the attitude to maintain VSI zero for 2000feet. Maybe need to practice on this more later. After happy with the steep turn, carried out HASELL checks as usual and did Incipient/Fully Development as well as Approach Configuration Stall.

For Approach Config Stall, Capt Amrul taught me that I need to brief the instructor for simulated downwind position. Ex:

Sir, this Heading 150′ will be my downwind at 2000feet. 1000feet will be my ground level. The runway heading for Final is 330′.

After brief the instructor, I carried out the exercise as planned. While climbing away from stall, passing 1400feet, Capt Amrul suddenly pull my throttle to Idle.

Capt Amrul : haaa, engine failed!

Me : Ok sir, Select attitude for 70kts, 11’oclock will be my force landing area.

Capt Amrul : ok, show to me.

After selected the area, I maintain the glide ASI and started to look for the aiming point. I end up with a high altitude during final. I recovered by 400feet.

After climb to 2000feet, then Capt Amrul explained and brief me how to plan the approach properly. Now, this is crucial information that I want to share and I think it is very effective.


Whenever engine failed, select forced landing area within the “arc of certainty”, and plan for the approach in reverse order. Lets say you aim for a clear field, and you must select anything nearby such as ground features as your height marker. Final, 500feet,Base 800feet. If you are low/high and cannot make it for 500feet on time, turn earlier and vice versa. Remember, your judgment is very important here.


Actually, quite a few important points that I’ve learned from Capt Amrul today but I think its too long to write it here. After done with PFL Training Area, Capt Amrul requested for Overhead PFL and we are cleared to do so by Tower. However, when overhead KB town, clouds is everywhere forcing us to hold at west of KB town and cancel the overhead PFL. We then cleared to enter right base after Fireflyz landed.

While waiting for my sortie in the afternoon (standby), I went to tower with Din (23) and learned how to key-in the flight plan by using ATC computer. =) My sortie in the afternoon was canceled due weather . Went back to bungalow safely around 4PM.

New flickr album.

I have created an account for public view at

Enjoy =>

OUM Graduation Ceremony

Photographer : Myself

Camera : Nikon D3000

Lens: 18-55mm

Venue : PWTC

It was my second event.  So, enjoy the picture. Any comments and idea in terms of photography are welcomed.

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Real Potrait, Real Life and Real Story

This is a real life story based on my conversation with a 70 years old man at PWTC

Who is He? This Old Man.. That is what I wanted to find out after I took his pictures nearby the entrance of  “Dewan Merdeka“, PWTC. This pictures lies 1001 secrets. Initially,after I took his picture around 3.52PM, I went inside and took several photos of kids nearby. After quite some time, I reviewed all the picture that I have until I saw the old man picture. I thought it would be much nicer if I can get a closer picture of this man. I went to the same place and he’s not there; sitting at the place where he was. Just before, I wanted to enter back, he thrown this question.

(I’m quite surprised because I didn’t see him stood behind a wall)

Old Man : Are you a photographer?

Me : Err, not really, Sir.. Just as my hobby

Old Man : I see..

Me : Are you waiting for someone to pick you up here , Sir?

Old Man : Not really.. I just came back from a hospital for a treatment.. (showing receipt from a hospital)

Me : I see…Where do you live , Sir? Is it nearby?

Old Man : Yes yes, just across the road, there is  a small house I rent there.

Me : I see.. Are you staying with your family?

Old Man : (sigh)…. It happened long time ago.

Me : If you don’t mind, can you share what happened?

Old Man : Sure…I have 2 daughters and a son. My wife passed away long time ago because of cancer. All my children got married. The 2 daughters barely visit me.  My son, after he married a Sabahan, he never returned.

10secs of silence

Old Man : Even during Christmas, he never return or send any letters for me. I dont know why he changed after got married. My two daughters busy with their family, one staying in Johor and the other somewhere in KL. I’m waiting here and hoping that God will send someone to help me. Even a small donations really means a lot for me.

Old Man : God will….God will..

Me : Is there any difficulties for your treatment?

Old Man : No no..everything went fine. The only thing is, the Doctor said I need to pay Rm40 for medical report.

Me : I see.

Old Man : How old are you Son?

Me : 20 years old, Sir.

Old Man : Really? Quite a young age.

Me : =)

Old Man : Working?

Me : Err, still study..

Old Man : I see..So are you taking photos around here?

Me : Ar yeah, my sister having the errr.. Graduation ceremony here..

Old Man : I see..What happened now is, most of the people are graduated, but not all educated.

Me : I agree..

Me : Are you staying with any housemate?

Old Man : No, I’m staying alone

Me : Then who is  taking care for your food and medicine?

Old Man : No one, I rent a house and live by myself.

Me : Why don’t you consider to move to Old Folks house where somebody can look after you?

Old Man : I dont really want to go unless when I have to. I’m still working now just to survive. You know, there are lots of people out there who are in worst condition than me, I think they should be given the priority to enter the Old Folks house.

Old Man : I will work as long as I can..Then only I will stay in the Old Folks house.

Me : Good then…

(5secs of silence)

Me : Sir, I think its going to rain..

Old Man : Yeah, its monsoon season now…God is angry at us now..

(he continued)

Old Man : You remember Tsunami last time? Banda Acheh was the worst part affected among other countries. Even Penang also affected. God is angry at us. I think god is greatest. Even some people said God is Great, I think He is the greatest.

Me : I agree Sir.

Old Man : Nowdays, we can see lots of disaster and the latest is the volcano eruption in Indonesia.

Me : Yup, I did read about it. Quite bad.

Old Man : (sigh)… What to do..Things do happened for reasons..

Old Man : I really wish I can see my children for the next Christmas. I hope that they will return one day before I return to God.

Me : I feel sorry for you loss Sir and I will pray and wish that your children will return to you. If you don’t mind, I want to ask you permission to upload your picture.

Old Man : Yes you may.

Me : Thank you sir and take a good care of yourself ya,.

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya di ucapkan kepada semua umat Islam terutama para pembaca blog . Semoga tahun ini, hari Raya di sambut dengan penuh makna. Pandulah berhati-hati dan cermat di musim perayaan ini. Semoga selamat sampai ke destinasi. InsyaAllah.

Ingatan tulus ikhlas,

Mohd Noor Arni



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Majlis Doa Selamat

Terima kasih kepada semua yang menjayakan majlis ini khususnya penduduk di sekitar Bandar Tasik Kesuma dan ahli keluarga saya sendiri.

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Plane carrying 152 crashes in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – A passenger jet carrying 152 people crashed into the hills surrounding Pakistan’s capital amid rain Wednesday, officials said. At least five people were killed and five wounded, but many more were feared dead. The cause of the Airblue crash was not immediately clear, said Pervez George, a civil aviation official. He said the plane had left the southern city of Karachi at 7:45 a.m. for a two-hour scheduled flight to Islamabad and was trying to land during difficult weather.

Airblue is a private service based in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city. “The plane was about to land at the Islamabad airport when it lost contact with the control tower, and later we learned that the plane had crashed,” George said, adding that the model of the plane was Airbus 321 and the flight number was ED202. Guards with the forestry service said they had found some wreckage and seen at least five dead bodies, said Imtiaz Inayat Ali, an official with Islamabad’s Capital Development Authority. Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik said at least five wounded passengers had been rescued.

Pakistani news channels showed what appeared to be wreckage of the plane as a helicopter hovered above the heavily forested hills to assess the situation. Fire was visible and smoke was blowing up from the scene. The army said it was sending special troops to the area to help out along with helicopters. At the Islamabad airport, hundreds of friends and relatives of those on board the flight swarmed ticket counters desperately seeking information. A large cluster of people also surrounded the list of passengers on the flight, which was posted near the Airblue ticket counter. “Nobody is guiding anyone. People are running from one counter to another,” said Arshad Mahmood, whose brother, Maulana Nawab Ulhasan, a prayer leader in a town near Islamabad, was on the flight. “I’m praying for his survival, but I think there is little hope,” Mahmood said.

Arshad Ali said his cousin, Raza Ali, was supposed to be on the flight but missed it in Karachi on his way from Canada. “We are happy he missed the flight, but things here are in shambles at the airport,” Ali said. “For God’s sake, take care of the worried people, the relatives of those who were on the unfortunate plane. They have no information and are just running here and there.” Saqlain Altaf told Pakistan’s ARY news channel that he was on a family outing in the hills when he saw the plane looking unsteady in the air. “The plane had lost balance, and then we saw it going down,” he said, adding that he heard the crash. Officials at first thought it was a small plane, but later revised that. George said 146 passengers were on the flight along with six crew members.

Raheel Ahmed, a spokesman for the airline, said an investigation would be launched, but that for now the focus was to find survivors. The plane was no more than eight years old, and it had no known technical issues, Ahmed said. He added that to his knowledge, the pilots had not sent any emergency signals. Airblue flies within Pakistan as well as internationally to the United Arab Emirates, Oman and the United Kingdom. The only previous recorded accident for Airblue, a carrier that began flying in 2004, was a tailstrike in May 2008 at Quetta airport by one of the airline’s Airbus 321 jets. There were no casualties and damage was minimal, according to the U.S.-based Aviation Safety Network. The Airbus 320 family of medium-range jets, which includes the 321 model that crashed Wednesday, is one of the most popular in the world, with about 4,000 jets delivered since deliveries began in 1988. Twenty-one of the aircraft have been lost in accidents since then, according to the Aviation Safety Network’s database. The deadliest was a 2007 crash at landing in Sao Paolo by Brazil’s TAM airline, in which all 187 people on board perished, along with 12 others on the ground.

The last major plane crash in Pakistan was in July 2006 when a Fokker F-27 twin-engine aircraft operated by Pakistan International Airlines slammed into a wheat field on the outskirts of the central Pakistani city of Multan, killing all 45 people on board. In August 1989, another PIA Fokker, with 54 people onboard, went down in northern Pakistan on a domestic flight. The plane’s wreckage was never found. In September 1992, a PIA Airbus A300 crashed into a mountain in Nepal, killing all 167 people on board. Investigators found the plane was flying 1,500 feet lower than it reported as it approached the Katmandu airport. ____ Associated Press Aviation Writer Slobodan Lekic in Brussels, as well as AP Writers Ashraf Khan in Karachi and Zarar Khan in Islamabad contributed to this report.

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