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The 8th day..

Today, I’ve the chance to surf on the net by using Izzat’s broadband…hehehe..:.So, I can write something on my blog…

Before I entered the flying school…I thought the life would be “easy”…Obviously I’m wrong..

Everything I need to do by myself here…from A to Z…Laundry..ironing shirt and etc…:'(

But…slowly I get to used with it..hehe..Here, most of the seniors are very friendly and welcomed us…

We had our “Ice Breaking” session on the 1st day…I went it thru…uuhhh…88|

Now, my PPL exam is scheduled on 26/4…3weeks after commencement date..

So…gud lux to me..

Life @ APFT!!

Today is the 5th day I’m here…I’ve a great friends…and…everything is fine here…The housemaster also is a friendly person…Food provided here is made by very skillful chef…:)

Now, I’m using broadband (pinjam from Izzat…Thx to him..

I try to update this blog with more info in the near future…

P/s: I’m glad to be here..B)

The day…

Yeah…Today is the registration day…I departed from pengkalan Kubor around 7AM in the morning…and the visibility is too foggy..I mean..Visibility is 10M away..

What was on my mind is, maybe every morning its happened here..(wrong!)..

I drove with my family + all my stuff inside car…huhuhu…then stucked in Jambatan heading to KB…stucked around 20mins..just to cross over…huhu…

15Mins before 9AM…we arrived at KB airport…We went in..damn…cold!!!…

I havent take my break1st yet..(usually, I dont take any too =p)..I went to a cafe then ask for “orange juice”…



When I was about to pay, there is another guy (nothing to do with APFT)…same juice with me..He paid RM2..Then I quickly took out Rm2…

Cashier asked me:

Cashier : Pailet ko?
Me : eerrr…ho (hahaha…it was an accident I answered ‘yes’)..
Cashier : Seriya (RM1)..

hahaha… =)

After a while, around 9.20AM…En Sabri came and tick my name…Then they took us to Crew Residence..

My housemate are really really nice people + senior also..Ramzi + arief sapa tak kenal..batch 23…haha..then Adam from Batch 13 ke 17…tak sure…huhu..

After that, we went (all aprilian’s batchmate) to Pantai Timur Market…Thats it..


“Night time”/Ice breaking sooon!!!

Tomorrow is the Big Day..

Yeah…I couldn’t tell you what I feel right now…It’s mixture of feelings..Nervousness..Happiness..Excitement and name it..This gonna be my 1st time stay in the “asrama”..hehe..

Again, I would like to thank again Lobok and Ariz for “calming” me down..hehe..:P;D

Hope you guys wont mind..!!:oops:

To all my member at other flying skul that also will be joining flying school (ITnS/HMA), I wish you all luck man..We are going to face something different from what we had now..:.

I have to sleep early and wake up very early coz KB roads will ‘jam” especially at Sultan Yahya Petra bridge..near the Tesco if I’m not mistaken..

That’s it..thx for reading my blog..

Will try to update here soon.

Arrived at Kota Bharu, Kelantan


After driving for 6hours non-stop(except for re-fuell)..My family and I arrived safely at Kota Bharu, Kelantan..We stayed at Pengkalan Kubur..My grandparents house..

When I was at Gua Musang, the weather is terribly bad with some winds around..The visibility also decreasing from time to time…I hope this weather is not bad when I at APFT

For now, I only have 1 internet connection which is the old school one…DIAL UP..Its very slow and its expensive..compared to Streamyx..

I will look forward to purchase Celcom Broadband in the near future..

I guess thats all for now..

Thx to Faiz for replied all my questions via sms..eventhough he’s busy…Thx bro!! B);)

Few days to go…APFT

Insyallah, I will be joining APFT this 06/04/2009 Monday as scheduled..Today, I’ve packed every single things/items that is necessary to bring…and..the outcome..2 very large and heavy bags..Not including few plastic bags..:oops:…

All my drawers previously full of my clothes is now emptied… “a new wardrobe”..

oh man..i feel..nervousness…and …and…happiness…all of this feelings covered me…|-|a

I would like to thanks to all my frenz for wishing me gudlux especially to :

1)Ariz Fahaza (MAS)(special guy/pilot)
2)Zaiem (HMA) – gudlux 2 u 2 bro!! (April)
3)Kuchai (ITnS) – also 2 u 2!! (April)
4)Faiz (APFT)
5)Nas (APFT)
6)Low Bok Keong (IR TNB)
7)aMiR (MAS)
10)Hafidz (MAS)

and others as well!!:>>

Taekwando V11

WOW!! Amazing!! Fascinating!!

These are the words that came out from my mouth when I saw a policeman shows some movements to defeat attacker(s)..

Today, for the very 1st time, I came in late..bout 2mins late..When I arrived, Master Lee already upstair and Senior Leong also there..During that time, Master Billy was there..The moment I came in and bow (at door)..(Students have to very very respects instructors, bow before enter the class)..

The cause of late

Master Lee : Eah..I thought you already leave..
ME : No is the last one..
Master Lee : IC..
Master Billy (whispering) to Master Lee : He have the interest to learn..

YES I AM!!..There are several reasons why I learn Martial arts..Not to show off to people, but to increase confidence and etc…

Then I went to (something like we can kick and punch, like hanging “bantal golek“), I kick and punch as much as I can..Coz today is the last day ma…I want to have a good time..Somemore, I’m no longer a white belt..I’m a “full” Yellow belt..just been promoted..So I allowed to use all the facilities and “plank” provided…White belt are not allowed to do so.

Then Master Kok came in..I bow to him…and Master Lee call everybody in..As usuall, warming up is VERY VERY important I tell you..🙄

Then there was a guy came in..An indian guy..Black belt…4th degree..I thought he just join here..So i just continued like usuall..

We did punch and kick non stops…I forgot the movement name..but this one is black belt movement..Master Lee asked me to do it..Last day..He want to “torture” me..(he did)..hehe..:oops:

So,after we all..I said ALL exhausted and no longer can move…We then rested for a while..During this moment, the indian guy (after this will be stated as “The Police”),haha..macam agreement la plak

He talked with Master Lee..

Then Master Lee asked everybody in INCLUDING me, The police then says a few words..introduce himself..He’s a policeman..He told us that, fighting in class IS NOT THE SAME in REAL word..As you know, police job…Will fight against criminal and they have to act FAST in a VERY short time!

The police said, in order to fight “penjenayah“, we cant waste any time..What happen If 5/6 people attack you at the same time?So today, I’m going to show some of movement to knockout opponent without wasting any time..

He then called one of my seniors to come infront..

1st, He said if the persons punch you..In a split of seconds, you can bring down the guy and make him unconcious..Trust me..We did practice a lot of times!! not 1 or 2 trials make you perfect..and yes..we didnt punch the guy back…Just avoid the punch and bring him down and like throw him..I dont know how to describe..

2nd, If the person have knife/parang or whatever weapon, a police can avoid and bring down the guy and cuff him..the guy unable to move even 1 inch coz we “lock” their hand..(move to backside)

3rd, if a criminal/person attack you from side, you can “movement like slap” can make him half paralyzed for 30mins!!..He told us!! but we didnt do this to our opponent la ofcourse (real snap)..Just slowmotion ones

The details I cant provide here how to perform those methods..Coz its confidential.I’m afraid people will misuse the technique..Moreoever, when you know the theory, you need to practice..WITH instructor/teacher..pls dont simply attempt on your own!💡

We did try all of the methods…with partner..I’m very lucky to learn this..and I’m very unlucky coz there are more!!..I have to leave Taekwondo for APFT soooonn..:|(As stated, today is my last class)

And thanks to him for showing US some steps to bring down people which I think in just 1.5seconds..anymen..with and without a knife…But, this is the fact and He taught us to do so.. conclusion..of all taekwondo classes I had..THIS IS THE VERY BEST

Personally, I would like to thank to MASTER LEE (7th Dan) for his kindness for allow me to learn taekwondo in a very short time (2months) and also allow me to join 2classes a week..and to other instructors as well as Master Billy (7th Dan)..and Master Kok (congrats, you received ur 4th Dan today)..

Not to forget all senior as well..for welcome me from the 1st day I joined Taekwondo…They never look down upon me coz I’m junior/whitebelt whereas they are black..All of them keen to teach me everything they know..

Before I leave, Master Lee asked me to collect yellow belt and cert this thursday before I leave to APFT this Friday..He also invited me, during holidays, I can come over…no worry..(if he didnt invite I will also come one..I love tae-won-do..huhu:oops:)