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CAA6 Class….

I have been informed by my leader that Batch 24 will be starting CAA6 class by this Monday (27/7/09)..B) As far as I know, this is the hardest stage among all exam that I had before…

CAA6 syllabus consists of

1) Radio Aids
2) Meteorology Practical
3) Meteorology Theory
4) Instruments
5) Navigation
6) Flight Planning

So, I will strive for the best…


My second “flight” — EOC 2 and S&L 1

How do I begin this post?Hurm…Actually, I dont have any sortie for today..It was my friend sortie, but he gave it to me because I’m going back to KL for my appointment.So ‘sweet’ hahaha…B)

My sortie was on 8.30AM (the 1st sortie) for the day..and…the great thing is…My friend suppose to be the “DUTY STUDENT” for today..No wonder la he ‘eager’ gave his sortie to me…huh..Never mind..It was a great honor for giving me this task, because I’m the first person in my batch (24) as a Duty Student.

So, what is duty student need to do??

1) Duty student handle the morning “parade” commands:>>
2) Check for METAR,AC Hours,Time Check,Reading SOP,Emergency Checklist

I was quite nervous at that time..Arrived early in the morning around 7.05AM..Some of the students arrived earlier.Waiting for ‘duty student’ to arrive…haiz..:roll:

So, placed my bag inside and start running outside and getting ready..

Dup Dap Dup Dap Dup Dap

Lines getting longer and longer…I’m facing all the senior..:idea:

What comes from my mind is the word…BARIS….BARISSSSS SEDIAA…

but out of sudden, En Nasir (our Flight Ops Officer) came out and check the lines..There are two students who didnt wear their peak cap..One of them were asked to replaced and take over the parade as a punishment…

Haaa??? Never mind..I joined the line as normal..

Then, after the morning parade, I straight away went to Flight Ops room to obtain METAR,AC hours,Time Check from ATC…After I’ve got what I need, I then went to Flight Planning classroom and brief the students..There are two instructors watching at the back..

ME : Good morning everyone, My name is Mohd Noor Arni from Batch 24..OK..METAR for Today..WMKC Wind 220 at 4knots bla bla bla (quite fast, but not so fast)..
Class : haaa?Say again…:oops::oops:
ME : Repeating…

That’s it…Its not difficult as I thought..

Go back to my second flight experience…

Before our flight/sortie, We (3persons including me) had our pre-flight briefing on what we are going to do..As for me, I need to cover Effect of Controls 2 and Straight and Level 1..

We were briefed by Capt Dhany, which is the coolest Capt in APFT…Filled up Auto Sheet and Tech Log before flight…Did Preflight inspection..

Then, out of sudden, Capt Dhanny, asked me to request for startup..

ME : Kota Bharu Ground, Apac 16, Morning
ATC : Apac 16, Go ahead
ME : Apac 16, request startup for Bachok training area, POB 03,Endurance 6HRS in Niner Mike November Romeo Alpha.
ATC : Apac 16,Startup approved

Then capt dhany asked me to taxi…He gave me chance to do Take Off on my own…WOW…seriously…I’m so excited and nervous as well… best!!..

I can say from ground till landing, 95% I have control..other 5% he set AC to bank and asked me to make it straight and level..

The best part is…I did the landing as well…Well..I can say it almost looks like a ‘crab’ landing..hahaha..:oops:

Capt : Flaps landing
Me : Flaps landing, speed check,
Capt : Increase power…
Me : (increasing…but not enough)
Capt : Increase the power more…Jangan takut…
Me : (Increasing)
Capt : Maintain 70KIAS
Me : Increasing power until achieved 70KIAS..
Capt : Saya tkut low speed daripada high speed time landing (he’s referring to STALL)
Me : (Concentrating to get the runway centerline)
Capt : OK..power IDLE…
Me : I pull back the throttle and wait the main wheel to touch down…

shritttt……huhuhu.landed…but…however…the aircraft like going to the i applied Left rudder…huh…then capt showed me how to brake…

Brake..relase..brake release…

Capt : Brake mcm ni…kalau tak nanti braking mechanism panas..
ME : OK Sir..

That’s it…I didnt feel anymore diziness coz I’m so busy up there..look at the airspeed/getting wing level and etc.

haaa…Wonderful flight!!

My First Flight – Famil & EOC1


Yeay…today was my first flight…My flight was scheduled on 4.30PM..waaa…its the last sortie man for the day..NVM..I dont mind…

So, I came early to the hangar @ 7.10AM (you can calculate how many hours of waiting game time)…:roll: with some of my friends which their sorties in the morning…NVM

I have plenty of time to go through my checklist…SOP…annndddd AFM…;D

The next thing I did is I took out the checklist and went to real AC (unserviceable)..When I tried to unlock the door, ITS LOCKED!!|-| haiz..nevermind..just the checklist from outside…huhu…almost 1hour I was there..

While doing the checklist, here comes “Ramzi” and Wan…

Ramzi : Woi Arni…Wak gapo tu??
ME : haaa?Wak checklist…

I saw him with wan going to I decided to follow him as the piper AC is unlocked


I saw wan already inside the AC doing the checklist as well..huhu..I asked him whether can listen to RT..He switched on the Avionics master and…change the freq…what I do know is only ‘sssiiiittttttt‘ sound produced…huhu..unlucky…:P


The old fashioned Piper 28…However, the good thing is, the ‘dashboard’ is lower enough for me to see compared to Diamond..

APFT does not allow the cadet smoking while in flight…Perhaps, this AC designed for smoking..

Nah…just ignore the checklist…Diamond 40 checklist with Piper..hahaha

Thats it..Time goes on…Until…1PM in the afternoon…My Capt (Myo) arrived.

Me : Good Afternoon capt, My name is ARNI from batch 24.I will be doing Famil with you today 4.30PM
Capt : OK..I will let you know later..
Me : OK Sir..

I just followed him to flight ops then..flight ops said that runway 28 is in used for today..Usually runway 10 is in use..But today, because of the wind, its changed to RWY 28..

The capt said that I will be flying early @ 1.15PM due to SOLO flight cancelled (which using the same AC as me 9M-NRA)..

So I filled up all form..

I did the preflight check with assistance from the capt.We went to Bachok T/A..

Climb to 1000ft..then 1500ft…over coastal area…

Capt : we did EOC 1 as well..
ME : OK sir..

He then showed me how to bank & yaw…He gave me control so that I can try by myself..Trim..Is the next thing I learned..Its quite easy but need to concentrate..While capt talking to will also listen to other communication from other AC with tower/ground…huhu..

Infact, that day I’ve covered EOC 2 as well, capt showed me effect of power/slipstream and flaps…But the only thing is, the flying hours is not enough to write EOC 2 in FTR.

My flight was not bumpy like backseat yesterday…Kinda smooth…:>> (coz my sortie was in the morning)

After done those exercises, we landed using RWY 28..Capt landed smoothly..Ngam-ngam brake enter the taxiway to dispersal..fuh…B)

So..that’s it…

Until the next flight

1st sortie…??No..Only backseat ={

YES….My first sortie was scheduled on 9/7..3days earlier than I thought..:>>

So, whats next??..PREPARATION… I asked my senior on what to prepare because its be my 1st time flying…

Things I need to prepare/bring and make sure are :

1)Self Fitness (yes…this is the most important factor that you need!)
2)Diamond 40 Checklist
3)Training area map

That’s it…

So, the night before I fly, I slept early…I think around 11PM…Woke up early in the morning…and yeah…ready to fly..My sortie was scheduled on 10AM..With Capt Myo…

We (3 of my batchmates and I) then took 6.45AM bus together with ground school students there…Arrived at APFT hangar 15mins later..We then attended the ‘morning briefing’…In this briefing, a duty student will check for METAR then he will brief us..Time check..andddd serviceable aircraft…That’s it…

the next thing I did was, I looked for the captain in Flight Ops and..he was there..I introduced myself…

ME : Sir, My name is Mohd Noor Arni bin Abdul Rahman, you can call me ARNI (written at my airport pass also:oops:)
Capt : ARNI?? Like a gurl name huh..?:| ha ha ha…
ME : (speechless)…just laugh…
Capt : just ur sortie on 10AM…later you see me before 10AM..
ME : OK sir..thank you, sir…

I’ve met the capt…I’ve wrote the autosheet..So, what should I do now??Just read through again the checklist…

Time : 9.30AM
I went outside and look after Niner Mike November Romeo Alpha or in other words (9M-NRA), aircraft registration that I will fly today…

But…there is no aircraft here..I went inside Flight Ops room..checked the LCD, that AC is still flying..doing circuit..I just wait outside..I dont want to wait inside, coz later my capt searching for me which is not a good thing:roll:…

Time : 11.30AM

I’m not sure how time flies…I didnt realize that I sitting outside almost 2hours..Finally, the aircraft landed…I immedeatly approached my instructor..Unfortunately, he said to me that my sortie will be cancelled coz other cadet will be doing solo check..

Capt : ARNI, your sortie will be cancelled because other cadet doing solo check..and time almost 12PM..Finish hours
ME : ok problem..When will be our next sortie (replacement)??
Capt : Come on SUNDAY @ 2PM
ME : OK sir…thank you…

So I went inside and look for my batchmates..I told them and they ‘laugh’ at wasnt my fault..ceh!!:p

Out of a sudden, I want to fly no matter what,TODAY!!..I just findout that I still have one of my batchmate will doing his sortie @ 2PM today…YEAH..I just can backseat that aircraft…(backseat pun jadilah…haha:oops:)..

So, shorten the story, before we get into the AC, we did the pre-flight check together..I was there and also checking thru..(huh, mcm la sortie aku)..

Then listening to ATIS…taxy..then take-off…Its quite bumpy I tell you around 1,000feet…We went to Uban training area…quite a distance compared to Bachok training area…

My batchmate, Azri, performed all the exercise for EOC 1..I just watched him from backseat silently..

Overhead KB town…Tesco!!

Capt Dhanny shows us where are we on the training Map..

I felt quite dizzyyy because it was my first time and the aircraft was extremely bumpy..Confirmed by capt itself when he said “Bumpy gila ari ni“..

None of us “muntah” during the flight, but my friend who sat infront asking for his ‘plastic’, just in case..B)


I think thats all..I will write more on my very first sortie soon!!


Yeay….Nk balik..sbb ada appointment kat mindef 10/7 ni…dah book Air Asia untuk kali pertamanya!!!Well…sbb tak penah naik airbus…737 dah rasa…ATR 72-500 dah rasa…tinggal airbus je nk rasa…tiket fare ok…order hotdog skali..huhu..

Masa nk pilih seat..ingat nk select yg paling depan….kanan ke kiri ke takpe…tak kisah..tapi tak boleh…hahaha



We have finished our two ‘mass briefing’ on Effects of Controls and Straight and Level on a different two days time..

For Mass Briefing on EOC, we were taught about the effects of main controls such as elevator,ailerons and rudder..Just revising our PoF, (sapa yg mugup 100% DCAT mmg koyak la;D)

Straight and Level, nothing much…just learn how to make the AC flying straight by using a formula called “SHRAT”..haha..and we also learned bout AC datum attitude..

Thats it..

Our first time ever batch sortie will be started by this Monday…So whos the lucky guy??ARIFF!! The 1st guy name in the list…B)I’m the 13th..:oops::>

So I’m not so sure when will be my sortie…Later on, after I’ve got the sortie table…I will take a leave man!! I’m going back to KL!!!…