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General Handling (Proficiency Check)

Total Hours : 28:00

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRA

Instructor : Capt Amrul (APAC 11)

It has been a quite some time since my last SOLO to training area. According to regulation, after exceeds a certain period, if a cadet did not fly Dual, he need to be check for proficiency. Basically, this is to check whether the cadet following the correct standard operating procedure.

Initially, Capt Amrul have a sortie with senior for Navex (3Hrs) but canceled due weather. So I took the opportunity to have the “proficiency check” with him. We safely took off around 9AM, went to Bachok. No reported traffic at that moment.

As usual, I started the exercise with Medium turn to the right and left. Capt Amrul advised me to check for clouds before entering the turn. After done with Medium turns, I carried out Steep turns to the left due clouds on my right. I’m still looking for the attitude to maintain VSI zero for 2000feet. Maybe need to practice on this more later. After happy with the steep turn, carried out HASELL checks as usual and did Incipient/Fully Development as well as Approach Configuration Stall.

For Approach Config Stall, Capt Amrul taught me that I need to brief the instructor for simulated downwind position. Ex:

Sir, this Heading 150′ will be my downwind at 2000feet. 1000feet will be my ground level. The runway heading for Final is 330′.

After brief the instructor, I carried out the exercise as planned. While climbing away from stall, passing 1400feet, Capt Amrul suddenly pull my throttle to Idle.

Capt Amrul : haaa, engine failed!

Me : Ok sir, Select attitude for 70kts, 11’oclock will be my force landing area.

Capt Amrul : ok, show to me.

After selected the area, I maintain the glide ASI and started to look for the aiming point. I end up with a high altitude during final. I recovered by 400feet.

After climb to 2000feet, then Capt Amrul explained and brief me how to plan the approach properly. Now, this is crucial information that I want to share and I think it is very effective.


Whenever engine failed, select forced landing area within the “arc of certainty”, and plan for the approach in reverse order. Lets say you aim for a clear field, and you must select anything nearby such as ground features as your height marker. Final, 500feet,Base 800feet. If you are low/high and cannot make it for 500feet on time, turn earlier and vice versa. Remember, your judgment is very important here.


Actually, quite a few important points that I’ve learned from Capt Amrul today but I think its too long to write it here. After done with PFL Training Area, Capt Amrul requested for Overhead PFL and we are cleared to do so by Tower. However, when overhead KB town, clouds is everywhere forcing us to hold at west of KB town and cancel the overhead PFL. We then cleared to enter right base after Fireflyz landed.

While waiting for my sortie in the afternoon (standby), I went to tower with Din (23) and learned how to key-in the flight plan by using ATC computer. =) My sortie in the afternoon was canceled due weather . Went back to bungalow safely around 4PM.


New flickr album.

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OUM Graduation Ceremony

Photographer : Myself

Camera : Nikon D3000

Lens: 18-55mm

Venue : PWTC

It was my second event.  So, enjoy the picture. Any comments and idea in terms of photography are welcomed.

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Real Potrait, Real Life and Real Story

This is a real life story based on my conversation with a 70 years old man at PWTC

Who is He? This Old Man.. That is what I wanted to find out after I took his pictures nearby the entrance of  “Dewan Merdeka“, PWTC. This pictures lies 1001 secrets. Initially,after I took his picture around 3.52PM, I went inside and took several photos of kids nearby. After quite some time, I reviewed all the picture that I have until I saw the old man picture. I thought it would be much nicer if I can get a closer picture of this man. I went to the same place and he’s not there; sitting at the place where he was. Just before, I wanted to enter back, he thrown this question.

(I’m quite surprised because I didn’t see him stood behind a wall)

Old Man : Are you a photographer?

Me : Err, not really, Sir.. Just as my hobby

Old Man : I see..

Me : Are you waiting for someone to pick you up here , Sir?

Old Man : Not really.. I just came back from a hospital for a treatment.. (showing receipt from a hospital)

Me : I see…Where do you live , Sir? Is it nearby?

Old Man : Yes yes, just across the road, there is  a small house I rent there.

Me : I see.. Are you staying with your family?

Old Man : (sigh)…. It happened long time ago.

Me : If you don’t mind, can you share what happened?

Old Man : Sure…I have 2 daughters and a son. My wife passed away long time ago because of cancer. All my children got married. The 2 daughters barely visit me.  My son, after he married a Sabahan, he never returned.

10secs of silence

Old Man : Even during Christmas, he never return or send any letters for me. I dont know why he changed after got married. My two daughters busy with their family, one staying in Johor and the other somewhere in KL. I’m waiting here and hoping that God will send someone to help me. Even a small donations really means a lot for me.

Old Man : God will….God will..

Me : Is there any difficulties for your treatment?

Old Man : No no..everything went fine. The only thing is, the Doctor said I need to pay Rm40 for medical report.

Me : I see.

Old Man : How old are you Son?

Me : 20 years old, Sir.

Old Man : Really? Quite a young age.

Me : =)

Old Man : Working?

Me : Err, still study..

Old Man : I see..So are you taking photos around here?

Me : Ar yeah, my sister having the errr.. Graduation ceremony here..

Old Man : I see..What happened now is, most of the people are graduated, but not all educated.

Me : I agree..

Me : Are you staying with any housemate?

Old Man : No, I’m staying alone

Me : Then who is  taking care for your food and medicine?

Old Man : No one, I rent a house and live by myself.

Me : Why don’t you consider to move to Old Folks house where somebody can look after you?

Old Man : I dont really want to go unless when I have to. I’m still working now just to survive. You know, there are lots of people out there who are in worst condition than me, I think they should be given the priority to enter the Old Folks house.

Old Man : I will work as long as I can..Then only I will stay in the Old Folks house.

Me : Good then…

(5secs of silence)

Me : Sir, I think its going to rain..

Old Man : Yeah, its monsoon season now…God is angry at us now..

(he continued)

Old Man : You remember Tsunami last time? Banda Acheh was the worst part affected among other countries. Even Penang also affected. God is angry at us. I think god is greatest. Even some people said God is Great, I think He is the greatest.

Me : I agree Sir.

Old Man : Nowdays, we can see lots of disaster and the latest is the volcano eruption in Indonesia.

Me : Yup, I did read about it. Quite bad.

Old Man : (sigh)… What to do..Things do happened for reasons..

Old Man : I really wish I can see my children for the next Christmas. I hope that they will return one day before I return to God.

Me : I feel sorry for you loss Sir and I will pray and wish that your children will return to you. If you don’t mind, I want to ask you permission to upload your picture.

Old Man : Yes you may.

Me : Thank you sir and take a good care of yourself ya,.

Navigation 2

Total Hours : 27:00

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRG

Instructor : Capt Amrul (APAC 11)

This time route was to Manek Urai. It was quite a few waypoints compared to Dabong (Nav 1). The route was from WMKC-PERINGAT-PASIR MAS-TANAH MERAH-MANEK URAI-KUBOR DATU-TANAH MERAH-WMKC. Time taken was approximately 1H 20Mins. I took off around 7.30AM, the earliest flight among other aircraft with Capt Amrul. Weather is fine but there are carpet clouds around 800feet making it difficult to see ground features.  Overhead Pasir Mas, Capt Amrul said, we might forced Return to Base (RTB) due weather, initially.

However, after considering and the weather is getting better after Tanah Merah, we did proceed the flight. It was quite fun flying Navigation with Capt Amrul. He taught and showed every single prominent features on ground. It was quite relax atmosphere in the cockpit.

I followed every single procedure like I did in Nav 1 and landed safely an hour 20mins later.

Navigation 1

Total Hours : 25:45

Aircraft : DA40

Registration 9M-NRA

Instructor : Capt Nay (APAC 21)

This was my first sortie after moved out from Crew Residence. My sortie was scheduled around 2.30PM but I went to hangar with the earliest bus at 6.30AM because I need to file a Flight Plan.

Flight Plan

Pilots will file a flight plan that contains information of the route for the exercise, Estimated Time of Departure, Takeoff aerodrome (Airport), Endurance (Fuel), Estimated Elapsed Time (EET) and others important information to the control tower so that ATC will know and plan accordingly.

After submitted the flight plan at Tower, I returned back to Hangar and saw weather approaching. It was quite hazy early in the morning.IMC.

This kind of weather can bring potential hazard to light aircraft. So, normally ATC won’t allow light aircraft to take off until the weather is getting better. SOLO flyers early morning are really disappointed. But hey, remember. Safety always comes first. I’m sure you want to Land back after you take off right?

While waiting for my turn, I cant remember how many hundreds times I went in and out of Ops room =p. Initially, I thought my sortie also affected by the weather because weather forecast stated its going to be rain in the afternoon.

So, I didn’t put too much hope to fly today. But its miracle. Mother nature play the trick. It was getting better in the afternoon.

Navigation Map

I took off safely around 3.30PM (advised Tower due to aircraft late arrival), we track to Peringat and did all the required checks. After a while, while tracking to Tanah Merah (after Peringat), there was a large CB cloud in front of us. Cloud top is more than FL120, so Capt Nay advised me to divert to Bandar Permaisuri.

I calculated the distance, time and fuel left from current position to Bandar Permaisuri, after tower cleared.

We then climbed and maintained 5000feet hereon and track direct to Bandar Permaisuri. The distance difference between Dabong and Bandar Permaisuri is not much. I was pretty suprised to divert to Bandar Permaisuri as it is quite close to Terengganu =p. Capt Nay’s showed me the prominent ground features based on Map and we are on time.

After arrived overhead Bandar Permaisuri, we made a 180’degrees turn then track to Peringat and return back to Kota Bharu. It was a bit cloudy during that time but we are still able to maintain visual with the ground.

We landed safely and clocked around 1hrs and 30mins.

Garden Photoshoot

Photographer : Myself

Camera : Nikon D3000

Lens: 18-55mm

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MAS terima Boeing 737-800 pertama

PENERBANGAN Malaysia (MAS) menerima pesawat Boeing 737-800 generasi terbaru pertamanya semalam yang ditempah menerusi program penggantian barisan pesawat di bawah Pelan Transformasi Perniagaannya.

Menerusi program itu, syarikat penerbangan kebangsaan itu menempah 55 pesawat Boeing 737-800, 25 pesawat Airbus A330-300 dan enam Airbus A380 yang akan meletakkannya pada landasan kukuh menjadi syarikat penerbangan lima bintang.

Pengerusi MAS, Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid, berkata penerimaan pesawat sulung di bawah program penggantian pesawat kumpulan itu adalah satu langkah besar dalam usahanya meningkatkan mutu perkhidmatan kepada pelanggan.

Beliau berkata, MAS akan menerima dua lagi pesawat itu tahun ini dengan bakinya akan diterima secara berperingkat, manakala pesawat sulung Airbus A330-300 akan tiba April tahun depan dan Airbus A380 pada suku pertama 2012.

“Langkah penggantian barisan pesawat kumpulan akan menyegarkan semula perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan MAS dari segi teknologi dan kemudahan dimiliki pesawat baru berkenaan,” katanya pada sidang media selepas majlis menyambut ketibaan pesawat sulung Boeing 737-800 milik MAS di Terminal Subang Skypark, semalam.

Hadir sama Pengarah Urusan merangkap Ketua Eksekutif MAS, Tengku Datuk Seri Azmil Zahruddin.
Dr Munir berkata, MAS menjadi syarikat penerbangan perkhidmatan penuh pertama di dunia mengendalikan pesawat Boeing 737-800 dilengkapi dengan Reka Bentuk Dalaman Boeing Skyline.

“Penerbangan sulung pesawat ini dijadualkan pada 15 November ini dengan yang pertama dari Kuala Lumpur ke Kota Kinabalu diikuti penerbangan komersial dari Kota Kinabalu ke Haneda, Jepun,” katanya.

Setiap pesawat Boeing 737-800 dianggarkan bernilai AS$70 juta (RM215 juta) dan mempunyai kapasiti 160 penumpang iaitu 16 tempat duduk kelas perniagaan serta 144 tempat duduk kelas ekonomi.

Sementara itu, Tengku Azmil berkata barisan pesawat baru MAS itu berupaya mengendalikan pelbagai jenis sektor penerbangan membabitkan laluan jarak dekat atau jauh manakala reka bentuk pesawat itu berupaya menjimatkan penggunaan bahan bakar.