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A child directing aircrafts at JFK..?

Another interesting story I found on the internet, a child was inside the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower in JFK Airport. He’s directing a few planes for Take-off.Let us take a closer look.

MAS Medical Checkup, 2010

My medical will expired by the end of March, so I decided to renew it 2days before the expiry date. I arrived safely at MAS Complex B, Subang Airport around 8.15AM after 1hour and 15mins of driving. My appointment scheduled on 8.30AM.After passed over my driving license for “Visitor’s Tag”, I parked my car on the same place last year. =] haha

MAS Complex BMAS Medical Centre, Subang

I went straight to the counter and ask about my appointment. Unfortunately, the doctor assigned for me is not in today. So, I have to wait for my turn for another doctor.After filling up some forms, I waited at the “waiting area” before they call my name to do “urine” test, eye check, measure height and weight.

After done those test, I will again have to wait for my turn to be called by doctor.Which I think almost 2 hours. =p Nevermind.


As usual, DR asked about my family history, my current health conditions, and perform few test inside. Around 35mins inside (coz someone interrupting the checkup), he said ok and take care.


The only difference this time is there is no Audiogram, ECG and X-Ray test. This test is to be done for every 5years only.

The cost for renewal is not much, about RM80 at MAS Medical Centre. I’m not so sure about other places.

After I received my new med, I went back home straight =)

Note : The above info’s and pictures are given to assist new cadet. If you found any pictures violating any rules, please do let me know.

Medical examiners list

MAS flight makes emergency landing

PENANG: A Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Boeing 737 from Singapore to Langkawi via Penang, with 88 passengers and seven crew members on board, made an emergency landing at the Bayan Lepas International Airport here on Thursday.

Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAB) Senior Manager in Penang, Abdul Wahab Mohd Yusoff said the flight from Singapore to Langkawi had encountered engine trouble during approach into Penang and forced to make an emergency landing at 12.30pm.

However, the plane landed safely and all passengers and crew on board were safe.

Abdul Wahab said the runway was closed for 20 minutes during which the plane was towed to the bay and reopened at 12.50pm.

“Flight MH674 departed Singapore at 11.05am and was expected to land in Penang before continuing its journey to Langkawi,” he said.

Meanwhile, a passenger on the flight, Eddie O’Hara from Sydney said before the plane made an emergency landing, he heard loud noises and saw fire and thick smoke from one of the engines.

“The captain made a circular movement and attempted to land on the runway but had to abandon the move and take off before making a second attempt successfully.

“I was seated by window on the right side of the plane and could see what was happening. I did not wake up my wife who was sleeping in the next seat.

There was panic and it happened so fast,” he said.

He also praised the pilot for being very professional throughout the ordeal and for his ability to land the plane safely without causing any injuries to the passengers or crew.

Meanwhile, MAS Senior General Manager, Flight Operations Captain Datuk Ahmad Zuraidi Dahalan in statement issued here this evening, however, said there was no fire on the MAS flight MH674 aircraft engine as reported earlier.

“When the engine was shut down, the remaining residual fuel will be burnt off at the exhaust section of the engine, which can be visibly seen. This is normal.

“These flashes will dissipate once all the residual fuel burns off. The plane is perfectly safe, capable and certified to fly in this condition,” he said.

Ahmad Zuraidi said during its approach into Penang, the captain noted that the right engine was surging with vibrations, and he “decided to go around to further assess the situation.”

Following Standard Operating Procedures, a precautionary shut down of the engine was carried out and he landed the plane safely at 12.26pm, he added.
Ahmad Zuraidi said upon landing, the captain opted to shut down the left engine and the aircraft was towed to Gate 10 and all passengers disembarked using the aerobridge.

“The plane landed safely. All 88 passengers and seven crew members are safe.

At no time was the safety of the flight in jeopardy as our captains and crew have been repeatedly trained to handle such situations,” he said.

He said the cause of the incident was being investigated. – BERNAMA


Airshow horror: RMAF pilot dies in UUM crash

ALOR SETAR: Thousands of Universiti Utara Malaysia students and their parents watched in horror as a Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Pilatus PC-7 exploded and caught fire in midair during a solo airshow at 10.15am on Thursday. The 33-year-old pilot was manoeuvring the aircraft to thrill the crowd at the opening of the UUM convocation expo when the plane’s engine compartment, in front of the cockpit, exploded and caught fire. The crowd watched helplessly as the pilot ejected out of the diving plane, with thick black smoke trailing from the engine compartment, before it crashed behind the Bukit Tangga Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi) next to the UUM campus. Although the pilot managed to eject from the plane, his body, still strapped to the seat, was found some 10m from the wreckage.

Police personnel inspecting the wreckage of the RMAF Pilatus PC-7 after it crashed behind the Bukit Tangga Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi) next to the UUM campus on Thursday.

The body was airlifted from the scene to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital for a post-mortem.

A police spokesman said the plane had earlier left the RMAF College in Kepala Batas, Alor Setar, to perform at the airshow.

RMAF has used the aircraft since 1982 to train its pilots at its flight college.

In September last year, two RMAF pilots were killed when their Pilatus PC-7 crashed and burst into flames at the Langkawi International Airport.

The plane had taken off from the Sultan Abdul Halim Airport in Kepala Batas, Alor Setar but crashed in an open area some 90m from the tarmac at the Langkawi airport.

Currently, the RMAF has 30 units of the Swiss-made PC-7 Mk I and eight units of the PC-7 Mk II.

Source :

Happy Birthday Mama

Happy Birthday, Mama…Duh..I almost forgot today is her birthday =p..Well, we just celebrate at home.Pictures will tell you everything…

Everyone except me. =)

Remember Me – Movie

I’m planning to watch this movie, Remember Me, with someone special next week at Sunway Pyramid.So, how do you guys find about this movie?I watched the trailer, and I find it quite interesting…

SO, let me write the review after I watched this. =)

CA-2? It’s over..

Finally, It’s over by now..We sat for our CA2 exam today started around 9AM-11AM for Performance A and 11.30AM-12.15PM for Loading.Our invigilator this time was MR William, the same officer for CA6 batch 20 (APFT).

The result will be out in a month time.

So, next phase is, FLYING PHASE…Diamond 40 flyers for batch 24.


Just a quick view of our classes last time

3days of flying 2days of CA-6 class

Our next “phase” will be


Plane crashes into sea off Langkawi

GEORGE TOWN: A light training plane belonging to HM Aerospace Sdn Bhd flying school in Langkawi crash landed into the sea off Pasir Hitam on Monday.

Its two occupants, the trainer and his trainee pilot, escaped unhurt when the aircraft plunged into the sea at 9.40am.

The aircraft crashed about 500m from the shore.

A Langkawi police spokesman said both men, who were unidentified, escaped unhurt.

They were plucked out of the sea by fishermen, who were busy manning their nets on the beach when they witnessed the crash.

The two had been sent to the Langkawi Hospital for examination.

It is learnt the plane encountered engine problems several minutes after it took off from the Langkawi International airport.

The pilot tried to return to the airport but could not.

The Department of Civil Aviation has been informed of the crash.

Officials from the department are expected to visit the site to examine and investigate how the crash occurred.

They will also interview the two pilots to get details on the accident as part of the probe to determine how the light aircraft crashed.


How to become a Pilot?

That is the most frequently asked question when someone know you are a cadet pilot or maybe, if you are a pilot. Yesterday was the historical day for SPM candidates year 2009.Their result has been announced and now its the time for them to choose what they want to be.

For those who have interest to become a pilot, please read carefully.There are few requirements you need to fulfill to become one.

1) Medically fit


3)Interest in Aviation

4)Able to communicate especially when it comes to teamwork.

5)Age 18-24 years old.

6)Height not less than 163cm.

Lets make it simple.

First what you have to do is, send an Application Letter to Department of Civil (DCA) for approval letter.

Download sample=> DCA

Having the approved letter by DCA in hand, proceed for medical checkup.I personally recommend you to undergo Medical checkup first before start paying any deposit to flying school.In case anything happen due to your health history, they fail you, so your money wont be waste.

Medical examiners list

After medically certified (Class 1), refer to any Flying School in Malaysia.For example, Asia Pacific Flight Training.This is where I am =p. Ask them the latest course fees for your future reference.For those who are self-sponsored, it wont be an issue.But, for those who rely on 3rd party like MARA (thankfully got MARA covered), or Bank loan, you will have an extra work to do.As for now, I’m not really sure that MARA already open up their loan/scholarship for cadet pilot yet as they closed the scheme since last year.But hey, dont give up yet.When your true passion is there, you will find ways to get it done.Bank loan maybe its not a good choice but it is the only hope.For this, you have to refer to bank itself for further information.

Once you got everything, you will have your offer letter from flying school which contain your commencement date.

One you are here, you will start your course with PPL phase followed by CPL/IR.Which will take about 22months.One thing for sure is you will finish up your ground school about 1 year after your commencement date*.Since then, flying phase all the time.

So, I believed I provide as much info as I can, if you guys have any inquiries, please drop a comment below.

(*Information above may be varies from flying school to another)

CA-2? 5days to go..

Well…what I can say is now, all of us strive for the best for this exam…The exam is just around the corner..Tips from seniors (Batch 23) who did their CA2 last month are really useful.

Below are the pictures I managed to snap for CA-2 class.

Capt Syed (infront) with 3 of us stayed back.The class ended around 12.30pm..Only 3 of us left doing some revisions.

Our class room.. (Batch 24)


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