Night Flying 7 & 8 (SOLO)

Total Hours : 97:25

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRA

Instructor : SOLO

Date of flying : 28/04/2011

I’ve been scheduled for NF 7&8 (SOLO) 2hours of Night Flying by Flight Operations. For those who dont know, a cadet must not have Night Flying sortie more than 3days in a row. There must be at least one day off between the gap. Back to story, as usual, junior Night Flyer will have to do the Night Flying briefing. Once briefing completed, I went and check my SOLO aircraft (9M-NRA) alone as I’m the only person who utilized the aircraft during night time. So I have to make sure everything normal before sunset.

Navigation lights also known as Position lights(DA-40). Red light on Port side while Green on Starboard. This light must be turn-on when an aircraft is “occupied“. It is very important to make sure this lights working in perfect condition, as the ATC will know the aircraft nose position by referring to this light. Other lights such as Strobe or also known as Anti-Collision light is equally important.

Landing and Taxi Light located on the left wing on Diamond-40 aircraft

After satisfied with the lighting condition of the aircraft, I proceed with external check. I checked the fuel quantity and drained few times to ensure the fuel is not contaminated with water.

After everything was completed, I signed the tech-log and went out for dinner. Around 7.18PM, I performed Maghrib prayer with my batchmates and we requested for start-up around 8PM. I did most of Flapless circuit rather than normal. Reason why is the attitude is quite different from normal circuit.

As you can see in the video, it was very dark to see the centreline, I only aim for the lights from taxiway to centreline to correct my approach as well as runway edge lighting.

Safely landed around 1HR 45Mins. I landed 15mins early due to scheduled inbound. ATC officer working during my NF time was MR Az Ha =)



  1. mej.faiz Said:

    wow, what a wonderful video u have there. i thought it is not allowed to turn on the electronic devices during flight, well it seems that u r telling me that it can! haha.

    • rezolles Said:

      Alamak….kantoi di situ…

      “Sila matikan alatan elektronik anda terutama telefon bimbit kerana akan menganggu sistem navigasi pesawat”….hahaha

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