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Quote for the day…

Diamond Aircrafts Grounded

After the incident, all diamond aircraft in APFT was grounded until further notice. For Batch 24, principal granted for 1 week of leave and by the time, aircraft should be release.

No sortie for diamond aicrafts

UPDATE 06/06/2010:

Today, I saw the aircraft was parked at the hangar. Everything still in one piece, just a few acceptable scratch for the force landing. Good job Capt Naing.

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P/S: All Diamond Aircraft (Except NRA) was released back by 6/6/2010 after investigation.

Congratulations, Faiz Nasir (APAC 2361)

Congratulations to Faiz Nasir from Batch 23, for passing his 1st Solo Check at one attempt. Most importantly, he did land safely on his first Solo.Good job bro.

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Pesawat ringan mendarat cemas

KUALA TERENGGANU: Sebuah pesawat ringan jenis Diamond 40 yang dipandu seorang pelatih juruterbang bersama jurulatihnya mendarat cemas di Pantai Tok Jembal dekat sini hari ini selepas enjin pesawat itu mengalami masalah. Bagaimanapun dalam kejadian kira-kira 10.45 pagi itu, pelatih berkenaan, Shafiq Haizam Mohd Kamil, 19, dan jurulatihnya warga Myanmar Naing Myint Khine, 46, daripada Asia Pacific Flight Training di Kota Bharu, Kelantan tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan.

Shafiq Haizam dari Nilai, Negeri Sembilan berkata beliau berlepas kira-kira jam 8.11 pagi untuk menjalani rutin latihan biasa penerbangan dari Kota Bharu ke Lapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud (LTSM), Kuala Terengganu. “Sampai di LTSM, kami berpatah balik ke Kota Bharu dan ketika berada di ketinggian kira-kira 3,000 meter dari paras laut di kawasan Batu Rakit, enjin pesawat tiba-tiba mati.

“Saya cuba menghidupkan semula enjin pesawat berkenaan namun gagal menyebabkan penerbangan itu diambil alih oleh jurulatih sebelum kami mendarat cemas di kawasan Pantai Tok Jembal,” katanya ketika ditemui pemberita di Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ) di sini. Shafiq sudah menjalani kursus penerbangan selama setahun setengah dan masih tinggal enam bulan lagi sebelum menamatkan pengajian itu, melahirkan rasa bersyukur kerana tidak mengalami sebarangan kecederaan dalam kejadian itu.

The most right is Capt Naing, one of the best instructor who managed to land the aircraft nicely and safe.

Exclusive R44 Taking Off from WMKC to the scene

Buletin Utama -TV3

Circuit 4 (CCT4)

Total Hours : 11:45

Aircraft : DA40 Registration 9M-NRH

Instructor : Capt Nay (APAC 21)

I was quite worried my sortie will be cancel today because its has been raining since 12AM till 6AM in the morning. Woke up early at 5.30AM to catch 6.30AM bus.

still dark

I had “Nasi goreng cina” at the cafe as my breakfirst.Today I did was Circuit 4.Suppose I’ve done yesterday, but due to ECU fails, the sortie was cancelled as the aircraft is not safe to fly.

Safely arrived at APFT hangar 10mins after departed from Crew Residence.When I looked to the north, there was a quite huge dark cloud approaching. Cant really predict whether its CB or not. However, to the South, everything was fine. xP

Quite a strong wind huh

As usual, flying cadet are required to attend the morning briefing which held around 7.30AM. From this briefing, we know about METAR,Aircraft remaining hours,time check as well as air safety records.

What is METAR?

Basically, from my knowledge, METAR stands for METEOROLOGICAL ACTUAL REPORT. This report indicate the weather at that time stated. Pilots need this information before every flight as they might have to change the flight plan due to weather.


LBBG 041600Z 12003MPS 310V290 1400 R04/P1500N R22/P1500U +SN BKN022 OVC050 M04/M07 Q1020 NOSIG 9949//91=

To Decode, please click here

After the morning briefing, I went to the aircraft with Registration 9M-NRH. Did the preflight check and everything until fuel draining.

* Usually cadet will drain the fuel in the first flight to make sure that the fuel is free from water contamination*

So, I started with Left wing first, and then center.Everything was normal until drained from Right wing. When I tried to drain for the first attempt, the fuel didnt come out. Second time, still same. Third time I tried, the fuel came out but once I removed the drainer, the fuel keep running..What..? So I immedeatly placed the “FOD” basket underneath the wing and called up one of the maintenance officer. He went and checked, he turn something to make it stop. He told me that it is normal because the valve may be stuck.So next time he advised me, if this happen, just turn the thing until it stop. Learned a new lesson today!

After everythings done. Now wait for the Capt to come. xP

Shorten the story, Capt sat inside the aircraft I did everything as per checklist and he called RT to Ground

Capt : Ground APAC 21, request circuit availability sir.

No reply for more than 10secs

Capt : Ground APAC 21 how do you read me?

No reply

Switch ground to COM 2

Capt: Ground APAC 21, how do you read?

No reply.

Then Capt Nay asked me to call the ground.

ME : Ground APAC 21 good morning

Ground : 21, go ahead.

Capt:  (He pushed my transmitter and transmit)

No reply.

I then suspect something is wrong with his headset. Then I looked back at the COM port, it was placed on the 3rd.

Another lesson for me today.

Check and verify your COM position as well as Captain.

Then everything was per normal.

Did 4touch and go and land on the 5th one.

Right after engine stopped,Capt Nay said

Capt : ARNI, you go to flight ops, tell them you want to fly CCT5 with APAC 17 or 19.

ME : Solo check sir?

Capt; Yes..

ME : (smiling) OK sir..Thank you

We debrief  (Ashraf,Afifi and I) right after Afifi landed around 12.30PM.

Circuit 4 (ECU Fails)


This radio transmission indicate that an aircraft require urgency assistance. It is not to be confuse by “MAYDAY” calls. Pan call are are one step below than Mayday call.

My sortie was scheduled at 11AM.I’m the first person to fly among my batchmate with Capt Nay. However, the aircraft 9M-NRB was used by batch 19 for Navigation from 8AM to 11AM.

So, after waited for almost 3 hours, NRB landed safely at WMKC. However, I saw the student called one of the maintenance even the engine still running. So, I approached the student and asked any snags on the aircraft?He said Yes. ECU B failed.

(I try to simulate in the Flight Simulator)

Then the maintenance guy brought his laptop and went inside the aircraft and test everything. From outside, I knew he push the throttle to Full power during testing. So after few times testing, I approached the maintenance guy and he said he cannot release the aircraft by today..Kui kui kui..So my sortie and other two of my batchmate was canceled. Remember, safety first.

Just a little knowledge that I’ve got today and I want to share here.

ECU A= Primary

ECU B = Seconday

In case ECU A fails, pilot can switch to ECU B for backup and can last for 30mins.

If ECU B fails, means no backup.

Both case, we have to LAND ASAP.

In checklist also, if we cannot reset the ECU fails msg, LAND ASAP.

So, my sortie and others was brought foward to tomorrow morning at 8AM. =p


Any questions?

Circuit 3 (CCT3)

Total Hours : 11:00

Aircraft : DA40 Registration 9M-NRE

Instructor : Capt Nay (APAC 21)

Nothing different for this circuit 3. I just practiced the normal circuit quite a few time, around 5 touch and go. But something funny happened during this sortie. I will let you know after this.

My sortie was scheduled at 8AM.. I did the pre-flight checked after the aircraft has been cleared by engineer.Fuel drain is to be made during the first sortie to ensure there is no water contamination in fuel.

Circuit was empty in the early morning (best!!).

So, I did the RT for startup as well as taxi. Now Capt Nay expect me to do everything.Just to prepare me for solo I think. We safely airbone after AirAsia landed. What I didnt expect is the Sun Glare effect is quite great affecting my eyes to look inside the aircraft as well as outside. Kota Bharu runway divided into two, Runway 10 and Runway 28. Sunrise is around 90′ while WMKC runway is 100′ degrees. But not for long, 500′ turn right for downwind, everything seems to be fine. However, after turning for final, haha, again, sun glare.. xP

So guys who are flying, next time, have your sunglasses on.Not necessarily Ray Ban laa :p

After the 1st touch & go, Capt Nay asked me

Capt Nay: Have I show you glide and Flapless?

ME: Yes Sir you did. But EFATO not yet?

Capt Nay: (Simultaneously) Power IDLE, RT : Tower APAC 21 Fan Stop

ME : . . . .

Capt Nay : So this is EFATO, Select ASI 70kts, EMERG fuel valve off, engine master off,Select your landing site.

On Final Flaps LDG ELEC master Off.

ME : In this case which area is the most suitable sir?

Capt Nay: (pointing over a river), But we are too low we can reach there. Just select nearby like an empty field.

ME : Roger.

Capt Nay: APAC 21 Climbing Away

So, I proceed with my downwind check.

After 4 touch and go, request downwind to Land. Safely touched down and taxi back during dispersal. But somehow, I dont know where a cat come from crossing the taxiway to APFT dispersal area.

ME : Sir,  Traffic 12oclock.

Capt Nay : Where?

ME : A cat crossing sir.

Capt Nay: HAHAHA..Never mind lah..wait until he cross.

ME : OK sir.

huhu..first time he laughed after I’ve flown for 5times. xP

That’s it for CCT 3.

Happy landing guys.

“Hero on the Hudson” game

Plane crashes in India, 160 people feared dead

NEW DELHI – As many as 160 people were feared dead after an Air India plane arriving from Dubai crashed Saturday as it overshot a runway while trying to land in southern India.

Television images showed dense black smoke billowing from the aircraft surrounded by flames just outside the Mangalore city airport in a hilly area with thick grass and trees.

Firefighters sprayed water on the plane as rescue workers struggled to find survivors. One firefighter ran up a hill with an injured child in his arms.

Officials in the state of Karnataka said of the 169 people believed on board, only six or seven might have survived.

“This is a major calamity,” Karnataka Home Minister V.S. Acharya told CNN-IBN TV.

The aircraft overshot the runway, hit a fence and went beyond the boundary wall of the airport, according to the Press Trust of India.

The crash could be the deadliest in India since the November 1996 midair collision between a Saudi airliner and a Kazakh cargo plane near New Delhi that killed 349 people.

The airport’s location, on a plateau surrounded by hills, made it difficult for the firefighters to reach the scene Saturday, officials said.

Pre-monsoon rains over the past two days caused low visibility in the area, officials said.

Mangalore airport is about 19 miles (30 kilometers) away from Mangalore city.

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Circuit 2 (CCT 2)

Total Hours : 10:15

Aircraft : DA40 Registration 9M-NRE

Instructor : Capt Nay (APAC 21)

How do I begin this time?Hurm..Let me congratulate myself for landing right at centreline and Capt Nay satisfied with my landing.

My sortie was scheduled at 3PM with Capt Nay. I was the last person among three.

My callsign “MN”

As usual, while waiting for my turn


After I’ve done the preflight check and ready inside the aircraft.Capt Nay approach got inside and ask me to do the checklist. But hey, my headset cover went off..Huhu..

ME : sir, can I change my headset with my Anas?

Capt: Why?

ME: This one went off sir (pointing the ear cover)

Capt: Haiyaaa..You act like kid laaaa..give me..

ME: . . . .

Capt: See..not even 1 minute…

ME: Thank you sir, I didnt know that =P

This time quite different, he remained silent all the time..Even I did the RT and everything.Usually he did, but this time, he’s watching me..Huhu..After established contact with Kota Bharu Ground, request startup for circuit and landing. Ground replied saying that advised 3 traffic (circuit is full) and 3 aircraft coming back for rejoin..So just standby…After 15mins…Call again for status..Again..Ground will advised..


Waiting game begin..I sat inside and watching 2 A320 Air Asia taking off and land (Different time)….MAS 1 and Firefly 1.. You dont want to know how long I did hold on ground..almost 2hours.

After got clearance for taxi.My leg shaking to hold the toe brake..haha..seriously man..Did all the procedure and safely airbone around 5PM.Circuit 2, also practiced the normal circuit. For flapless and glide, it was only demo by the instructor..I’m quite happy with my aiming point and centreline..But, the only thing, maybe I roundout and power idle immedeatly making the aircraft sink and touches down (hard landing), but not so hard la..I said it was hard because I made comparison with Capt Nay landing..huhu..

We did almost 6touch and go because no traffic at that time in circuit..I’m all alone..No holding..  xP.

Safely touched down around 6PM..huhu…almost dusk.

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