Navigation 12 (S)

Total Hours : 53:50

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRJ

Instructor : SOLO

It was my first time flying on “Saturday”. My route for today was the same as yesterday (Nav 11) with Capt Zeenu.


Total EET was around 104mins.

After done with my preflight check, went inside the aircraft and everything was normal. Until, I contact ground for startup.

Me : Ground APAC 2458, Assalammualaikum…

Silent…More than 5 secs..I check my frequency, correct..I’m on 121.6..I reinsert my headset cable..then re-transmit. Then I got a replied

Tower : Contact tower 122.5

ATC transmitted on Ground frequency..Then only I knew that only Tower Freq is available on Saturday..Haha..malu do!

After established contact with Tower, everything was normal until airbone. Initially weather was good around the airfield, but getting worse as I getting closer with Terengganu. It all started when I tracked to Penarek, after Pulau Rhu. Clouds was everywhere, I’ve tried my best to avoid clouds.

Quite bumpy of course.

I was told by Capt Zeenu and warned about cloud entry when I did Nav 11(dual) with him yesterday. He explained the dangerous and how disorientate a pilot can be. So I didn’t risk my self as I flown SOLO.

Safely touch and go at Terengganu and proceed as per flight plan to Marang, Kuala Berang and thereafter to Permaisuri

I was told to maintain initally 2000feet because Pulau Kapas Training area was active and one aircraft came back for rejoin at 1500feet. So, I have 500feet of separation. After passed Marang and tracked to Permaisuri, I was cleared to 5000feet. Clouds are building up. Everywhere.

I managed to avoid clouds but entered a few small cumulus type of clouds. I cant request for lower because of the high terrain in the area. I’m in trouble if I request for lower and cannot maintain visual with ground!. So, I just maintained 5000feet. Tracked to Pulau Redang from Permaisuri. I thought weather is getting better but, seems become worse and I can see big clouds (like Cb’s) around Pulau Redang, I tried to avoid but seems it was too many.

I forced to divert from current position direct to Perhentian.

Me : Tower, APAC 2458.

Tower : APAC 2458, go ahead.

Me : APAC 2458, request divert from current position to Perhentian due weather, 5000feet.Estimate Perhentian xx.

Tower : Approved, report again Perhentian.

Me: Report again Perhentian.

Weather around Perhentian was much better than Pulau Redang.

Approaching Pulau Perhentian.Thanks to GPS =p

Perhentian from 5000feet.I’ve never been there before but I think maybe one day.

Tracked safely to Bachok and landed safely =).

Bachok town


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