Night Flying 6

Total Hours : 95:25

(NF2,3,4,5 included)

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRA

Instructor : Capt Rao (APAC 14)

Date of flying : 26/04/2011

I’ve flown with Capt Kamis (APAC09) for my second night flying (NF2). Alhamdullilah, everything went normal as I getting used with dark-time flying. For today, I flown NF 6 with Capt Rao. It was the second time I’m flying with him during night time. Basically, during night time we practiced Normal and Flapless circuit only. There is no GLIDE/PFL circuit.

This is how it looks in DA-40 during Night Flying

There are few differences between Night and Day time flying. Normally, during Night Time flying, when you rotate (Vr) (Term: Pilot will start to pull-up to lift the nose wheel) and transfer from visual to instruments. Until reaching 300feet (Safe ALT), Flaps UP and LDG/Taxi light OFF as per normal.

During day time, we start to turn for downwind around 500feet. However, for SOLO at night, the turning Altitude increased from 500feet to 800feet. However, with instructor, you may turn earlier at 500feet (REFER: APFT SOP UPD:01/2011)

This time, Capt Rao asked me to practiced Radio Failure Procedure. (REF: APFT SOP 01/2011)

According to APFT  Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), pilot shall maintain 1000feet keeping a good lookout for another traffic. Squawk 7600 (Radio Failure). (Notes: Squawk 7500 (Unlawful Interference), Squawk 7700 (Distress) )


Referring to above picture, Note that the transponder code is set to 1200 ALT. XPDR stands for Transponder. After set the correct squawk code. Aircraft shall continue circuit and on final, descent and maintain 300feet OVER the Runway. Flash the letter R ( . _ . ) with LDG/TAXI light to notify ATC that you have Radio Failure. Then join circuit with 1000feet and wait for Light signal from Tower.

Steady Green –  Clear To Land

Steady Red – Overshoot and carry out another circuit

Intermittent Red – Aerodrome Unsafe , DO NOT LAND

After I followed as per procedure, I return with one more circuit and practiced Flapless approach to land. This time, Capt Rao request NO APPROACH LIGHT, NO PAPI LIGHT as well as LDG/TAXI Light OFF…The only lights available was the runway edge light.Touched down safely without any incident =).

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